Prologue: The Great Deity’s Troublemaker

I am a great deity, who has worked his butt off for centuries. I have achieved power that only most can dream of. With this power I was given the position to perceive the reincarnation circle of many dimensions. Destinies are obtained in the lives of these souls and then sent for reincarnation to create new destinies, before the final cycle that will send them to Heaven after their death. That’s how it was supposed to be…so why is this girl’s soul so troublesome. Ever since her first life she has caused nothing, but trouble.

Her first life, she was a female in disguise winged warrior underling of a Demon King, who took joy in causing harm to humans. She was the favorite warrior of the Demon King before she was killed by the hero party.

Her second life, she became a magician, who abused her power by doing inhumane experiments on adventurers, villagers, and even the demons, until the hero killed her during a raid.

The third life, she was a demon king, who took demi-humans to eat their hearts to maintain her beauty. Royalty was preferable. In the end, she died by poison given to her by one of her captains.

In her fourth life, she was a princess who attended magic school, but was consumed by jealousy when her prince fiancé showed interest to a kind-hearted girl. She spread false rumors about the girl and then attempted to kill the girl, but was eventually found out. She was humiliated in front of all the school and lost the love of the prince, so she ended her life by biting her tongue.

Her fifth life, she was a second wife of a King. She was once again consumed by jealousy and tried to poison the first wife and her children. She didn’t succeed and was killed by an assassin who slit her neck.

In her sixth life, she was supposed to be a kind-hearted priestess loved by the spirits, but she became drunk on power and used her power to cause havoc instead. She was killed by the hero party’s magician.

The seventh life, she was a greedy thief, who killed her companions, so she could keep all the loot for herself, but was eventually stabbed in her last heist.

The eighth life, she was a gunslinger who took the habit of shooting anyone that angered her. She was killed by the sheriff during a duel.

Eight lives and yet she was always corrupted dying miserably as a result. This was supposed to be her final life. I hoped that she would die of old age this time. She would have a life filled with happiness; her soul learning from her past mistakes and then go to heaven. That’s what was supposed to happen…


“Are you talking to me?”

This girl…no…this Moira Newberry, has died, but she died before she was supposed to die. She was supposed to grow old happily married, but she kept avoiding her destined path when she was alive. The man she was supposed to marry would be her high school sweet heart, but she never met him because when their paths were about to cross, she would “conveniently” remember an errand and run the opposite direction. She should have met him so many times. They could have met in college, but she always missed seeing him even when the blind date was set up by her female classmate. Her excuse was: “Too tired.” Go to bed, instead of playing games all night! She even worked in the same company bank as him, but still managed to miss him. How aloof can you get? She kept missing her destiny and when I thought she would finally see the guy…she dies by falling asleep during a bank robbery! I swear, if you are held at gunpoint, don’t dose off and land on the barrel of the gun! Of course, it would go off!

That was her final life and she should be heading to heaven, but she died way too early and her destiny in this life wasn’t even obtained. Don’t get me wrong, she had a kind heart in this life and made a few friends, but her laziness was a problem and her not meeting her destined partner was a huge problem as well.

“Excuse me?”

I don’t even know what to do anymore. Sending her to heaven without her life being complete sounds like a waste.


Her previous lives were all really tragic and her characters in those lives were horrible as well to the point that even I want to kill her.


As I thought, sending her off right now to heaven is not a good idea. If her karma is too dark, heaven might not even accept her.


“It’s decided.”


I point my finger at the confused twenty-five-year-old girl that stood before me.

“You will have a repeat cycle.”


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