The Hero and the Demon King


What kind of fantasy story is this? The immortal hero has finally vanquished the Demon King after hundreds of years and he has now retired and married the healer in his hero party. They had one son before the healer passed away giving birth, but even though the healer passed the hero loved his son dearly and raised him as a single father…this is supposed to be a happy ending for the hero right? Then why am I watching the son pull a prank on his father? This type of pranking has been going on since the hero’s son learned to walk. What is the son’s name? I have no idea. I really don’t care. I don’t even care that I don’t know the hero’s name, even though I was chastised by the old lady for not remembering the hero’s name…I guess you guys should know my name at least, since I am telling this story.

My name is Bunny …I know it is a stupid name, but the old lady couldn’t think of anything better when I was dumped at the steps of the orphanage. That’s right, I’m an orphan. The only thing they know was that I was dumped at the steps with nothing, but a stuffed rabbit in my arms. I don’t even know who my parents are and I really don’t care. It is obvious that they didn’t want me. Anyway, let’s focus back on the stupid son and father duo.

I have no idea why the hero decided to live in this village for his retirement to raise his son, but because of that, my village is famous for it…I don’t know the name of the village, even though I live here. As a resident of this village, I somehow always manage to see the stupid son pull a prank on his father. Forgot to mention this, but the hero doesn’t age, so he is pretty handsome according to the older ladies. His looks don’t impress me though.

Anyway, the pranks range from pit falls to flying eggs. I seem to remember there was one time when the stupid son placed spikes in the hole. Good thing the hero was immortal or he would definitely die. Even with all these pranks, the hero still dotes on his son. His son doesn’t seem to like the affection.

I bet you guys are wondering why this stupid son is pranking his hero father so much. This was only by chance, but I caught him talking to himself in a corner as he made a device to toss eggs. He kept calling himself the demon king and how it was so humiliating to reincarnate as the son of his worst rival. I didn’t try to ask him about this demon king thing. I only saw him as disillusioned child, even though we are the same age.

It was maybe a year later when I finally had to get involved in one of the pranks…I was forced to get involved, since I was caught in one. I have no idea how he made this slingshot contraption, but I was sent flying when trying to retrieve an apple from on top of a tree. Apparently the hero was supposed to be at the apple tree at the time, but he was busy helping a lady get a cat out of a tree…seriously? As a result, I was the poor victim this time.

I didn’t even know I could reach this high. I guess I should thank the stupid son for this unique experience. Ah, judging by how deep I sank into the ground…I have landed. I don’t seem to be hurt, so I guess I landed on something soft…who knew rocks could be soft.


This somewhat loud and concerned voice…oh that voice belongs to the stupid son. He is standing right near me with a panicked expression. I guess he feels bad because I was caught in the trap instead of the hero. I better answer him.

“I’m fine.”


Why is he yelling that repeatedly…oh, I seem to be bleeding from the top of my head. I guess a wipe will do. Huh, the blood seems to be flowing faster. That can’t be good…oh well.

“I’m fine.”


“You yell a lot.”


I don’t want to talk to this stupid son anymore. I should return to the village and get this wrapped up. I tried to walk away, but the stupid son grabbed me and began to wrap the top of my bleeding head with a rag.

“We have to stop the bleeding!”

“I’m fine.”


This stupid son is not taking no for an answer…maybe I should call him that to make him let me go.

“I’m fine, demon king.”


Ah, he finally let go. Time to make a hasty retreat. I ran all the way back to the village to head toward the orphanage. I finally got away, but some of the villagers are staring at me with paled expressions…oh yeah, I’m still bleeding.

“Somebody call a doctor!”

“There’s a child bleeding.”

I guess the sight of me bleeding was too scary for them, so I was practically dragged to the village doctor.

When I was at the village doctor (don’t know his name either) he wiped the blood away, but then told me that he couldn’t find a wound. I guess it healed. I had no idea wounds can heal that fast. He asked if I was dizzy in anyway, but I really fine.

I was released from the village doctor and entered the orphanage. Note to self: try to avoid the traps of the stupid son…I say that, but I ended up caught in another trap. This pitfall was well hidden and there were a few spikes that impaled my arms…it doesn’t hurt, I’ll remove them later.

“You again?”

Ah, the stupid son is looking into the pitfall from above me.


“Don’t hello me!”

He pulled me out of the pitfall, but then he turned pale. I guess he saw the spikes in my arm.


He definitely saw the spikes.

“I’m fine.”


He plucked the spikes from my arms, but blood spurted onto his face. I do have a lot of blood. He wrapped my arms and then began to splash his face with water from the lake we were near. All the blood on his face is gone.

“Seriously, can you not run into the traps?”

“…They were well hidden.”

He gave out a very long sigh. I should leave now. Huh, he grabbed me again.

“Hold up. I need to ask you something.”

“I’m fine.”

“Stop saying that…I mean, I want to ask why you called me demon king yesterday.”

“…Because you called yourself that.”


I nodded.

“Where did you hear me say that?”

“In a corner.”

“Which corner?”

“…Don’t know.”


“You yell too much.”

The stupid son looks frustrated. He seemed to have calmed down a bit as he looked back at me.

“OK human, you may know my identity as the demon king, but no one will believe you, so don’t you dare reveal it.”

“If no one will believe me then why would I even consider telling anyone?”


Looks like he has no idea how to answer me. If that’s all he wanted to ask, I want to go back to the village. I will play in the lake another time. I try to leave, but I am grabbed again.

“Don’t just leave. Since you know my identity, I demand you to be my servant.”

“Don’t want to.”


I don’t want to be involved with this stupid son who might be the demon king. He is too much trouble. Let him continue his pranking days on his father.

I try to leave again, but this time I collide into someone’s stomach. This person is obviously tall…ah, it’s the hero. Sorry Mr. Hero, but the trap meant for you was already activated by me.

“Who’s this?” the hero asked as he looked at me with a smile. The older ladies say that the hero’s smile would make you swoon…I don’t feel any different. The older ladies must be sick.

“Her name is…I don’t know her name. We just met yesterday,” stated the stupid son as he looked at the hero.

Oh yeah, he doesn’t know my name. Well I don’t know his name either, but I don’t care to know.

“I see,” stated the hero as he knelt to my level and then asked, “So what’s your name?”


The hero looks a little shocked, but the stupid son is laughing hysterically. He might die laughing.

“Is that really your name?”

I nodded.

“OK, Bunny. Did you come to play with my son?”

“I have no intention to play with your son.”


The stupid son is being loud again. I want to go back. I tried to walk pass the hero, but he grabbed my arm…bad idea, blood went squirting out from my arms again.

“What happened to your arms?”

“Spikes in the hole.”



Wow, looks like the hero and the stupid son are having their first fight.  The hero usually laughs off his stupid son’s pranks, but I guess when an outsider is involved then he would get angry. The hero grabbed the top of his stupid son’s head and made him bow down to me.

“I apologize for what my son did to you. I promise that this will never happen again.”

The hero is apologizing to me in his stupid son’s place.

“I’m really sorry,” stated the stupid son with tears in his eyes. I guess he did apologize too.

“Apology accepted. Goodbye now.”

I immediately ran away from them before they could grab me.

When I returned to the village, I was once again dragged to the village doctor. I guess they noticed the blood covered wraps on my arms. The village doctor washed the blood away, but he once again saw no wound. Wounds really do heal fast.

“Young lady, are you in any way related to the hero?”


“…I see.”

The village doctor once again let me leave, but he had a really serious look on his face and what was with his question? There is no way I am related to the hero. I would cry if he were my relative.

I really do want to cry. I don’t know why, but the hero discovered that I was an orphan and asked to become my father. I refuse…I definitely refuse. Your sad look won’t affect me. Oh dear, Old lady is starting to push me toward him. Please don’t fall for his charm.

“I don’t want a sister!”

Good, stupid son. Please change the hero’s mind.

“But Bunny needs a family.”

Don’t want one.

“I don’t want her to become my sister.”

I don’t want you to be my brother either. Please change the hero’s mind.

“She’s going to be my future queen.”

“Don’t want to.”


It is best to refuse fast here. I haven’t known you that long and what made you want to make me your queen in the first place. It can’t be love at first sight. That just doesn’t exist.

“Then how about we let your future wife live with us until you are old enough to marry?”

Don’t decide my future just like that. I have a right to choose. You two are just too much trouble for me.

“I refuse, please go home.”


This time the hero and the stupid son yelled at me, but I do refuse. Please go home.

They finally left with tears in their eyes. Having them as a family is too much trouble.

The hero and the stupid son really are trouble. It has been five years and they are still pestering me. The stupid son still pulls pranks on the hero, but he drags me along now and he visits me in the orphanage every day with a treat in hand. To be honest, I only allow him inside to get the treat. He seems to have a talent to be a baker. He talks about his plans for world domination and how he will summon his demon generals when his power reaches its peak. It’s really boring. As for the hero, for a few months he tried to sneak me out of the orphanage to adopt me, but I kick him to make him leave. Kidnapping is not the answer especially to a former hero of the world. I don’t know why, but he now refuses the advances of women that used to hit on him and he leaves a rose at my windowsill when I turned sixteen. I am not interested. He may look young, but he should be in the thousands by now. He still dotes on his son, who punches the hero a bit harder now that he is sixteen. The hero and the stupid son truly are trouble. By the way, I still don’t know their names.

To be honest, they aren’t the only ones causing me trouble. The village doctor has been stalking me for five years. When I say stalk, I mean he has been watching me and asking questions about me from the old lady that takes care of me. What is the deal? Apparently, this started when my wounds healed too fast. Wounds healing fast is not very common. It is common for the hero, but not for anyone else. The village doctor will always get the same answer from the old lady and that’s about me being left on the steps of this orphanage with an old stuffed rabbit…where did that stuffed rabbit go anyway? I don’t even remember it.

Well the village doctor is getting pretty annoying. He got even more annoying when he finally confronted me. He told me that I was meant to be a hero because the blood of the immortals ran through my veins. So my unknown parents were immortals…I’m not impressed. Why would they dump me on the steps of an orphanage? The village doctor also told me that I must have had a weapon when I was found, but I was told that there was only a stuffed rabbit with me when I was found. Was the stuffed rabbit the weapon? No wonder I wasn’t wanted.

I dismissed the village doctor’s claim and left him in confusion. I have no idea what the village doctor wanted to accomplish. There is no need for a new hero in this world.

I spoke too soon. The stupid son in standing before a pillar of fire with horns on top of his head. Oh yeah, he did mention that he is the demon king and when he reached the peak of his power he would summon his demon generals and take over the world. Looks like he really is a demon king.

“Hendrick, what are you doing?”

Looks like the hero is here too.

“Kaito, the time has finally come for me to take over this world. You may have defeated me in my previous life, but this time I will succeed in my conquest.”

“What are you talking about Hendrick?”

“Still can’t recognize me? I am Aciel, Demon King!”

“It can’t be…Hendrick, snap out of it!”

The hero summoned his hero blade…it’s very big. He swung it at the stupid son. Judging by the light coming out of the blade, it might just be meant to shock the stupid son and not to kill. The stupid son smacked the light away and is cackling.

“I am stronger now. You can’t defeat me!”

The stupid son is throwing dark orbs at the hero. The hero dodges them pretty well. I think this is supposed to be an epic fight, but I’m not that interested. The pillar of fire looks really hot…maybe I can roast some potatoes. Good thing I went to the market before all this happened. Wrap the sweet potatoes and then impale it on a stick and cook.

“Hey, don’t use the gate to cook those!”

Looks like the stupid son caught me.

“I’m hungry.”

“Then wait right there. I’ll make you some sandwiches later.”

“I’ll just cook these here.”

“Stop that!”

Oh dear, the stupid son was tackled to the ground by the hero when he was yelling at me. They are rolling on the ground as they fight. Let’s let them keep fighting, while I cook these.


Ah a cat with three tails just jumped out of the flames. Looks cute. I guess it wants some potatoes.

“Here you go.”

I rolled a small cooked potato to the cat. The cat seems to be enjoying that.


A black dog or maybe it’s a wolf came out this time. Please have a potato.


A squirrel with black bat wings came out this time. Have a potato.


A falcon with silver wings…have a potato.


A bear with horns…have a potato.


This time I know it is a wolf…with glowing red eyes and horns…have a potato.

“What’s happening here?”

A snake like dragon that talks…please have a potato.

Looks like there aren’t any more animals coming out. The pillar of fire has also dispersed.


Looks like the stupid son has stopped fighting the hero when the pillar of fire disappeared. The hero was still holding his sword, but he was looking in my direction with wide eyes.

The stupid son approached and grabbed the dragon by the neck.

“What’s going on? Why are you guys in your lower forms?”

“I apologize, but when we exited the gate, our powers were drained.”

“But that can’t be…Bunny, what did you do?”

“I did nothing.”

I munch on a cooked potato. The dragon suddenly pointed at me.

“It was her. We just looked at her and felt the need to get to her and then our powers were reduced to this.”

The stupid son looks really shocked, but the hero is laughing.

“Looks like the generals can’t have their full power as long as Bunny is close.”

Is that really the case? Well the doctor mentioned I had immortal blood in me, so the generals being reduced to this might have something to do with that.

Oh, looks like the dragon is trying to fly away, but he immediately flew back to me with tears n his eyes.

“I can’t get away from her.”

“Why not?”

“She somehow made a contract with all of us. We have to serve her.”


The dragon nodded. They are my servants? I don’t really mind, but the dragon looks so sad.

“So, if I want to rule the world, I have to kill Bunny?”

The dragon nodded. Is that really the case? I guess to break the contract, the contract maker must be dead. I don’t want to die, so I guess I should run.

I was suddenly behind the hero as he pointed his sword at the stupid son.

“I won’t let you hurt Bunny.”

The stupid son was silent as he stared at the hero and then his horns suddenly disappeared as he said, “OK, I won’t take over the world.”


“I won’t take over the world. I can’t stand the thought of killing Bunny.”

“Are you telling the truth?”

“I am. I can’t kill the girl I plan to marry.”

“I refuse.”


The stupid son looks ready to cry. Anyway, I guess the world is saved, since he can’t have his generals.

“Bunny is not marrying you.”

The hero is against the stupid son marrying me. That’s good.

“She’s marrying me.”

“I refuse.”


Mr. Hero, you are way older than me. I don’t want people to call you a pedophile.

Looks like the hero and the stupid son are fighting over me, but I refused both their proposals. I hold no romantic feelings for them. Hopefully they can make up.

While they are arguing, I will head back to the village with my new animal friends. The village must be panicked by now after the appearance of the fire pillar, but everything should be OK.

The bear allowed me to ride on his back. It was very enjoyable. The cat rode on my head purring and the squirrel sat on my right shoulder. They are really cute. The wolf and the dog walked on either side of the bear to protect me from the sides. The hawk flew above me like a guide. As for the dragon…

“I am happy to serve you. Would you like anything to eat on the way home?”

He was acting like a butler. He also fixed my headband. Now that I think about it, how long have I had these rabbit ears headband? It’s cute, so oh well.

Looking at my new animal companions…I feel like I finally have a family. This is really nice. Let’s go on a journey away from the hero and the demon king (stupid son) with my animal friends. What were their names again?

The End



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