Chapter 4: Heroes return…to Rock Village

My punishment is almost over, but the strangest thing has happened…rocks have become a common thing to tinker with in this village, ever since the stacking competition I made. Rocks were being drawn on, pebbles were turned into marbles, light weight rocks turned into Frisbees, and used in other fun filled activities. I shall nickname this village Rock from now on.

“Phoenix, let’s play.”

Oliver came back. Oliver is the name of the boy that first challenged me to stacking rocks. Ever since we started playing together, we have become close friends to the point that the hateful boy I first saw in him has completely vanished. If you are wondering what game we are going to play, it is of course stacking. Oliver is actually the champion in stacking rocks, but I will eventually beat him, especially when I am able to stand up again.

The competition has begun and we are not alone in this stacking game. Other villagers have also joined determined to get the title of champion from Oliver and some just came to watch. Looks like some people are placing bets…using decorated rocks as currency. I want the rock that is painted with a kitten face. It looks so cute.

OK, I am in the lead this time. I will beat Oliver…NO! I have reached my limit (I can’t stand up yet) and Oliver has once again overtaken me and taken the title. I will beat him someday.

Oliver looks pretty proud of himself and he is even given some painted rocks as a reward for his victory. He got the kitten rock. I really want it. My eyes just can’t pull away from it.

“You want this?”

Oh dear, looks like Oliver noticed that I was staring at the kitten rock…I REALLY WANT IT!

“Can I have the cutie kitten rock, please?” I appealed. Oliver and some of the villagers turned red in the cheeks and then Oliver placed the kitten rock into my hands. It’s so cute! I cuddled it to my cheek in total bliss.

“Was Phoenix a guy who liked cats?”

“I thought he ate cats.”

“He really is different compared to the past.”

I thanked Oliver for the rock and offered to make him something when my punishment is complete, which should be in a few more hours.

“That’s fine,” I heard Oliver mutter before he walked off taking his prize of painted rocks with him. I should make him a cake when I am done with this punishment. I just hope they have the ingredients for cake here.


Oh, I recognize that voice! That voice definitely belongs to Cornelius Braveheart, the hero. He’s really nice. I could see Cornelius making his way to me and he also had the others: Luna, Sebastian, and Korra.

“Hello,” I chirped. Cornelius waved a little to me and then asked, “So what did you do?”

“What do you mean?”

“Come on Phoenix, we leave you in the village to report to the king and when we return the villagers are playing with rocks. You must have something to do with it.”

“But why blame me?” I asked with a tilted head (I don’t like being blamed without reason, even if it is true), but Cornelius only sighed before looking at one of the villagers and asked, “Does Phoenix have something to do with all the rock games here?”

“Yes, he is the one who came up with the games for the rocks.”

“I rest my case,” stated Cornelius with a proud smirk. I found it a little annoying.

Sebastian suddenly nudged Cornelius with his elbow saying, “Ignore the rocks and tell Phoenix the good news.”

“Ah right,” stated Cornelius clearing his throat, “We reported to the king about our victory and that you played a vital role, so the king offered you an official pardon for your crimes.”

“That’s nice.”

“He also offered you a job in his army.”

“I’ll refuse that offer.”


I guess they would be shocked. Getting a job offer from the king sounds great, but I don’t want to fight anymore. I want to continue to look around this world a little longer. I did tell Cornelius and the others my reason for the rejection and they seemed to accept my reason, but Luna began to mutter about something in a dreading tone…something about the wrath of the king? I’m not quite sure.


Oh, the elder of the village is finally here. My punishment must be officially over. Thank goodness.

“Hello Elder.”

The elder nodded with a smile and announced to everyone present that my punishment was over. The villagers clapped and some even smiled. It’s funny, when my punishment started, everyone absolutely hated me and now…it looks like they accepted me. It feels nice.

“You may now rise, Phoenix.”

I nodded and stood up…only to fall down flat on my face.


“…My legs are numb.”

I guess my legs would lose circulation if I kneeled down for a whole month, so my legs numbing should not be a surprise. Luna and Korra helped me up. They are so nice, but I fell to the ground again.

“I guess we better help you walk,” I heard Cornelius say before I was helped up again by Korra and Luna. Sebastian only laughed…he’s mean.

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