Chapter 3: Boredom is the ultimate enemy

I find this really unbelievable. I am not hungry at all even after a week. Is it because I am a demon? I guess I can survive for a long time without food and water, but I do feel troubled about one thing…I am bored. No one approaches me for a conversation and I have no video games to entertain myself with. Cornelius and the others haven’t even visited. They must be busy or they already left to speak with the king to let him know that the humans won against the demons. Anyway, I am just bored. There must be something to do.

These pebbles are beginning to look interesting. I grab one pebble and begin to make a face. Smiley faces are the easiest to make when you have pebbles. It is like an emoji. Now let’s make an angry face…looks funny. Now for a dog face…floppy ears are the best when making a dog face with pebbles. Love stuck emoji is next…Let’s make the tongue stick out of the mouth…Hilarious.

There are also some rocks with smooth surfaces near me…stacking time! I stack the stones on each other trying to make a tall tower, but after ten stones the tower toppled over. Such a failure! So my record is ten stones…let’s see if I can beat that record. Stack…careful…careful…AGH, the tower fell after the tenth stone again! Let’s try again…careful…careful…don’t blow it down wind…SUCCESS! It is still standing with the eleventh stone. Now for the twelfth stone…it fell. OK, so the record is now eleven stones.  I must make a world record of stacking these stones.

“What are you doing?”

“Trying to beat my record!”



I glance up and noticed that a small boy (oh, he’s the one who threw the tomato at me when I first got here) was looking at me with a bewildered look. Does he not know what stone stacking is? Anyway, why is he here?

“Why are you here?”

“…I was curious.”


“I thought by now you would have tried to kill us, but you are just kneeling here and playing with rocks…Why are you playing with rocks?”

“I was bored.”

I wasn’t telling a lie there, but the boy looked a bit shocked.

“You’re bored, so you play with rocks? That makes no sense.”

“Rocks can be fun.”

I then continued to stack the rocks…careful…careful…


AH, the rocks fell over! Does the boy have sonic air waves when he yells? I looked at the boy with narrowed eyes. I was pretty mad. The boy backed up a little, but then kept his ground saying, “I’m not scared of you.”

“Your shaking body claims otherwise.”

The boy was obviously shaking, but he refused to admit it. I rolled my eyes at him and continued stacking the rocks. I must defeat my record.

“Is stacking rocks even fun?”

“It is…careful…”

“Is the object of your game only to stack rocks?”

“The object is to make the tower of rocks as high as possible. My record so far is eleven rocks…now twelve.”

The boy was silent for a while, but then I heard him sit in front of me. I noticed that he grabbed some of the rocks and began to stack them. Looks like he is joining the game…he has already beat my record…I will not lose! My competitive spirit kicked in as I stacked more rocks making the new record twenty. When I placed the twenty-first stone, the tower finally collapsed.

“It fell…so sad.”

I suddenly heard the boy yelped and saw that his tower also fell, so we are tied at twenty stones.

“We’re tied!”

The boy looked perplexed and suddenly began to stack the stones again exclaiming, “I can do better!” The boy has gotten into the game…and so have I! We are having a stacking competition. I am in the lead so far…DANG IT! The tower toppled down again, but the boy hasn’t done any better. We go for another round. I will not lose.


…The boy wasn’t the one to say that. I began to look around and noticed that other children joined into the rock stacking competition. Some adults also joined in…more competition for me! The game is on!

I don’t know how long it lasted, but the sun was soon going down. In the end, I came in last…I couldn’t stand to make my tower higher. So sad, but it was fun to play with others. I looked at the other villagers and saw them laughing with one another. They must have has fun.


I looked at the boy who called my name and saw him smiling with crossed arms. Is he going to gloat his victory of stacking fifty stones? I could stack that many if I could stand.

“Good game, let’s have another round tomorrow.”

Good game…another round…I definitely want to play again tomorrow. I nodded at the boy agreeing to the challenge, but other people began to surround me asking me to play against them next. I got last place, but the people want to still play with me…I’m happy.

Some of the people turned red looking at me (the boy included). I don’t think it was hot, but I am a demon breed, so maybe I feel the temperature differently compared to the humans.

The villagers began to leave, but the boy suddenly ran back to me and asked, “It’s been bothering me, but why won’t you show your wings?”

“My wings?”

I felt my wings flutter on my back. I forgot I had wings. I removed the cloth that was on my back and showed my shrunken wings to the boy. The next thing I knew, the boy was practically rolled on the floor laughing. I guess the sight of the wings is funny, but they are easier to handle like this.

“Chicken wings…your wings became chicken wings!” the boy choked out as he laughed. Laughing this much could be fatal, so please stop. I heard the other villagers snickering too. I better cover these wings or they will all die laughing.

My head suddenly feels funny…another memory? I see…the demon king when he was young. So I met him when I was still small. He looks pretty cute. My wings are smaller in this memory. The demon king looked at my wings and began to laugh calling them chicken wings. I sent him flying, but he seems to be all right. The memory ended…so the demon king and I were childhood friends. I don’t remember ever calling him by name, only by his title.

I wish I could remember everything and not in fragments, so I can understand why my race became the bad guys. What happened to make me into a murderer? What happened?

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