Chapter 23: Theo’s Infatuation

In the main office, Theo was looking over the supply list for the Earth Dome with an observant eye. Theo frowned when he noticed the food statistics.

“Looks like we need to go scavenge for more food.”

Theo made a note to select a party to scavenge for more supplies and then reached into his desk for another page filled with supply statistics. As he pulled the sheet out, he suddenly heard a loud knock on his door. Theo sighed putting the papers on his desk away and then stated, “Come in.”

Theo’s office door opened revealing Kale followed by Chronos and Eve. Theo smiled at the group asking what they needed.

Kale closed the door behind them and stated, “We wanted to inform you that two of those User leaders tried to kidnap Chronos and me.”

“You serious?” asked Theo with doubt in his voice. Kale nodded and added, “It happened near one of the stadium exits. You should put more security in that area.”

Theo nodded making note that he would do so, but as he wrote down this note he noticed that Eve was fidgeting and asked, “Is there something else?” Kale nodded and glanced at Eve saying, “She can tell you.” Eve nodded and then stepped forward with a nervous look.

“I’ve been lying about Chronos being the only User in our group.”

“Really? Does that mean there is another User in your group?”

Eve nodded and then held out her right hand. Light began to form in her hand and expand and when the light seemed almost blinding, she gripped it making the light burst and revealed an Uzi gun that looked brand new.

“I am the User. I have the power to summon any weapon I am familiar with, but it will only last for five minutes.”

Theo stared wide eyed at the gun and then smiled asking, “That is quite the power, but why did you decide to tell me now?”

“I revealed my power to those intruders, so you would have figured it out sooner or later.”

“That’s true,” stated Theo and then stood up from his chair saying, “Can you tell me exactly which leaders broke into this dome?”

“Askook and Abeera.”

“I will have to have a small meeting with them to remind them of the rules, but I am glad that it is them and not Exodia.”


“You are aware the Exodia loves strength and I can tell you that she would have taken an interest in you to the point of wanting to kidnap you too,” stated Theo and then added, “That is against the rules, but there can be some difficulties in keeping them in check.”

Theo pulled out what looked like a spray bottle from his desk and then approached Eve. He held the bottle to her and stated, “This is an Air Horn. If you three are in any danger again then just activate it.” Eve nodded taking the device from Theo’s hands.

Theo suddenly grabbed Eve’s wrist and asked, “Weapon summoning is your only power correct?” Eve nodded and added, “Users only have one power granted to them.” Theo chuckled and released Eve’s wrist and stated, “Just to be on the safe side, make sure you are in an area with people.” The group nodded and was dismissed by Theo.

The moment they were gone, Theo smirked and sat back down on his desk.

“Weapon summoning…I know about that User.”

Theo was one of the few Users that knew of User 45, a User that was deemed too dangerous to be near other Users. He was also one of the few that attempted to see this User. He had one time, when he was fourteen, snuck into the area of the forbidden Users and tried to peek into her room. At the time, Eve was six and was still struggling to control her power to summon weapons. From the window he saw her summon a gun, but the gun immediately went off and began to fire rapidly around the room to the point, Eve had to scurry under her bed in fear. Theo saw this display and chuckled at the sight. He found the young girl cute, but he saw how she was dangerous if her summoned weapons began to attack without warning. He only saw her already long black hair from the back, but he never got to see her face, especially since one of the doctors caught him and brought him back to his room to train his power. Ever since that day and even when the zombie invasion happened he yearned to see that young girl’s face.

The zombie invasion, he also remembered that day. On that day, he was running with other Users, but as he ran he noticed that they were disappearing one by one. He didn’t have time to think where they might have disappeared to because his only thought was trying to rescue User 45. He hadn’t seen her in years since the doctors placed more security around her room, but now with this undead invasion on the facility, the room of User 45 was now a death trap. Theo made it his goal to rescue her, but as he approached the area, he saw a swarm of zombies already in the area tearing the flesh of the staff and guards that were there. Theo had to prevent himself from vomiting in disgust.

Theo managed to slip through the zombies and the moment he saw User 45’s room, he heard a maniacal chuckle and then found himself standing in a desert. Theo was no fool and realized that he was teleported because of Bishoy, User 10 with the power to teleport, but he didn’t understand why Bishoy would do such a thing. Even though Theo escaped the zombie infested facility, he was not able to save User 45. Theo remembered that on that day, he wept for hours.

Ever since that day, he thought that User 45 died in that facility or was teleported by Bishoy. He now knew that User 45 was teleported and the User was Eve. After all those years, he was finally able to see her face and she was as beautiful as he had imagined her. Just thinking about Eve made him smile.

There was one puzzling thing though: he still could not read her mind. Her power of weapon summoning should not interfere with his power of reading minds. He suspected that she might have another power, but Users only have ONE power when they are born.

Theo was thinking of this and then remembered Exodia’s sadistic smirk and clenched his fist. Eve was strong with that power and Exodia would notice that if she knew and Exodia would do anything to get Eve if that was the case. Theo would not allow that. He would protect Eve.

It then dawned on him that David mentioned that they would be leaving in a week and that meant that Eve would be going far from him. He also couldn’t allow that. Not when he finally got to see the face of HIS User 45.

“I have to make them stay…no, I have to make User 45 stay.”

Theo seemed possessed as he began to come up with a plan to make User 45 stay in the dome…to make HIS User 45 stay by his side.

Area 40 Facility

Staff: 90 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Users: 8 (Alive) 8 (Dead) 29 (Unknown)

Genome Detention Center

Staff: 90 (Dead?) 0 (Alive)

Prisoners: 5 (Alive) 50 (Dead?)


Staff: 50 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Students: 2 (Alive) 140 (Dead)

Earth Dome Faction

Members: 70 (Alive) 0 (Dead)


About 50,000,000,000 (dead) others (Unknown)

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