Chapter 1: Trapped

666” was a code for the end of the world, but so was 2012. 1666, 1999, and 2012 came and went with nothing happening to our world. People still died, but that was normal. How were we supposed to know that the apocalypse was just around the corner?

Even though we don’t know it, there are many secret facilities hidden around the world. These facilities help develop the world of today. Some of these facilities had a special role of containing “Users.” Users are individuals that are born with power beyond a person’s imagination. These powers seem to come from a special gene in the blood stream. This gene is called Agni named after the first known User born to man. Doctors know that when a User is born, the mother dies by being burned from within. The User as a child is placed in a secret facility and when they reach their toddler years, their power is revealed. The Users are contained in the special facilities going through tests to train their power and to find a cure to rid the world of the Agni Gene; though some would take advantage of the power of Users for their own selfish desires.

One of these special facilities dedicated to holding the Users was located in the rural area of Genome, a country discovered in the year 2015. The name of the facility was Area 40 for it was the fortieth area claimed by the Genome Government. The number of Users in the facility was forty-five with a staff of ninety. It looks like a regular hospital from the inside, but if you saw the Users and what the staff did with them, you would understand that this “hospital” wasn’t a place for healing the sick.

The rooms are numbered with a name of a User on the name plate of the door.  Room 45 on the highest floor of the facility held a User named Eve. Eve only wore a white patient’s robe with a number 45 tag on her left breast. Her hair was pure black and reached pass her back, but anyone could see that it almost resembled Japanese silk. Her skin looked smooth as a newborn baby. Her eyes seemed almost golden as it reflected off the light of the room. Her lips were a light pink and smooth and her nose was petite.  She’s currently twelve-years-old and hasn’t fully bloomed into a woman yet.

Eve was only twelve-years-old, but her power was beyond the imagination. She had the power to create any weapon in her memory from thin air. Researchers who witnessed her power would call it a form of alchemy, a science almost impossible for the normal scientist. The weapons she is able to make are stronger than the originals, but sadly only last for five minutes before vanishing before one’s eyes.

The first time Eve used the power to create weapons at age two; the weapon went out of control injuring ten employees. There were no deaths, but for the safety of the staff and the other Users, Eve was kept in her room never to leave unless told otherwise.

Her story began on March 2, 2030 at 9 A. M.

Eve’s golden eyes widened at the sound of a siren. Eve sat up on her white sheeted bed as she glanced from right to left. At around 9 o’clock in the morning, Eve would be receiving her medication from one of the staff nurses, but her room had no such nurse and the lights in the room were flickering non-stop. Eve rose from her bed and headed to an intercom attached to her room wall nearest to the only door in the room. She pressed the red button, lighting up the bulb of the intercom.

“Excuse me, I need my medication,” spoke Eve, her lips close to the intercom. To her surprise, there was no reply, only static.


Eve tried her best to listen through the static. As she strands her ears she began to hear crying and moaning. Her eyes squinted as if it were the natural thing to do to hear everything.

“It hurts…it hurts….”

Eve gasped and pressed her left hand against the wall as she leaned closer to the intercom.

“Where does it hurt? Who is this?”

The static grew louder drowning out the small sound she could hear. Eve tapped the intercom in hopes of getting the attention of anyone that was on the other line. The static grew dimmer allowing Eve to hear the sound of rustling.


An ear splitting scream radiated from the intercom forcing Eve to release the intercom button and cover her ears with both hands. Eve uncovered her ears and pressed the intercom button again.

“Hello?” asked Eve more urgently. Moaning and gasping echoed through the intercom along with the sound of something crunching.


It hurts…need more flesh…”

Eve gasped as she removed her hand from the intercom.  She then heard knocking on her door. She stared at the doorknob wondering whether to attempt to open it or not. Coming to a conclusion, she slid open a small door that showed her what was outside her door. That small door was like a miniature window.  She peeked through that door and saw something that nearly made her heart stop. The hall was covered in blood and body parts. A man she recognized as one of the staff of Area 40 was tearing through a severed arm with his bare teeth. It was hard to see through the little light, but she could have sworn that half his head was nearly gone and that a bone was sticking out of his arm.

A hand suddenly slammed against the glass of the small door making Eve give out a quick scream. The hand looked rotten and was covered with dried up blood. It scratched the glass of the small door leaving finger sized blood marks. A face appeared behind the hand, but that face was not normal. Its eyes were completely black. Its flesh was torn revealing cheek bone and uncovered teeth. When it opened its mouth the jaw seemed to unhinge in a grotesque manner. The teeth that could be seen were stained with blood and rotting flesh. The tongue was black and was missing some skin.

Eve had to cover her mouth to prevent herself from throwing up what little food she had in her stomach. One eye of the thing blinked sending blood squirting out against the glass.


Eve slammed the small door shut and backed away with wide eyes. The knocking on the door soon turned into banging. Eve screamed and ran pass her bed. She pressed herself against the opposite wall as the banging on her door grew louder. The siren that she could hear before died out and the lights fell dead, so only the banging on the door could be heard.

Eve covered her mouth with both hands trying to calm her racing heart and heavy breathing. She could hear moaning and choking sounds on the other side of the door as the banging continued. With the amount of sound, Eve knew that there was more than one “thing” outside her door. Eve had been confined for years in that room, but she was a smart girl. She knew that if she remained in that dark room with only that one door, she would be killed.

Eve came to the decision that she needed to find a second exit before those “things” managed to get through her door. She pressed her hands against the wall looking for any way out. Her room was designed to keep her in, so she had no window to crawl out of and the door was locked, so even if those “things” weren’t there, she would still be trap. She was no different than a rat trapped in a maze.

Eve could hear the door begin to crack and felt her stomach turn. Those “things” were going to get in at any moment. Eve could feel hot tears escape her eyes as her hope of survival began to fall. Eve placed her right hand against her tear covered face and then came to a realization: she didn’t take her medication at the appointed time, so her power was at its fullest. Eve wiped her tears away with her right arm as a look of determination came to her eyes.

Eve held out her right hand and stared at it intently. She thought of all the books on weapons she was required to read to “control” her power. She tried to think of a weapon, any weapon that she could use to escape her room.  An image of a weapon with three hooks entered her mind, a weapon that was used by secret agents in movies to climb on the side of buildings. As the image became clearer along with the function, a solid form began to form into her hand. It gave off a small light, but if one looked closer it resembled how a computer program created an image from zeros and ones. Eve clenched her right hand dispersing the little light and revealing a grapple hook gun.

Eve gripped the handle of the weapon and then looked around her room for anything that it could attach itself too. She glanced up remembering that there was a thick lamp in the ceiling. Even though she couldn’t quite see it, she aimed the grapple hook gun upward and pulled the trigger. To Eve’s relief, the grapple hook hooked onto the ceiling lamp. Eve then released the trigger pulling her upward just as the door gave way releasing the “things” into the room.

Eve pulled her legs up as she hung from the ceiling. The “things” were moaning as their arms swung toward her dangling form. Eve gulped as she stared at the “things.” Eve suddenly recalled that her weapon had a five minute limit, so she was practically dangling from a ticking bomb.

Eve managed to support her form with one hand on the gun and held out her other hand. She thought of the many weapons in her books trying to think of something that could help her escape. As an image of a weapon became clear in her head, the same small light formed in her free hand. Eve clenched the new weapon in her hand dispersing the light revealing a handheld rocket launcher. Eve pointed the new weapon at the “things” and pulled the trigger releasing a mini rocket. The rocket collided into the floor and burst into a ball of fire engulfing the “things” and the entire floor. Eve had to shut her eyes as she felt the increasing heat under her feet.

Just as the heat was dying down, the five minutes passed taking the grapple hook gun with it. Eve screamed as she darted to the ground. She fell through the smoke and gasped when she saw that body parts were scattered and that the floor was nonexistent. Eve collided into the next floor with a grunt. Eve stood up groaning in pain.

Her sight was blurry at first, but as it cleared she saw that she was already on the next floor, but what shocked her more was that there were the “things” tearing through dead bodies all around her and blood both new and old was covering the floor.

Eve let out a gasp before covering her mouth. One of the “things” looked at her with a creak from its neck revealing the blackness of its eyes and the tore skin from its face. It reached toward Eve saying, “It hurts…it hurts.” Eve inched back.

Eve noticed the other “things” approaching her and began to run toward the only exit she saw. She slipped on the blood on the floor sending her to the ground and sliding out the exit. Eve managed to get back on her feet as she ran. As she continued to run hoping to get away from the “things,” she began to create two pistols in her hands. Gripping the weapons formed the weapons. Taking aim, she fired the weapons at any of the monsters that blocked her path. Blood and flesh flew as she fired the weapons. The five minutes were close to being up, so she discarded the weapon and formed a new one.

Eve had no idea where she was running, but she hoped that she would be able to escape. Eve turned a corner and to her utter horror, she saw that she had reached a dead end. Eve could hear the monsters getting closer and inched back her weapons pointed in front of her. A hoard of monsters entered the hall and began to advance toward her. Eve fired at the monsters the best she could but new ones just kept coming. Eve turned pale feeling her heart race at the thought that she was going to die.

Eve stepped back and heard the floor creak. Eve’s eyes widened and then turned to a smile of hope. Eve discarded her weapons and formed two new ones. When Eve gripped the handles of the new weapons, the lights dispersed revealing two machine guns. Instead of shooting at the monsters, she shot at the floor around her form. The floor that surrounded her form broke off sending her to the next floor.

Eve crashed into the next floor, but continued to fire the machine guns downward. The floor gave way into the next floor. Eve continued this process until she reached the bottom floor. As the dust from the collapsed floors cleared, the monsters on the bottom floor became clear to Eve.

The monsters began to advance on her gasping and moaning. Eve inched back, but when she saw the door to the exit in her line of sight, she turned the guns on the monsters and began to shot rapidly. As she machined gun the monsters, she advanced toward the door. Before five minutes was up, she formed a new machine gun into her hand discarding the old one.

One of the monsters managed to grab her hand and darted toward her face with its blood covered rotting mouth wide open. Before the monster could even bite her, Eve shoved the barrel of the machine gun into its mouth and pulled the trigger. The array of bullets blasted its head into pieces and then impaled other incoming monsters.

Eve shoved the twitching hand off her arm and shot at a group of monsters.

Eve finally reached the exit and jumped out finally taking a breath of fresh air, but it was short lived when she caught the scent of rotting flesh. Eve glanced back pointing her guns and felt her heart nearly stop. A large rotting monster in a patient’s white gown began to advance on her. This monster had half its face torn off and the arms had countless bite marks and rotting flesh. There was also a gaping hole in its stomach revealing that all the vital organs were no longer there.

Eve inched back as she looked at the monster, but her eyes widened when she saw the number 3 on its torn gown. Eve had to look at the list of Users and their numbers when she was confined in the room and she remembered specifically that number 3 was Gerome, a User with the power of super strength.

“Gerome?” stated Eve in a nervous tone. The monster opened its mouth slowly revealing its black tongue and a severed finger stuck in his teeth. It reached toward Eve saying, “It hurts, it hurts, I need…I need…”

The monster leapt at Eve screaming, “FLESH!” Eve jumped to the side as the monster dashed past her and into the side of the building. The wall crumpled at the contact of the rotting monster. It faced Eve again. Eve pointed the machine guns at it breathing heavily and hot tears flowing from her eyes.

“Keep away from me, monster!” yelled Eve. The monster looked at its hand and began to gasp.

“I don’t want this…I don’t want this…”

The monster reached toward Eve with streaks of blood running from its eyes.


The monster suddenly leapt at Eve screaming, “KILL ME!”

Eve began to fire rapidly at the monster running backwards, but the monster kept advancing on her shoving smaller monsters into the building and trees sending blood flying. Eve discarded the machine guns as they vanished into thin air and held both of her hands before her with sweat running down her face. A huge light formed between her hands and when she gripped the light with both hands the light dispersed revealing a large rocket launcher. Using as much strength as she could, she pointed the weapon at the large monster as the monster reached toward her with blood running from its eyes.

“Goodbye, Gerome.”

Eve pulled the trigger releasing the rocket. The rocket ripped through the air and stabbed through the large monster’s head. Before the rocket exploded, the monster seemed to smile as if to say “thank you.” The rocket engulfed the monster and the surrounding monsters in a ball of fire. The force of the blast was so strong that Eve was sent flying back through the thickness of the trees.

Eve found herself lying on the ground surrounded by oak trees with her ears ringing. Eve sat up looking around and noticed the monsters advancing toward her from the direction of Area 40 Facility. Eve struggled to her feet and began to run in the opposite direction. She pushed through the trees in hopes of finding someone that wasn’t a monster.

Area 40 Facility

Staff: 90 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Users: 1 (Alive) 1 (Dead) 43 (Unknown)


About 50,000,000,000 (dead) others (Unknown)

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