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(Image made from pictures from Pixabay)

A Section dedicated to the novel stories written by me.


Angelic Weapon


Eve, a User with the power to summon weapons that last for five minutes, wakes up in a world infested with zombies. She can fight the normal zombies, but the Jogus, Users that have become zombies, are more challenging to kill. Eve must find out what caused the outbreak, while protecting herself and discovering who she can trust.


Cursed Blood


Mabelle Winchester

Occupation: Maid of the Edwardson Family

Talents: cooking, cleaning, dancing, telling stories

Past Occupation: Assassin

Follow the story of Mabelle as she opens up the heart of the Madam of the house with her stories and the eventual leading to a murder mystery.


I’m the Villainous’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too!


I died in a fire and awoke as a baby in an Otome game, but not as the heroine or the villainess, but as the younger sister of the villainess. Why am I doomed to have a disaster end when my only line in the story is “Big sister?” I don’t even have a picture in the game, so why must I fall? I will escape from my destiny. I will get a decent job, get married, have kids, and grow old happy. Those are my goals and disaster flags will never get in my way!


Kurosagi Child


Hatori went to the Kurosagi Complex to get Kurosagi to solve the murder of his wife, but instead finds a little girl with a plate of cookies. Follow the story of Hatori and Kurosagi as they solve cases using Kurosagi’s “Secrets.”


A Lazy Second Chance


I am in charge of reincarnations in different dimensions. A single soul only has nine cycles in life before being judged and being sent to the afterlife. There is this one girl that went through eight lives filled with evil and now she is in her final life. She should have been able to atone for her past lives’ with this final life and go to heaven as a result. That’s what it was supposed to be…


A girl gets a second chance at life after dying too soon by entering her past selves’ body?


Murder Trail


What would you do if you could go back in time and prevent a murder? Well, Christopher discovers the answer when he meets Patient 6000, an escapee from Machina Hospital: a hospital that houses potential criminals. He names her Avalon and with her power, he travels to the past before a murder occurs; but can he save the potential victim, especially when the top criminals in history are becoming wary of Avalon’s power?


NPC (Non-Playable Character)


In the year 4000, an RPG has gained a mind of its own forcing it to be sealed from the general public, but the game characters and NPCs continue their roles. Follow Anthea, an NPC, as she journeys with the Swordsman and Thief to gather the other heroes to defeat the main boss and determine the fate of the game world.


Paths of Yulan


The first path is crossed in Paths of Yulan. Megumi Yoh was a gifted child in Yulan, who did everything for his family, until one night, a fire took them away. Now he is trying to become an official to find the ones who took away his loved ones to exact his revenge and maybe find something more.


Precious Stone


Yanira Castleheart, second princess of Balwar Kingdom, had talents to be a priestess, but her kingdom is involved in a war and the king of Azseldo Kingdom won’t assist them unless they pay a price…a price of marriage. What does the future hold for Yanira in a Kingdom involved with Spirits and magic?

Note: All images are from Pixabay, except for NPC & I’m the Villainous’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too! images, which are drawn by Taki.



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