Memories of my Bride to Be


This is the happiest day of my life. I, Raymond Kensington, am about to get married to the love of my life. She is smart, strong, kind-hearted…absolutely perfect. Her name is Lori Kensington. I know you realized that we share the same last name, even though we are not married yet. Well that’s because she is my stepsister. She was adopted into my family. I bet you are confused, so let me recount how I met Lori and fell in love with her.

When I was fifteen, my mother fell ill after realizing that the baby she carried for eight months had been a miscarriage. It wasn’t her fault. She had just accidentally mistaken her medication for sugar when drinking her tea. How did that happen? I might have “accidentally” handed the wrong bottle when she asked for the sugar, but it is OK since she will no longer have to worry about giving me a sibling. I never wanted one in the first place.

Anyway, mother was really depressed to the point of cutting herself, so father hired the best doctors to treat her, but none could stop her suicidal tendencies, but one doctor suggested that adopting a child would be the best medicine in curing mother. I was against it of course, but father was determined to have mother cured, so we went to a high class orphanage. I say high class, since the children in this orphanage were labeled as geniuses and given special lessons like Kendo and calculus to improve their knowledge.

Father screened all the children that were up for adoption, but as I looked at these children, I saw them as inferior beings. These children couldn’t possibly be geniuses. They were all idiots that were ignorant on how the real world works. Just. Ignorant. Children.

I wanted to convince father to reconsider for the good of our family’s reputation (our family doesn’t need an idiot child), but I suddenly heard a high pitch voice say, “It’s true!”

I turned toward the voice and saw HER for the first time. She was ten-years-old judging by her height. She had black hair that reached around her shoulders and her sky blue eyes were like jewels the way they shined. She wore boy attire, but it didn’t fail to reveal her petite body. She was cute. I stared at her as she spoke to three boys her age about being engulfed in a white light that brought her to another world where she met a prince who called her a rival for the throne. Her tale was very interesting, but it couldn’t be true and the boys didn’t seem to believe her too.

She looked frustrated as she began to wrestle with the boys to the ground. It was quite comical to watch a girl her size beat the boys up. She was truly intriguing.

I convinced father to adopt her and that’s when I learned that her name is Lori. Her records say that she is a girl, but she is convinced that she is a boy. I wanted to show her the difference between a boy and a girl, but it was not the right time.

Lori became my new little sister and with her bright personality, she cured my mother of her depression. Besides helping my mother, she managed to help my father with the company making our rich status higher than before. My parents absolutely love her, but I love her the most.

When she turned thirteen, her period started. That was the time she was finally convinced that she is a girl. I was happy she finally realized, but also sad, since we wouldn’t be able to take baths together anymore as “brothers.”

As a teenager, her body really bloomed to that of an attractive woman. Even the boys in her school began to take notice…it infuriated me. I didn’t want any men close to her.

One day, she brought home a boy saying that he was a friend. He couldn’t be just a friend by the way he was looking at her. I hated it. I loathed this boy.

After that day, the boy never came to our home again. I guess my “package” convinced him that Lori wasn’t the one for him. Maybe I should send his family flowers for their loss.

More boys came to the house as the years passed and I made sure each of them received a “package” to convince them not to see Lori anymore.

Lori looked sad after she stopped inviting her so called friends over, but when I spoke with her, she would cheer up and begin talking about a time in her childhood: the time when she went to this other world. I didn’t believe this story, but her smile as she told the story made my heart aflutter. I was kind of surprised that she didn’t outgrow from this story, but that’s what makes her cute. The only thing I hated about this story was about this prince who called her a rival. She called him Leica. She told how they fought for the throne using their knowledge and strength, but as she told the story, I realized that this prince must have admired her. I’m glad that this prince is just a figment of her imagination. If he was real, I would need to send him a “package” to keep him away from MY Lori.

When Lori turned eighteen, I made my admiration for her more obvious. I kissed her, hugged her, and even tried to invite her to my apartment for some quality time, but she refused my advances. I know she is playing hard to get. I am the closes person to her after all.

Father noticed my admiration toward Lori and after some convincing, Lori was removed from the family registry and I was allowed to take her as my fiancé. Lori refused at first, but a talk with mother and father made her change her mind and accept my proposal. I was ecstatic. Lori was going to be my wife. She would no longer address me as brother, but as her husband. Just the thought made my heart skip a beat.

That’s how Lori became my bride to be. Ah, it is almost time!

I stood at the front of the altar waiting for my bride. When the doors of the church opened, I saw Lori in her wedding gown. She was so beautiful. Just like a Goddess. She walked down the aisle as if in a trance. I had to fight the urge to take her into my arms and kiss her the moment she was standing before me, but I had to be patient. The priest has still not pronounced us as husband and wife…he needs to speak faster.

Why is this taking so long? I want to kiss her. I want to embrace her. I want to mark her as mine forever. She…is…mine.

Lori looks impatient too. She is even fidgeting with the bouquet in her hands. She must really want us to be husband and wife already…wait…she seems to be looking into the distance. What is she thinking about?

The priest finally came to the part I was waiting for.

“Raymond Kensington, do you take Lori Kensington to be your lawful wedded wife and to love her until death do your part?”

“I do.”

I will love her longer even after death.

“Lori Kensington, do you take Raymond Kensington to be your lawful wedded husband and to love him until death do you part?”


Why isn’t she saying anything? All she has to say is “I do” and then we can finally be together forever.

I saw her lips move with longing in her eyes, before she removed her veil and looked around. Lori then looked at me and whispered, “Sorry.”

The next thing I knew she ran off the altar toward the door. I won’t let her get away! I tried to grab her, but she avoided my grasp and then suddenly a white light appeared out of nowhere and engulfed her. The light soon disappeared leaving no trace of her.

I couldn’t believe it and neither could the guests and my parents. She just vanished. My Lori vanished. I fell to my knees in complete shock.

Does that mean that story she spoke of about her other world adventure was true? There really was a white light? Does that mean the prince is also real? I felt like everything was crashing down around me.

My mind was in a mess to the point I barely heard the sirens approaching. The next thing I knew, policemen raided the church with me as the soul target. I guess the police finally caught on about the murders I committed to “protect” MY Lori from those so called friends of hers, but as they took me into custody I kept repeating Lori’s name under my breath. She was all I could think of, but then I remembered that she said something before she removed her veil and ran off: Leica…that prince from another world. I will curse his name forever and hope that MY Lori will return to me. She is after all…MY BRIDE TO BE.

The End

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