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I am really tired, so I am only updating I’m the Villainess’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too! Please enjoy for now.

I’m the Villainess’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too!

Chapter 90: There is Definitely Something Strange!


light novel recommendation links updated

I am still working on the chapter, but I decided to update some of the links in the light novel recommendations page for today. Please enjoy these light novels and please support the creators of these works and the translators when you can.

The Ability to make town!? ~Let’s make a Japanese Town in Different world~ by: Rempah Rempah

And So the Girl Obtained a Wicked Girl’s Body by: Kurokawa Tenri (secondary link)

Breaking off the Engagement…Just as Intended by: Mary

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse by: San She Tang

Charging Magic with a Smile~ Infinite Magic Power After Being Reincarnated into a Different World by: Miki Natsuna & Akira Ueda

Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~ by: Shisui Yukiko

The Duke’s Daughter is the Knight Captain’s(62) Young Wife by: Senri Kakei & Hidaka Nami

The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady by:

The Good for Nothing Seventh Young Lady by: North Night

The Great Nation Remodeling of Reincarnated Princess ~Let’s Build an Unrivaled Country~ by: Kyūso &

I’m Really a Superstar by: Chang Yu (licensed by Qidian International)

I Said Make My Abilities Average! by: FUNA & Akata Ijju

It seems like I got reincarnated into the world of a Yandere Otome game. by: HANAKI Momiji

Konjiki no Moji Tsukai by: Tomoto Sui

Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru by: Sasaki Ichiro & Marimo

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor by: Nam Heesung

Light Beyond Road’s End by: Akiduki Asuka

LV999 Villager by: Hoshitsuki Kitten

The Man Picked up by the Gods by: Roy

Otherworld Nation Founding Chronicles by: Passing Villager

Otome game rokkushuume, automode ga kiremashita by: Soratani Aina

The Strategy to Become Good at Magic by: Ling Wu Shui Xiu & Gabu C

Sword Saint’s Disciple by: Nikaido the wind

Tensei Shitanode Tsugi Koso wa Shiawasena Jinsei wo Tsukande Misemashou by: Saeki-San & Kasukabe Akira

Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken by: Fuse (licensed by Yen Press)

Watashi wa Teki ni Narimasen! By: Kanata & Fuji Mitsuya

The White Cat That Swore Vengeance Was Just Lazing on the Dragon King’s Lap by: Kureha

World Teacher – Isekaishiki Kyouiku Agent by: NEKO Koucihi & Nardack

Computer messed up

My computer was being a jerk. I tried to finish the chapter, but the computer kept freezing. I guess the blinking of the lights during the hurricane last week did make some damage to my computer. I will try to update the next time I have access to a working computer. Hopefully on a week day (Monday if it isn’t a crazy day). In case you guys are wondering how I was able to write this post, even though I said my computer is messed up: I am posting this through my cellphone. Too bad I don’t have Microsoft office on my phone or a flash drive slot or I would have been able to finish the chapter.


I admit I couldn’t finish the chapters and that was because the internet and electricitty was being spotty when Hurricane Harvey struck Texas. I rather be safe than sorry in this situation, so hopefully things improve in my area the coming next week.

Light Novel Recommendations VII…I think

I am getting tired of not being able to update, so I am making more light novel recommendations. I kind of lost count, so let’s just say this is the seventh post for light novel recommendations for now.

The Heavily Armoured Noble Girl Monette: How To Break a Curse You Don’t Remember Casting by: Saki & 増田メグミ

“As if I’d marry an ugly woman like you!”

Monette, a noble daughter of the House of Idira, was hurt deeply by what her fiancé, Prince Alexis, had said.

To rub salt on the wound, her younger sister was then made Alexis’ fiancée instead of her. Unsure just what part of her was ugly, Monette develops a complex… and begins to cover her whole body with iron armour.

And so, Monette researches magic alone in the old castle… until one day, two men come to visit her…

“Monette, break my curse!”

This is a story of Monette, who wears armour from the top of her head to the tip of her toes, Prince Alexis, who suffers under a curse of bad luck that forces him to stick his foot in a bottomless swamp at least once a week, and Percival, a worrywart knight who spoils people when he’s tired. It is a story of their journey as all three of them think respectively:

I’ve got the most common sense here.

(summary from Novelupdates)

Mezametara Chikashitsu!? ~Tensei Shoujo no Yume no Saki~ by: そらのあお

One day, a girl who was aiming to become a doctor in order to repay the favor to the orphanage which was taking care of her died halfway in the realizing of her dream.

As soon as she died, she woke up……

Eh, I’m alive? But, my body got smaller and I don’t know where I am!?

Someone… please tell me~!

(summary from Novelupdates)

Those are my recommendations for today and as always, please support the creators of these works when you can.

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I am actually at work right now, so I can’t update the stories at this very moment, but I plan to do it sometime today. The chapters are ready, so you will have something to read. Please continue to be patient and enjoy this picture of a cat for now.