The Meaning of Great Misfortune

Singing Spring Melody by: Jue Ming 

Translations from bearbear

(Light Novel)

Characters in this part:

Bao Chun: A kind girl who falls in love with the sadistic healer.

Huangfu: A healer who wants to marry Bao Chun.

Bao Chun sat frowning by the lake, a complicated expression on her face. Ever since she got back from the temple, she’s been sitting in the same place holding the same pose.

“What’s wrong? Is there a word that you don’t know how to read?” Huangfu looked amusingly at Bao Chun’s many changing expressions. Recently, he’s taught Bao Chun a considerable number of characters and words, as long as the number of strokes in a character doesn’t exceed thirty-five, it won’t be a problem for Bao Chun. But there is only one explanation for the grave expression on her face right now.

“Great Misfortune![1] This is actually worse than the fortune I got before I met you ….” Bao Chun scrunched up her face, “But I’m all messed up with happiness!”

“You can’t use ‘all messed up’ like that.” Huangfu took the fortune paper[2] from her hands. He was never one to believe in gods and deities, and glanced down at the piece of yellow paper with disdain. If everything in life can be predicted by words, then what need is there for people to live and experience it?

“Is the oracle poem[3] implying that I can’t marry you?” Imagination ran wild in Bao Chun’s little head, and in the heat of the moment, she spoke out loud her innermost thoughts.

Huangfu’s lips curved into a smile, and quite “accidentally” ripped up the fortune paper, letting it fall to the surface of the lake.

“Why did you rip it up Huangfu?” Bao Chun shouted anxiously, but was still too late.

“This damned piece of … I mean this adorable piece of oracle poem is a hint for you.” Huangfu held Bao Chun’s face in his hands in all apparent seriousness, forcing her to focus all her attention on him.

“A hint?”

Huangfu nodded, his joking expression faded, and looked quite serious.

“If you don’t marry me … yup, great misfortune.” Huangfu explained as he nodded his head in self-admiration.


“If you marry another man … yup, great misfortune.” He sounded pretty well argued and impressive.

“Well … ”

“And if I don’t marry you as my wife … yup, great misfortune.”

“Then … ”

“To avoid great misfortune befalling us, let’s just follow what the oracle poem says and follow through.” Huangfu explains everything how he likes, this way, it doesn’t matter whether the fortune was good or not, he’s able to twist anything into a good thing.

“But this explanation seems a little strange ….” Bao Chun couldn’t quite follow what Huangfu was getting at, she knew his arguments were lame, but still couldn’t raise any questions about it.

End of Scene

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