Chapter 2: First Town

Eve dashed through the woods gasping for air. As she ran, she would glance back to make sure that those monsters weren’t getting any closer. To her relief, the monsters were nowhere in her line of sight.

Eve suddenly tripped sending her tumbling over a bush and into a deserted road. Eve groaned in discomfort as she rose to her feet. She looked around and saw her first town, but the town looked completely deserted. The road was littered with torn paper and demolished cars with blood on any remaining glass. The buildings were boarded up, but most of the buildings had their windows broken into and some even had words like “THE END IS HERE” sprayed painted on their walls. If Eve ever saw horror movies, she would have recognized the sight of the town as a warning.

Eve began to walk through the town looking in every direction. The monsters weren’t in sight, but there weren’t any people in sight either. Eve wrapped her arms around herself wondering if she was the only one who survived.

Eve suddenly noticed a building with a caged gate around its doors and ran to it in hope of finding someone. When she reached the gate, she shook it, but it refused to open. Eve looked at her hands and then held out her right hand. Eve thought of a weapon she once saw in a weapon book designed for master thieves. The light expanded in her hand and when she gripped the light, the light dispersed revealing a pick locking mechanism only seen in storybooks and movies. She held the mechanism in front of the keyhole that seemed to be disfigured as if it were melted and pressed a silver button. A red laser light emitted from the tip of the mechanism and into the keyhole. Eve heard a clicking sound and released the button.  She discarded the mechanism just as the five minutes were up.

The caged gate opened up allowing her to walk inside. To her relief the next door wasn’t locked. She pushed the double doors of the building wide open revealing the inside of a dark store with merchandise that seem to have remained untouched. She walked in cautiously. She recognized the inside as a store from the books she had read, but this was the first time seeing one with her own eyes. It was almost too dark for her to see, so she made it her mission to find a light switch.

Eve felt against the walls as she walked and soon felt the cold handle of a door. She twisted the handle and pushed the door open. It was even darker inside, but when she felt the wall, she found a small switch. She clicked the switch and the lights in the room turned on revealing a large brown desk with a computer on top and a couple of chairs. Eve noticed a metal box near the desk as well and advanced toward it.

When Eve reached the box, she attempted to open it, but it was locked tight. She saw a small keyhole and was about to summon the same lock picking mechanism into the palm of her hand, but she suddenly heard moaning and looked to her right only to see a rotting monster in a torn manager’s clothing reaching toward her. Eve gave out a quick scream and backed up. The monster groaned and twitched revealing the blackness of its eyes. Eve summoned a pistol into the palm of her hand and held it at the monster’s forehead. She pulled the trigger sending what little flesh and blood it had in its head against the wall of the room. The monster fell back on the floor with no head upon its shoulders.

Eve breathed heavily feeling her heart race as she looked down at the motionless monster. She then noticed a small key attached to its belt around its waist. She glanced at the metal box and then back at the key. She ripped the key from the waist of the monster as the pistol in her hand vanished. Using that key, she pushed it into the keyhole of the metal box and turned it to the right. When she heard a click, she flipped the metal box open revealing the light switches for the entire store. She switched all the switches to the right turning on all the lights available in the store.

Eve stepped out of the room and gazed upon the light covered store revealing the untouched goods. Eve saw an area of fruit and vegetables and felt her mouth begin to water. She ran to the area and grabbed an apple. She munched at the apple rapidly letting the juices soak her fingers. The fruits and vegetables were still fresh, so it seemed that the outbreak hadn’t last that long or that the vegetables and fruits remained fresh because of the perfect refrigeration.  Eve wiped her mouth from the juices and looked all around the store. Coming to a conclusion, she ran around the store looking for a bag.

Eve had read books on survival when she was in the facility and she knew that in order to survive, you needed certain supplies: a tent; things to make fire; flashlight; compass; radio, map; medical supplies; and the most important, food and water. Eve luckily found a large bag with a folded up tent lying near a metal rack. She stuffed the light tent into the bag and began to search for the other supplies. She didn’t have to go far to find the compass hanging against a metal rack in the sports’ section along with a large map of the United States stuffed behind a counter. She also found cotton, a lighter, and matches in the same area. She found a small radio and a silver flashlight in the electronics area. She opened the back of the radio and saw that it had no batteries. It was the same with the flashlight. After searching the electronics area, she eventually found a rack filled with different types of batteries. She placed “DD” batteries into the flashlight and six “AA” batteries into the radio. The flashlight gave out a bright white glow when turned on and the radio turned on, but there was no signal. Eve dumped the radio and the flashlight into the bag and extra batteries just in case. After searching around she found a pharmacy area and began to gather medical supplies like bandages and ointment. She found the essentials, but there was still room for the most important food and water.

Eve entered the groceries area again and began to grab some fruits along with a few vegetables and then some bread, cheese, and chips. The last item she grabbed was five bottles of water. She would have grabbed more, but the bag had reached the weight limit she could handle to still be able to run when she needed to.

Eve was about to head toward the door, but then realized that she was still barefoot and her clothes were covered in blood. She placed the bag to the side and headed to the clothes area. She searched through the many clothes and ended up choosing a pair of blue jeans and a black shirt. She managed to find some jet blue sneakers that she hoped would fit her. She removed the blood covered clothes and slipped on the ones she found. They fit her just right, so she ripped the price tags off and slipped on the bag again.

Eve headed to her door, but stopped in her tracks when she saw the monsters staggering in moaning and groaning. Eve gasped and began to run to the back of the store. She looked around trying to find a way out. She found a single door with a metal plate saying “Janitor Closet” screwed to the front. Eve swung the door open and slammed it shut making sure to lock it from the inside. She turned around and turned pale when she saw that she had locked herself in a deathtrap: there was no other way out except the way she came in. Eve was about to open the door, but then she heard banging against it followed by voices saying, “Flesh…Flesh” repeatedly. Eve backed against the wall and fell to her knees as she began to cry.

Eve breathed heavily summoning a pistol into the palm of her hand. She held it at the doorway with hot tears falling from her eyes. If she was going to die, she was going to die fighting. Eve heard the door crack and prepared to pull the trigger, but then suddenly heard a wave of gunshots from the outside making her gasp. Eve pushed against the wall of the closet dropping her gun in shock. Her heart raced as the moaning and groaning outside faded and was replaced by advancing footsteps. Eve was about to summon another pistol into her hand shaking, but the door was suddenly forced open making her lose her concentration. Eve screamed placing her hands over her face in fear.

“There’s someone in here?”

Eve fell silent and dropped her hands from her face. Standing before her weren’t the monsters, but five boys, who looked around their teens, wearing orange clothes and holding different guns. Eve didn’t know who these people were, but all she knew was that they were alive. Eve stood up and embraced the closest boy bursting into tears into his chest.

The boy in Eve’s embrace stared down at her with raised eyebrows. He looked at the others and said, “I guess she’s a survivor.” The boys all nodded. Eve managed to silence her sobs as she released the boy and looked at the boys with a more observant eye.

The boy she was holding before had striking red spiked hair and green eyes. He seemed to be shorter than the others. The boy next to him didn’t quite look like a boy. He looked more like a man, who looked like he had served in the army by the looks of his visible muscles. He had short brown hair and brown eyes with a visible scar on his right cheek. Another boy had a cloth wrapped around his right eye, but his left eye revealed the color of blue. He had shoulder length curled blonde hair. He was also a little taller than the boy with red hair. Another boy wore a green cap, but his long black hair was still noticeable and his eyes were a deep brown, but Eve could have sworn that they seemed to give off a red glitter. The last boy had brown eyes that seemed to look into the soul and short black hair with gray highlights.

Eve wiped away stray tears and said, “I’m glad there are others.” The boys looked at each other and then back at Eve. The boy with the spiked red hair rested his machine gun over his shoulder and asked, “Who are you and how did you survive?”

“My name is Eve.”

“Eve what?” asked the boy with the cloth over his right eye.

“Just Eve.”

“So you’re an orphan?” asked the boy with the green cap.

“You could say that. As for your second question, I survived because I ran and killed as many monsters as I could.”

The boy with the gray highlights smirked and said, “At least she can fight to survive this long.” The other boys nodded.

The boy with the spiked red hair leaned toward Eve making her flinch.

“Do you want to travel with us? You will have a better chance to survive if you do.”

Eve had a look of uneasiness as she looked at the boys. Eve placed her right hand on her left arm and said, “I would be willing to travel with you if you tell me your names.”  The boy with the spiked red hair grinned saying, “Fine.”

The boy with the spiked red hair held a thumb to his chest saying, “My name is David Denzel, nineteen.” David pointed to the boy with the noticeable muscles saying, “His name is Kale Bailey, age fifteen, believe it or not.” Eve’s eyes widened wondering how a young boy could look so much like an older man.  Kale nodded to her saying, “Nice to meet you.” The boy with the green cap flipped his cap higher, so Eve could see his deep brown eyes, and said, “My name is Kohaku Nobu, sixteen.”   The boy with the cloth over his right eye waved at Eve saying, “My name is Adler Edzard, sixteen, young lady.” The last boy with the gray highlights cleared his throat and then said, “My name is Ivan Vitaly, seventeen.”

David placed his machine gun over his shoulder again and said, “You know our names, so do you want to come or not.” Eve gulped and nodded saying, “I’ll come.” David grinned and looked at the others.

“It’ll be nice to have a new face in the group,” stated David. The others, except for Ivan, nodded. Ivan looked behind him at the twitching bodies of the monsters and said, “Glad to have a girl in the group, but we should grab what we can from here before more of the zombies come.”

“That’s using your head, Ivan,” stated Kohaku with a small salute of his right hand. The boys scattered around the store with their guns in hand.

Eve followed Kale feeling that he was the safest bet of survival. Kale glanced back at Eve with his machine gun in hand and asked, “Why are you following me?” Eve blushed and said, “I just wanted to be close to someone.” Kale noticed Eve shaking and smiled.

“Stay close, Eve.”

Eve nodded matching her pace with Kale’s. Kale noticed Eve’s bag and asked, “What do you have in the bag?”

“Some essentials for survival like food and medicine.”

“Do you have guns in there?”

Eve shook her head. Kale sighed and said, “We are in a zombie apocalypse. It would be common knowledge to grab guns.” Eve raised an eyebrow at Kale.

“Zombies, is that what the monsters are called?” asked Eve. Kale smirked.

“Dead bodies are walking around and eating the living, I would call those zombies,” stated Kale. Eve frowned.

“How did this happen?” asked Eve. Kale raised an eyebrow at Eve.

“You don’t know?”

Eve shook her head. Kale frowned as he began to explain.

“It started about two months ago in Keene Island according to what the news said before the zombies invaded the station. Apparently an infected escaped from a facility and attacked a village and after that it began to spread to the world. It reached Genome in a matter of weeks spreading like wild fire.”

Eve gulped and asked, “How did you guys survive than if it was so bad?”

“The others and I were in Genome Detention Center when the outbreak happened. The zombies invaded the Detention Center killing all the officers and prisoners, except for me, David, Ivan, Adler, and Kohaku. We escaped through the vents and managed to grab some guns, while we were at it. We killed as many zombies as we could and finally reached this town after walking for days.”

Kale looked back at Eve and added, “We never thought that we would find a survivor like you.”

Eve clenched her fists as tears began to escape her eyes again.

“I didn’t think I would see others like you either,” stated Eve. Kale smiled and added, “Well, you’re safe now.” Eve nodded wiping her tears away.

Kale and Eve reached the sports’ section that had three zombies staggering around. Kale pulled the trigger of the machine gun releasing an array of bullets into the three zombies sending blood flying. The zombies fell to the ground twitching. Kale walked up to one of the fallen bodies and crushed its head to ensure that it was dead. Kale looked back at Eve saying, “It’s clear.” Eve walked forward, but stopped in her tracks when she saw a zombie with a large bite in its neck and a crooked jaw approaching Kale from behind with its right arm outstretched.


Kale turned around just as the zombie lunged at him. Kale grabbed its shoulders dropping his machine gun trying to push it away as it tried to bite him. Eve ran to Kale summoning a pistol into the palm of her hand and shot a bullet into the zombie’s head. The zombie gasped and collapsed against Kale’s chest. Kale shoved the zombie off and looked at Eve.

“I thought you didn’t have a gun,” stated Kale as he stood up. Eve gulped.


“Don’t explain now. Let’s just grab more guns before more zombies come.”

Eve nodded following Kale. While Kale’s back was turned, five minutes passed and Eve’s pistol vanished. Eve stared at her hands wondering if she should tell her new companions or not about her User ability.

Kale approached the closest gun case and broke it sending shards flying into the case. He grabbed two shotguns and tossed one to Eve.

“You find the bullets, Eve.”

Eve nodded gripping the shotgun. Eve approached the bullets area and was about to break open the case with the shotgun, but a zombie in a patterned shirt suddenly grabbed the barrel of the gun and leaned toward her face saying, “Flesh…” Eve gave out a scream and kicked the zombie away into an opposite shelf. Kale came running and saw the zombie Eve kicked getting up with its arm outstretched toward her. Kale shot the zombie in the head sending it against the shelf. He looked back at Eve and saw more zombies approaching her from her right. Kale was low on bullets and the zombies were increasing.

“Run Eve!” yelled Kale taking off running. Eve ran after him taking the unloaded shotgun with her. Kale and Eve ran until they reached the groceries area. Kale pulled Eve to his side and began to fire at the advancing zombies. Eve was about to summon a weapon, but then she saw David emerge from a grocery aisle running with Kohaku close behind. As they ran, they shot at advancing zombies. From another aisle emerged Adler with an eye patch over his right eye firing at advancing zombies rapidly. To Eve’s surprise, she saw Ivan jumping from the top of the shelves with seriousness in his eyes.

David, Kohaku, and Adler ran to Kale and Eve firing at the zombies, while Ivan remained on the top shelf firing at as many zombies as he could. David glanced at Kale and Eve and said, “Please tell me that you guys managed to get bullets.” Kale shook his head and added, “There wasn’t enough time.” David cursed under his breath. Kale fired at two zombies before his gun began to give out a clicking sound with no bullets coming out.

“I’m out!” stated Kale in a loud voice. David cursed and said, “I’m almost out too.”  Adler frowned lowering his gun.

“I’m out,” stated Adler. Kohaku fired his gun and said, “I have about one round left.” Ivan dropped his gun from the top shelf and said, “I’m done.”

David frowned and said, “I guess this is it.” The others nodded in agreement as the zombies got closer moaning and groaning. Eve looked at the zombies and back at each of the boys. Eve’s eyes grew serious coming to a conclusion. Eve summoned a machine gun and shoved it into Kale’s hand making him gasp.

“Fire now!” ordered Eve. Kale took one look at the machine gun before beginning to fire at the zombies endlessly. Eve summoned three more machine guns and handed them to Adler, David, and Kohaku. Adler, David, and Kohaku began to fire at the zombies filled with confusion. David looked back at Eve and asked, “I thought you didn’t have any bullets let alone more machine guns.” Eve narrowed her eyes and summoned another machine gun into her hand from thin air making David’s eyes widened. Eve fired at five zombies and looked back at David.

“I always have weapons,” stated Eve. Eve ran into the zombies firing at the zombies. She looked back at the boys and said, “We have to get out to survive.” The boys nodded and began to run after Eve. Eve slid to a stop at the shelf Ivan was on and tossed him the machine gun she made. Ivan caught it with wide eyes as Eve summoned a new machine gun into the palm of her hand.

“Let’s go,” called up Eve. Ivan nodded jumping down and firing at the closest zombies. Eve looked back at the others and said, “Fire as much as you want, but the weapons only last for five minutes.”

“What?” exclaimed Kale as his gun began to vanish. Eve summoned a new machine gun and tossed it to Kale. Kale caught it and fired at more zombies as he ran. Eve summoned more machine guns and tossed them to the others before their weapons could vanish. Eve began to sweat as she finally managed to run out of the store with the others close behind.

When they were outside, the streets were covered with zombies. Eve breathed heavily.

“This town was completely empty before, why are there so many now?” asked Eve in disbelief. David fired at three approaching zombies and said, “It was like this when we got here, but the main goal is to get out of here.” Eve nodded.

They began to run through the zombies firing at any zombies that approached them. Ivan’s gun began to vanish making his eyes widened.

“What is this?” asked Ivan in disbelief. Eve summoned a new machine gun into her hand with sweat at the corner of her brow and tossed it to Ivan.

“I told you that it only lasts for five minutes,” gasped Eve. Ivan gulped and asked, “What are you?” Eve smiled and said, “I’ll tell you later.” Eve discarded her weapon summoning a new machine gun into her hand. Eve was about to fire the machine gun, but the zombies before her suddenly burst into flames making her gasp. The boys were equally as shocked as zombies began to burst into flames all around them. The zombies were reduced to ashes and blown by the wind leaving the town completely empty once again.

David looked around with wide eyes as the machine guns in everyone’s hands, except Eve’s, began to vanish.

“What just happened?” muttered David.

They suddenly heard a female’s maniac laugh and looked toward a small shop’s roof. On the roof was a female in a white patient’s gown with the number seventeen tag on her left breast. She was swaying as she laughed. She looked toward them revealing the dry blood streaks from her eyes and on the side of her lips and the bruises on her arms. There was a noticeable bite mark on the right of her neck as she stared at them.

“Who is that?” asked Kohaku his voice nearly cracking. Eve saw the number seventeen on her gown and remembered User number seventeen of the Area 40 Facility.

“Adena?” called up Eve. The User Adena looked toward Eve and began to chuckle.

“Are you here to play? Are you here to burn more targets too?” asked Adena in a fast pace. Adena’s hands burst into flames laughing like a maniac.

David looked at Eve with wide eyes and asked, “Do you know that girl?” Eve clenched her fist.

“I never met her, but I know her name because of the number on her gown.”


Eve nodded and added, “She’s a User, a fire summoner.”

Ivan placed a hand on his forehead and said, “That’s just crazy.”

Adena began to whimper as the fire in her hands decreased.

“There’s no more targets to burn…I don’t want to wait,” whimpered Adena. Adena’s flames suddenly increased as she looked at Eve and the boys with a wide smile revealing her blood stained teeth.

“I won’t wait…”

Eve gasped and looked at the others screaming, “Run!” The boys and Eve took off running as fire burst in different areas barely missing them.

“How is she doing that?” screamed Adler as he ran.

“She’s a fire summoner,” answered Eve.

“I don’t even know what that is?” exclaimed Adler close to tears. Adena laughed like a mad man as flames began to surround the area.


Adena began to talk like a broken record repeating each word. Eve frowned as she leapt to avoid a flame and said, “Adena is no longer alive.” Eve discarded her machine gun as it vanished and summoned a rocket launcher into her hand. She pointed it at Adena just as Adena faced her with crazed eyes.

“Goodbye Adena.”

Eve pulled the trigger sending a rocket at Adena. Before Adena could react, the rocket impaled her through the chest. Adena smiled at Eve as blood ran down her chest.


The rocket exploded engulfing Adena in flames. The flames around the area dispersed as many remnants of Adena showered the roof of the small shop. The boys were breathing heavily as they looked at Eve with wide eyes.

“What are you?” asked David. Eve smiled at the boys dropping the rocket launcher.

“Let’s get more guns and supplies before more zombies come.”

The boys were silent, but they knew Eve was right, so they ran back into the now empty store to gather more guns that wouldn’t vanish in five minutes.

Area 40 Facility

Staff: 90 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Users: 1 (Alive) 2 (Dead) 42 (Unknown)

Genome Detention Center

Staff: 90 (Dead?) 0 (Alive)

Prisoners: 5 (Alive) 50 (Dead?)


About 50,000,000,000 (dead) others (Unknown)


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