Chapter 11: Chronos’s Power

It had been days since Eve and her companions left the camp of the living dead and they managed to survive using the tank they obtained from the deceased Mirage. They had also gained a new member for their team: Chronos, User number 2, the power to see into people’s past, but he can’t control this power, so ever since joining them, his eyes had remained shut. He was also nervous around the others and found more comfort in Eve’s presence.

Currently, Chronos was once again practically glued to Eve eating a ham sandwich with her with the others watching eating their own food.

Adler poked David making David look at him and whispered, “Don’t you think that User is a little too close to her?” David sighed.

“We’ve been with him long enough to know that he is the nervous type, so just allow him to be close to Eve for now.”


Chronos suddenly dropped his sandwich and reached out to grab it, but Eve held his hand back saying, “If you like, you can have my sandwich. I’ll just make a new one.” Chronos smiled and thanked Eve and was about to grab her sandwich, but David suddenly grabbed Chronos’s hand saying, “How about I make you a new one?” Chronos couldn’t see David’s angered expression, but the others did and couldn’t help chuckling at the scene, especially since David was calm just a moment before.

“I rather have Eve’s,” stated Chronos, but flinched when he heard David groan.

“Look here Chronos. The others and I have been very patient with you. We let you eat with Eve and even sleep next to her.”

As the boys heard David’s words they began to remember all of Chronos’s time with Eve, especially the time when he slept with her hugging her like a teddy bear as Eve and Chronos slept. The others couldn’t really explain it, but they felt the urge to toss Chronos off the tank or to at least tie him up far away from Eve. Of course Eve was unaware of their thoughts and just thought that David and the others were trying to be friendly with Chronos.

Chronos whimpered and stated, “I’m glad you guys are patient with me, but I don’t know any of you that well.”

Kale was the one to speak next saying, “Didn’t you mention that you didn’t know Eve until that day in the camp?”

“Well yes, but unlike you all, she is a User like me.”

Adler crossed his arms saying, “Oh really. What is your power anyway? Eve mentioned that you can look into a person’s past, but how can we be sure on that. There’s no proof you are a User.” Chronos clenched his hands in nervousness.

“I am a User and I can prove it.”

“Then do it,” challenged Adler. Chronos sighed and then turned his head toward Eve saying, “Is it OK to do it here?” Eve nodded.

Chronos gulped and then turned his head back to the boys. He opened his blue eyes and then focused on Adler. His eyes gave off a glimmer and stated, “Your mother was a whore.” Adler’s eyes widened and then clenched his fists and was ready to punch Chronos, but Kale and Ivan held him back telling him to calm down.

Chronos then looked at Ivan saying, “Your father called you a coward.” Ivan flinched with gritted teeth. Chronos then moved his gaze to Kale.

“Why didn’t you help those kids in May?”

Kale’s eyes widened and seemed ready to kill Chronos.

Chronos looked toward David and stated, “You led your troops to a trap.” David gasped clenching his fists. Chronos finally looked at Kohaku and was about to speak, but Kohaku immediately covered his mouth saying, “I rather you not speak about my past.” Chronos nodded and closed his eyes bowing his head.

“I’m sorry, but this power only shows the worst of a person’s past.”

Adler groaned gaining his composure and asked, “Is that why you didn’t look at Eve?” Chronos nodded and added, “She also believed my power, unlike you guys.” Adler groaned and turned away from Chronos.

David frowned and glanced at Eve, who was looking at them in concern.

“If you can, can you please forget what Chronos said about our past?”

Eve nodded and stated, “I’ll wait until you guys reveal your secrets to me, OK.” David smiled and nodded, but frowned when Chronos leaned toward Eve saying, “I’m hungry.” Eve nodded and was about to hand her sandwich, but when she saw David glaring she giggled saying, “I’ll make you a new one.” Chronos nodded and sat silently, while the boys glared daggers at him.

They soon finished their meal, but the boys refused to be near Chronos. Chronos noticed that the distance between and the boys had widened and he showed a saddened look. Eve noticed this and asked, “Chronos, why did you tell them their past?”

“Because they didn’t believe,” stated Chronos with a slight pout. Eve sighed and urged Chronos to follow her to the back of the tank where there was a place to sit. To make sure that no one heard their conversation, Eve summoned a device to create a force field around them. When the field was made, Eve glanced at Chronos and stated, “We have five minutes, so let’s talk.” Chronos nodded.

Eve held her legs to her chest as she spoke.

“I never met you in the facility, but I heard about you from the doctors who took care of me. They told me that you were not allowed to look away from people and you would burst out their darkest secrets. I remember one doctor mentioned that you got a doctor fired because you revealed he was having an affair with the previous supervisor’s wife.”

“I remember that pretty well. He forced me to look at him and I just blurted out the first thing I discovered. He punched me pretty hard after that and was fired.”

“Well revealing an affair would do that.”

Chronos nodded placing a hand to his closed eyes.

“I reveal people’s past as training in the facility and I always get beaten afterwards. I don’t want to see the past, especially the dark ones.”

Eve saw that his sad expression and asked, “So you knew that whatever you said to my friends it would be bad and yet you still told them their past?”

Chronos nodded and stated, “No matter what I say, I will always be hated.”

Eve smiled saying, “Let me talk with them, maybe they will understand.” Chronos remained silent.

The force field faded along with the device and Eve was about to climb up the tank, but Chronos suddenly gave out a scream. When Eve looked back at him, she noticed that a zombie was grabbing the edge of his hospital gown and trying to climb onto the moving tank. Eve grabbed onto Chronos trying to pull him up.

“Hang on Chronos!”

“Eve!” cried out Chronos in a panic. Eve nearly slipped holding Chronos, but felt firm hands grab her shoulders. She glanced over her shoulder and saw Kale holding her.


“I’ll pull you up, so don’t let that guy go,” stated Kale. Eve nodded tightening her grip on Chronos. Kale pulled hard making Eve stabilize on the tank. She also noticed that David, Adler, and Kohaku were also pulling her up and smiled in relief.

Chronos gave out a yelp as he tried to grab onto Eve. Eve groaned and glared at the zombie that had rotting skin falling from the bones. Eve then looked at Chronos saying, “I need you to use your power.”


“Please, just look at that zombie holding you.”

Chronos gulped and opened his eyes staring directly at the zombie. His eyes gave off a glimmer and then he began to mutter quickly.

“Your mother was kind to you and yet you killed her for her inheritance. You’re a bad, bad, BAD man!”

The zombie’s eyes seemed to open wide as its hold loosened on Chronos. Chronos took this chance to scurry up and hug Eve tightly with tears in his eyes. Eve hugged him back and they were immediately pulled up, but before Eve was completely up, she materialized a pistol and shot the zombie in the head making it slide off the tank.

They all gasped as they tried to catch their breath. David then looked at Eve with a glare and stated, “That was way too dangerous, Eve!”

“Sorry,” apologized Eve. Chronos stood in front of Eve saying, “Don’t yell at Eve.” David then glared at Chronos and stated, “She’s not the only one at fault. You should know better than to just follow her to a dangerous area, Chronos.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” stated Chronos in a panic. David sighed and stated, “All right, so that area of the tank is off limits, OK.” Chronos and Eve nodded.

David then looked at Chronos and stated, “I also want to apologize to you Chronos.”


“We kind of overheard your conversation with Eve.”

Eve gasped and asked, “How did you hear? I had a barrier over us.”

Eve suddenly heard Ivan’s voice from inside the tank saying, “You didn’t cover the bottom, so I heard it all and told the others.” Eve blushed and made a note to make a better barrier next time.

David approached Chronos placing a hand on his shoulder.

“You only see the worst of our past, but try not to blurt it out to the best of your ability. We will still get angry if you blurt them out, but we will be understanding, especially when you can’t control your power, so let’s try to get along.”

Chronos was silent and then they noticed tears falling from his eyes. Chronos was muttering apologies under his breath as tears fell. All of them smiled, but the brightest smile was from Eve. Eve hoped that Chronos would be able to control his power someday and hopefully gain eternal friendship with them.

Area 40 Facility

Staff: 90 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Users: 3 (Alive) 7 (Dead) 35 (Unknown)

Genome Detention Center

Staff: 90 (Dead?) 0 (Alive)

Prisoners: 5 (Alive) 50 (Dead?)


Staff: 50 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Students: 2 (Alive) 140 (Dead)


About 50,000,000,000 (dead) others (Unknown)

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