You Never Know


My name is Pion Evans, a college student of a University in the States. I’m a freshman just to let you know. My major is English. I plan to be a writer someday. What am I doing talking about myself? This story is about my two closest friends: Veronica Dale and Justin Khan. Believe it or not, we have been classmates and neighbors since we were practically babies. What’s the likes of that? Anyway, Veronica has been practically in love with Justin since we were in preschool. I told her many times to confess, but she just won’t listen. We’re in college together now and in the same class, so I decided that it was time for me to push their relationship forward.

It was February 13 when I decided to act. Veronica was in her seat drawing hearts around Justin’s name in her notebook. When Justin tried to look, she would hide it blushing madly. It was so funny that I had to cover my mouth.

After class, I called Veronica over and asked, “You want to make Valentines’ chocolates with me?” Veronica turned red.

“Aren’t we a little old for that now?” she asked in her mouse like voice. I just laughed and wrapped my arm around her shoulder leaning toward her open ear.

“You’re still a kid at heart. Anyway, I know that you want to give Justin your homemade chocolate.”

Veronica blushed deeply that it seemed that her nose was ready to bleed. I just smirked and added, “Tomorrow will be your day.”

“My day?”

I nodded and led Veronica out the door. Justin stopped us asking, “Do you guys want to go out drinking tonight?” Veronica was speechless. I looked at Justin with a smirk.

“Sorry party boy, but Veronica and I are going to have some girl time. Hang out with the boys for a change,” I stated and then walked off. Justin didn’t call after us, so we walked on.

We went to my apartment, which I got for cheap and showed Veronica all the ingredients for the chocolate. Veronica’s eyes bugged out. I laughed and told her, “I already had this planned, Veronica dear.” Veronica giggled.

“I guess I should make chocolates for Justin.”

Veronica’s face lit bright red once again. I would be drunk if I took a shot for every time Veronica blushed.

We made chocolates for hours. I made some too. It was just blobs of dark chocolate for mine, but Veronica’s chocolate truffles were a work of art. She also made a traditional heart shaped chocolate, but with Justin’s name written in the middle.

“Those look so good.”

My mouth was watering. Veronica waved her finger at me and said, “These chocolates aren’t for you.” I did a playful pout as I tried to shape my blobs of chocolate. Looking at Veronica now, I think she would be the perfect wife for Justin. Justin better give her the ring of fate. That reminds me, Justin, even if he doesn’t look it, is a big romantic. He found this toy ring in the playground when we were in Kindergarten and stated that he would give it to his one true love. He’s twenty and he still has it. It was actually a party favor someone dropped.

We refrigerated the chocolate and crashed on the sofa. Who knew that making chocolate was so tiring? I glanced at Veronica from my side of the sofa with a smile.

“Tomorrow is a holiday, so we can hang out tomorrow with Justin around the new mall. I’ll leave you guys alone, so you can give him the chocolate and confess.”

Veronica gasped turning bright red.

“But I can’t…”

“Don’t you dare say that, Veronica. Ever since we were kids, I have been telling you to confess, but you never listen. We are adults now, so I am putting my foot down and making you confess,” I said sternly like a mother. Veronica bit her lip nervously.

“You’ll be fine. You and Justin are a good match.”

Veronica nodded her head leaning against the sofa. I will make sure that Veronica confesses and Justin gives her the ring of fate.

Veronica doesn’t know it, but Justin does like her. I remember back in high school when Veronica was out of town to visit a relative, Justin and I had a private talk in the old fort we created. He told me with such a serious face that he was in love with a sweet girl who has been with him forever, but didn’t have the courage to give her the ring of fate. He also told me that he dropped hints of liking her, but she was too dense to notice. I laughed and told him that he should just confess. Hearing sweet girl, I knew he was talking about Veronica.

Well skipping to the next day, I invited Justin and Veronica out to the mall. Veronica was so cute in her light yellow dress matched up with an orange flowered purse that most likely held the chocolates; and Justin, I have to admit, looked really hot in his combination jeans and black shirt. I just wore raggedy gray clothes, so I wouldn’t stand out. Big mistake on my part because the first place they dragged me to was a new boutique store with lovely clothes. I had to remind Veronica that this was supposed to be a date between Justin and her.

They got me a sky blue dress that flowed freely and revealed my leg. I admit I liked the flower like pattern around the chest line. Veronica even braided my brown hair.

Alright, back to the story. After our little shopping for new clothes, I told them that I was going to travel on my own.

“What for?” asked Justin with a raised eyebrow. I wanted to smack Justin. He has a chance to be with the girl he likes and complains. What an idiot! I needed to come up with an excuse for Veronica’s sake.

“It’s Valentines and you guys did pretty me up, so I better find a boyfriend before the day ends. Later guys,” I stated with a cheeky voice and ran off. Note: I am not really going to search for a boyfriend. It would be a waste of time.

I came up with the plan, so I followed them during their date secretly. I bet people thought I was a stalker, but who cares. Their love was going to bloom soon.

Veronica was shy at first, but then she started becoming bold like sharing her ice cream with him and showing accessories that she was interested in. I cheered silently to myself when Justin bought her a bracelet she liked. She even gave him the chocolate. Everything was going well.

I followed them to a crossing of the street in the mall area. I saw Justin pull out the ring and felt my heart race. He was actually going to give Veronica the ring of fate. Justin showed the ring to her and said something that I couldn’t hear. I saw Veronica smile, but it was a sad smile. What did Justin say to Veronica? Why isn’t he giving her the ring and kissing her already? It was at that moment that I heard a screeching of a car. I looked to the side and the next thing I knew, everything went black.

I opened my eyes and found myself staring up at a hospital ceiling. I saw a nurse changing my IV and asked, “What happened?” The nurse smiled at me.

“A runaway car slid into the sidewalk and hit you. You only have a head injury and some scratches, but nothing serious. You were very lucky, but the doctor suggested that you stay the night to make sure there isn’t any other damage to your head.”

I smiled and muttered, “Lucky me, but tell me. Are my friends around?”

“Your friends?”

I nodded and said, “One is named Veronica and the other is Justin. They look like a couple.”

“They were here.”

I sighed in relief and then remembered Veronica’s tears. I wonder why she cried. Maybe they were tears of happiness, but why the sad smile?

I was able to get out of the hospital the next day after the doctor found no abnormalities concerning my health, but for some reason Veronica was the only one who welcomed me back. Justin wasn’t in sight. That stupid jerk.

When Veronica and I left the hospital together, I looked at Veronica and asked, “So what happened?” I obviously didn’t get to see the end of their date because of the car that hit me, so I wanted to get the juicy details. They must be dating now right?

Veronica showed that sad smile again and told me, “Justin and I came to an agreement.” That sad smile must be my imagination. An agreement must mean that they are official now. I smiled and hugged her.

“That’s great! So he did give you the ring of fate!”

“…He didn’t.”

I was shocked. That was a good chance to give it to her, so why not? They are dating now right? Veronica looked at me with determined eyes and said, “Justin is at the old fort, so tell him you are OK.” I was confused.

“Why not just come here?”

Veronica hit my back and said, “Just go. Listen to me for once.” I was definitely confused, but obeyed. I wasn’t in the mood to fight back after getting out of the hospital. I have to admit that I was still pretty sore.

I went to the old fort and saw Justin sitting in it with his arms crossed. I smirked as I called out, “Lazy bum, what are you thinking?” Justin flinched and looked at me. I approached him and asked, “So why are you here? Why not visit the hospital?” Justin suddenly burst into tears and hugged me tight.

“I can’t breathe,” I muttered into his ear, but his grip didn’t loosen.

“Stupid, stupid, why did you get hit by a car?”

I groaned.

“It’s not my fault. I can’t magically tell the car to swerve somewhere else,” I retaliated. He hugged me tighter making me cringe. I thought he was trying to kill me.

“I thought I lost you.”

Justin loosened his hold and placed a hand to the bandage on my head.

“Does it hurt?” asked Justin. I touched the bandage and said, “A little, but not too much. The doctor said there was no damage to my brain, so I was lucky. I must have a hard head.” Justin chuckled. He suddenly pulled out the ring of fate and presented it to me. I looked at it and asked, “What’s this?”

“You already know. I said that I would give this to my one true love.”

I stared at it and then touched my forehead. I then flicked his forehead making him gasp.

“It’s either I did get damage in my brain and you are an illusion or you mistook me for Veronica, who you really like.”

Justin sighed.

“You really are dense. I tell you straight out and you still don’t get it.”

I was confused. Justin likes Veronica, doesn’t he? Justin slipped the toy ring on my right pinky finger and looked at me with the same serious eyes as back in high school.

“The one I love and always love is you Pion.”

I don’t know why, but tears started falling from my eyes. Maybe I really did get damage in my brain in the accident. Veronica loved Justin. Was this a betrayal? I remembered Veronica’s sad words and understood what she meant. Justin refused her feelings because he already had feelings for me. Veronica accepted it and pushed me to him. Without knowing it, Veronica and I changed rolls.

Justin looked at me with a warm smile.

“I love you, Pion.”

I wiped my tears away as the words, “I love you too, Justin” came out of my mouth. Justin kissed me passionately upon my lips for the first time.

I wasn’t sure of my words, but Veronica was willing to give the one she loved to me. Even if it isn’t love now, maybe I will learn to love him because he has always waited for me. I guess this was my love story. I am still going to find a boyfriend for my dear Veronica…you can bet on it.

The End


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