Little Meng Meng and Su Luo

The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-nothing Miss by: Su Xiao Nuan

Translation from Alyschu & Co

(Light Novel)

Characters in this part:

Su Luo: Known as the Good for nothing Miss, who was an assassin in her previous life.

Meng Meng (baby dragon): A baby dragon who is attached to Su Luo since he first laid eyes on her.

Divine Dragon: Meng Meng’s parent

Fire Phoenix: Divine Dragon’s enemy

Italics= thoughts

Suddenly, Su Luo saw the enormously large body of a divine dragon leaped in her direction. Such an awe-inspiring, dignified, powerful dragon jolted her heart and caused it to throb violently.

A startled expression passed through her eyes. It was too late to think clearly. She hugged the adorable little dragon close, turned around, and just ran.

This was definitely an unconscious action.

Run, run, run——

Su Luo knew that if the mother dragon was to catch up to her, any hope of getting dragon’s blood would be dashed.

Not only that, her life would cease to exist beneath the flying claws of the violently raging mother dragon.

The divine dragon’s bursts of dragon roar, shocked Su Luo, making her blood rush forth. The power of the dragon roar was deafening, like a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses (2) surging forward.

While the divine dragon was chasing after Su Luo to kill her, the fire phoenix behind was also chasing after the divine dragon. It was also because of the fire phoenix’s interference that Su Luo had a slight chance to escape.

It appeared like a blazing path that pierced the vast sky. Ten thousand thunder claps started to echo across the sky, its power to destroy also contained an endless murderous intent.

Su Luo while running also took the time to look back. She only saw the dragon’s malevolently cruel and vengeful expression. The light of bloodlust shining out from the dragon’s eyes. The soccer ball sized scales glittered like snow and frost as if each piece contained an inexhaustible strength.

“Damn it!” cursed Su Luo. Her expression changed slightly when she saw the distance between the divine dragon and herself shrinking.

The divine dragon had long ago become enraged. If she was captured by it then her end would absolutely be quite tragic.

Su Luo accelerated her pace. Her footsteps seemed to give birth to the wind. With powerful jumps, she rushed forward without looking back.

Su Luo’s heart was very agitated.

With her current speed, she was sure that halfway down the road, the dragon will overtake her.

How can she escape from it?

The divine dragon chased her until she had to go up to Heaven or down to Hades (3) fleeing and still couldn’t escape.

In the meanwhile, the little guy in her arms was also restless. It apparently felt that they were playing a game. It stretched out its round, plump head and joined with its mother dragon in issuing dragon roars up here, down there (4).

Su Luo was frustrated to death. She half threatened and half menacingly patted its head. “Do not call out!”

The adorable little dragon did not seem to understand the meaning of Su Luo’s words. Its round, circular eyes were full of confusion. However, after seeing Su Luo’s cruel and sinister expression, it weakly withdrew its neck and silently contracted its little head back into Su Luo’s arm.

However, after a short while, the little dragon reverted to its old ways. The little head once again came out to explore.

“You’re not allowed to yell, go back!” Su Lu said while tapping its head. The little dragon once again did what it was told and very obediently pulled back into Su Luo’s arms.

As a result, every time the little dragon would spring out, Su Luo would flick it back in.

It would come out to explore and then once again be bounced back in.

Due to this back and forth, the adorable little dragon was under the impression that Su Luo was playing a game with it. Ha, ha, ha, it laughingly chortled while playing along happily.

Later on, Su Luo was too lazy to poke the little dragon so it became upset. The little dragon started to wail awooo awoo loudly. An expression of being wronged appeared on its little face, its eyes were gleaming with tears.

The three black lines on Su Luo’s forehead once again appeared.

End of Scene


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