A New Year Present


The name is Toriko Saitama…I know my name sounds stupid, but I can’t help that I was born a Saitama and me living in Saitama Prefecture has nothing to do with my name. To be honest I was called a rooster before by the other kids in my neighborhood because of my name, even though my name is not Tori (bird).

Anyway, I am only ten-years-old and I am already having a life crisis: How do I give a gift to a girl? I’ve known this girl since I was in preschool and we are basically childhood friends…OK, not really since I have never gotten up the courage to speak with her. Is that weird? I know it’s weird. I did think of talking to her once, but I choked up and got a nosebleed from the stress. I might actually get a nosebleed from the stress I am feeling right now.

Focus! OK, my homeroom teacher announced that she would be moving this New Year, so I want to give her a goodbye present, so she will at least remember me. I have to find a present and gain the courage to give her the present. I just need to get a present for her to remember me.

I look through the shop windows and came to another realization…I HAVE NO MONEY! I already spent my allowance on the Gacha machines in front of the arcade. Curse my addiction to action figures! Calm down…I have some clay at home, so I’ll make a cup for her.

I returned home and began my project with the clay. Just squish a little here…CRUD! I squished too much and now the clay looks like a monster. How is this possible? It looks like a slime from an RPG and it is even Neon Green. She would totally call this thing ugly or a crime against nature. I better just beg my parents to buy something for her…but then it wouldn’t be my present for her. I need to do something.

Oh yeah, I have a Gacha action figure of Mystic Blue Cop. He is super rare and I really want to keep him, but if I give something I treasure to her then maybe she will notice me. It is decided…Goodbye Mystic Blue Cop. Hopefully I will get lucky and win you again in the Gacha Machine.

The next day, I rushed to her house to deliver her present. Her family and her were already loading into the car. I am starting to freeze up as I watch her load her pink backpack onto the back of the moving truck. She’s really cute…FOCUS! You have to be brave!


I finally called out to her. She looked at me with her beautiful green eyes. They are just like jewels. Her short black hair bounced on her shoulders as she approached me. She’s getting closer. Stay cool.

“I know you. You’re Toriko-Kun.”

She knows my name and not only that…she called me by my first name? I’M IN HEAVEN!

“So what brings you here, Toriko-Kun?”

“I…I…have something for you.”

“For me?”

I nodded as I began to dig into my bag. I hope she likes the action figure…it’s not here? I thought I…CRUD! I was in a hurry to get here and placed something else in here: the misshapen clay cup. I AM SUCH AN IDIOT!

I was about to run off in agony, but the clay monstrosity slipped out of my bag and landed at her feet. NO! She’s going to hate it. I want to die.



She picked up the monstrosity and hugged it to her chest saying, “It looks just like a slime…SO CUTE!” Her smile as she cuddled that THING was so cute. She loves it…I feel like I might cry.

“I’m glad you like it, Fatima-Chan. I hope that you remember me when you go to the States.”

She nodded and suddenly kissed my cheek saying her thanks. My heart nearly burst from happiness.

Her parents called her soon after and she got on the car waving goodbye to me, while still holding that THING. I hope I get to see her again and give her a better present that will top that Slime. I wonder if she gave it a name.


“Fatima, what is that thing?”

“A slime! Toriko-Kun gave it to me, Mommy.”

“So that boy gave you a New Year’s present before we left?”

Fatima nodded and cuddled the slime figure.

“Do you have a name for the slime?”

“Uh-huh, his name is Bibi!”

The End

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