Chapter 20: Faction Leaders

Tanpopo picked up her pace down the hall urging Eve and the others to follow. As they walked faster, Chronos suddenly fell forward with a gasp and expected the impact from the floor, but instead felt the soft touch of Eve’s hand supporting him.

“Be careful Chronos,” stated Eve. Chronos nodded muttering his thanks toward Eve, but suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. He immediately separated from Eve and the chill disappeared in a flash. It didn’t take a detective for Chronos to realize that the chill came from one of the boys behind him. He just didn’t know which one.

Eve, on the other hand, was bewildered by Chronos’s sudden separation from her and was about to speak to Chronos about it, but suddenly felt the small hand of Tanpopo grab her own hand making Eve look at her.

“This way, this way,” urged Tanpopo as she tugged on Eve’s hand. Eve giggled as she followed Tanpopo.

Unbeknownst to her, David was heaving out a sigh of relief. In truth, he was the one glaring at Chronos when Eve caught him. David couldn’t really explain it, but he felt the urge to strangle Chronos when he got too close to Eve. He wasn’t that bothered when his companions from the Detention Center got close to her, but with Chronos…it made him feel sour. He just couldn’t explain it.

David snapped out of his thoughts when Tanpopo announced that they have arrived. He looked up with the others and saw the office door that they had entered when first meeting Theo, but this time, he and the others felt a great pressure from within.

Tanpopo frowned stating, “Those bullies are definitely in there.” Tanpopo released Eve’s hand and then stated, “I don’t want to meet them, so I will leave you guys here to see them yourselves.” Eve nodded thanking Tanpopo for her assistance. Tanpopo nodded and then ran off out of sight.

David stepped next to Eve and stated, “Let’s get this over with.” Eve and the others nodded.

David opened the door and was shocked to hear a roaring voice.


David rubbed his ears as he peeked into the room with Eve.

They saw that the room looked the same with Theo sitting at his desk, except that there were three other people: two females and one male. They recognized one of the females as Exodia, but the other female was unfamiliar. She had long black hair in a ponytail and wore a tight leather suit that resembled that of an S & M artist. The male looked to be around his twenties with little muzzle around his chin and cheeks and the clothes he wore was a brown leather jacket with a white skull shirt under and blue jeans with tears. On his hands were brown worker gloves that looked worn out.

Theo finally noticed Eve and the others and stated, “Here they are now.” Eve and the others took those words as a cue to step inside.

The moment they were all inside, Theo stood up from his desk and held his hand to the group saying, “These are the newcomers and as I have mentioned, Chronos is among them.”

The woman in the black leather suit licked his lips as she looked at the group and pulled out a whip that was hanging form her back.

“They look so tasty. I wonder how long they can stand my whip,” stated the woman as she lashed her whip on the ground creating dent on the floor. Eve gulped realizing that this woman was Abeera, User number 12, the whip enhancer. Eve stepped back slightly with her form shaking, but sighed in relief when she felt David holding her hand.

The man, on the other hand, focused his gaze on Chronos, who still had his eyes closed, and chuckled saying, “I see that Chronos still won’t look at people directly.”

Exodia scoffed saying, “That’s a given.” Exodia then looked at the man saying, “Do you want Chronos announcing your secrets, Askook?” The man Askook sneered, while Eve flinched at the sound of his name.

User number 13, the poison touch.

Eve shook her head trying to keep her emotions in check.

Theo introduced the three Users to the group. These three Users plus Theo were the gathered leaders of the factions of this town.

Theo looked at the other three Users and stated, “As always, we give the newcomers their choice of where they want to stay.” The other three Users nodded, but David immediately stepped forward standing in front of Eve and stated, “We already decided to stay here, so there is no need for us to make new choices.” Eve and the others nodded.

Exodia chuckled leaning against the wall and asked, “Is that really wise? I can see that you are strong men, so being in a weakling faction like this is boring right?”

David shook his head saying, “We are strong in our own ways, but we don’t like how your faction was described, so we pass.” Exodia frowned this time and then looked toward Eve and smirked.

“Oh I see, you are staying in this faction because the little girl wants protection right.”

David immediately stood in front of Eve refusing to let Exodia stare at her.

“She seemed weak,” commented Exodia. David smirked and stated, “I can assure you that Eve is strong.” Exodia just sneered and turned away saying, “You can keep them Theo.” Theo nodded and then looked at Askook and Abeera saying, “Do you respect their choice to stay here?”

Abeera frowned saying, “I really wanted some new toys.” Abeera suddenly focused her gaze on Kale making him flinch and added, “That big one would have been fun to whip.” Abeera licked her lips with a blush on her cheek. Kale flinched at her words and stood ducked behind Kohaku trying to avoid her lustful gaze.

Askook shrugged saying, “I don’t really care.” Even though Askook said this, David noticed that Askook was staring intensely at Chronos.

Theo gave another nod and stated, “Now that they already decided, I think it is time for you three to leave my faction quarters.” Theo gave them a quick glare as if demanding them to leave. Exodia shrugged saying, “I don’t want to stay in this weakling gathering dome another minute.” Exodia strolled toward the door, but took a quick glance at David and Eve and smirked whispering, “I hope we meet again.”

When Exodia was out the door, Abeera began to walk out, but she suddenly lashed her whip toward Kale, who immediately grabbed a chair with one hand to block the attack, only for the chair to shatter when the whip came into contact with it.

“ABEERA!” roared Theo. Abeera giggled in delight as she pulled her whip back to her and stated, “It was just a test, Theo. I really want the whip to connect with his soft looking skin, but I guess his reflexes are top notch.” Abeera licked her lips again as she stared at Kale. Kale shivered in disgust averting his gaze from her.

Abeera then left their sight with a cackle.

Askook also began to leave, but then stopped next to the group looking at Chronos.

“I’m a User like you…a User that understands your power, so you can come join my faction.”

Chronos shook his head and managed to grab Eve’s hand saying, “I rather stay here.” Askook frowned and stated, “Have it your way.” Before he walked off, he took another glance at Chronos, but also at Eve, who stared back at him. Askook turned away and then walked off out of sight.

Theo sighed in relief and then looked at the group saying, “I’m really glad you guys decided to stay here.”

David looked at Theo with seriousness in his eyes and stated, “We will only stay for a week and then we will leave.”

“That is fine,” stated Theo with a smile and then allowed the group to leave.

As they were leaving her read each of their minds one by one.

I don’t want to meet that whip girl again.-Kale

Great, more crazies.-Kohaku

David sure is close to Eve.-Ivan

I’m so glad none of those Users noticed Eve’s attire.-Adler

I refuse to leave Eve’s side.-Chronos

This is only for a week.-David


Once again, Eve’s mind couldn’t be read. Theo just couldn’t understand it. He could read anyone’s mind, but Eve’s mind was sealed. It was like there was a lock on it.

When the door closed behind the group, Theo smiled as he sat on his desk.

“I’m glad that girl decided to stay. She’s a mystery I want to open.”

Area 40 Facility

Staff: 90 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Users: 8 (Alive) 8 (Dead) 29 (Unknown)

Genome Detention Center

Staff: 90 (Dead?) 0 (Alive)

Prisoners: 5 (Alive) 50 (Dead?)


Staff: 50 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Students: 2 (Alive) 140 (Dead)

Earth Dome Faction

Members: 70 (Alive) 0 (Dead)


About 50,000,000,000 (dead) others (Unknown)

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