Which One?!


Translations from Xant & Minions

(Light Novel)

Characters in this part:

Chie: The main character girl who is nicknamed the Black Knight and a commander

Conrad: The original commander who has an admiration toward Chie.

Alice: A girl under Chie’s command. Knows Chie is a girl.

Adelbert: One of the captains who is called Stupid Swordsman.

Brandon: One of the captains who is called Muscle-Brother.

Adolf: One of the captains who is called Long Haired Ikemen.

“No, Conrad is amazing. Much more than I thought.” [Chie]

“…..(Perhaps this person is unaware)…” [Conrad]

Conrad covers his face with his right palm. I wonder what’s wrong?

“Hey, what’s the matter with you?” [Chie]

“….Haaa~” [Conrad]

He sighed!

“Seriously, what!? Something I did?” [Chie]

“Fufufu~, Black Knight-sama is dense.” [Alice]

Me, dense!? Yusuke is ‘dense’, how could I do such a thing!? I just feel Conrad is super-cool, I wasn’t trying to put on airs!

“No! Alice, I think you are misunderstand….” [Chie]

“Hey, wait!” [Adelbert]

Every time I have something to say, this stupid swordsman. His interruptions are really getting on my nerves.

“….What?” [Chie]

I was quite irritated and it showed in my voice.

“Uh…Black Knight-san is a man! What’s with all this stuff about being dense!?” [Adelbert]

“Oh?” [All]

“!!!” [All]

As he said so the others in the room think back on what was said and express a ‘now that you mention it’ face.

Conrad and Alice show expressions of ‘oh no’.

Meanwhile, I grin under my helmet.

“Oh? But I do not remember saying anything about being a man?” [Chie]


I intentionally use my original feminine voice to which everyone is surprised and raises their voices. Conrad and Alice show a ‘what are you doing!?’ expression of surprise. Reaction: just as expected. Thank you very much.

“A woman!?” [Adolf]

The blue long haired ikemen guy says while pointing with his right finger.

“Did I say woman?” [Chie]

Now a low man’s voice.

“Which one!?” [Brandon]

Muscle brother cries out. I never had an experience in teasing people; I found something fun!

“Oh, well a while ago, Alice kept giving me praise so she just meant it in that way. That I was just being shy?” [Chie] “….(I don’t know)” [Alice & Conrad]

I attempt to explain it off in a way so there are no unnatural ideas about what Alice said. What!? Even though the faces of Alice and Conrad look normal, I feel something from them! I’m afraid of those two!

“In the end, which is it!?” [Adelbert]

The others don’t even notice the change in the other two. Stupid swordsman has been asking insistently. The others seem anxious, but I have no intention of telling. Besides, it’s fun!

“Hmm~, I wonder~?” [Chie]

I said flat out in the playful atmosphere.

“Ah~! This guy, repulsive!” [Adolf]

“Hahahahaha!” [Chie]

End of Scene

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