Short Stories


A small section for the short stories that I wrote.

Forest Beat


A lonely girl doesn’t age and gets drawn to the same area of the Forest as time flies.

Fox Trail Festival


“Wishes tend not to come true,” was the phrase Leah always believed in, but one village tradition is about to change her belief, especially when she meets a boy dressed up as a fox.

The Hero and the Demon King


A girl named Bunny who lives in a village where the hero and the demon king live. What were their names again?

Memories of My Rival


A Prince about to get married remembers his childhood rival.

A New Year Present


Toriko Saitama makes a New Year Present for a girl before she moves, so he can be remembered.


The Villainess Returns?


The first Prince attends the funeral of a girl he hates, but things change when a little girl is found in the coffin crying. A truth is revealed about the girl that was accused.

You Never Know


A girl tries to play match maker with her childhood friends.