Chapter 33: Strong Faction’s Test Once Again

David, Adler, Kale, Chronos, Ivan, Kohaku, and Kenji made their way into the school building, but as they walked, they noticed that the men part of the Strong faction were holding different weapons, prepared to fight, if necessary. David held his hand gun on his side glaring at the members, daring them to attack.

The tension was high, but it seemed to lower when a familiar laugh of a female echoed in the halls. They all looked forward only to see Exodia standing before them with her hands on her hips and a sarcastic smirk on her lips.

Kenji stepped before the group meeting gazes with Exodia.

“Hello, Exodia.”

“Kenji,” Exodia said in a purr like voice, “So you finally came even after rejecting my offer again yesterday.”

“I thought about it and decided that I needed to come here.”

“I’m glad to hear, you are welcome to join.”

Kenji chuckled stating, “I didn’t come to join.” Exodia’s lips slightly twitched in displeasure and then asked, “So why come?”

Before Kenji could answer, David yelled, “We came to get back Eve!”

“Eve…oh yes, my new friend. I’m afraid that you will not see her.”

“You Bit…”

“Unless you go through a test.”

“A test?” David muttered, but then noticed the uneasiness in Kenji’s face and asked, “Do you know what test she is talking about?” Kenji nodded.

“There is only one test here…the initiation,” stated Kenji, but his eyes suddenly widened and screamed, “Did you put Eve through the same test?” Exodia’s smirk was enough of an answer to Kenji. Kenji pulled out his pistol glaring at Exodia.


“Safe…for now, so I advise you Kenji to lower your gun, you know better than to point bullets at me.”

Kenji’s hand shook before he lowered his gun.

Exodia giggled tossing her hair behind her back as she spoke.

“As I was saying, you won’t see my dear Eve, unless you take the test and pass. Will you agree or will my men have to cause you pain?”

David noticed that the men raised their weapons and knew that even with the guns of his companions they were greatly outnumbered and Exodia’s power to control metal didn’t make the situation any better. He already knew that their choice was made if they wanted to see Eve.

“We’ll take the test.”

The others nodded in agreement. Kenji also nodded, but with gritted teeth as his form shivered in anger.

Exodia giggled saying, “You made the right choice and stood in the right place.” Exodia suddenly waved her hand. At the same time, the floor under David and the others opened wide like a monster’s jaws and swallowed them into the ground.

Exodia giggled nonstop with the same sadistic smirk on her lips. It was as if her sanity had left her completely at that very moment.

Meanwhile, Eve and Gene explored the metal maze that was in the process of shifting once again to create new paths and new dead ends. Eve and Gene aimed at the dead ends hoping it led to an outside wall, but when Eve cut it down with a saber it always led to another path nowhere close to a wall. After entering a new path, Gene hung his head with sweat on his brow.

“This is impossible,” muttered Gene, but lifted his head when Eve tugged his arm saying, “We need to keep moving. We can’t give up now.” Gene nodded, but still had exhaustion sketched on his face.

They followed the new path, but the maze suddenly began to warp. Gene cursed under his breath saying, “It is changing too fast. The only time it ever did this was during that inhumane test.”

“Inhumane test…you mean the initiation?”

Gene nodded pressing a hand against his sweat covered forehead.

“I don’t know who is going through the test now, but let’s just hope that they survive.”

Eve nodded feeling her heart race in anxiety wondering who was going through the test, but her thoughts were interrupted when the floor under Gene and her formed a crack before expanding into a large ridged hole. Eve and Gene could only scream as they rushed into the darkness below.

At the same time Eve and Gene were falling to who knows where, David and the others were firing their guns as they fought the oncoming zombies. The zombies were covered in gashes and dried blood, but some looked fresh giving the surroundings the smell of road kill. Just the smell alone nearly made them gag, but they continued to run to get ahead of the zombies that craved for their flesh.

David fired a round into a long haired zombie’s head and then faced his companions asking if they were all right.

Adler was the only one to answer as he grabbed a zombie by the head before shoving the barrel of his pistol into its mouth and pulling the trigger sending brain debris flying out from the back of the head.

“Doing fine here and seeing that the others are still shooting, I would say that they are still alive too!”

David nodded in acknowledgement before firing at two zombies in the neck and head. David stepped back, but suddenly heard Kenji scream followed by splashing water. When he looked over his shoulder, he saw the zombies about to swarm Kenji, who had obviously fallen into the murky water of the sewer. David immediately tossed Kenji an extra gun from his bag saying, “Catch.”

Kenji caught the pistol, but instead of firing it, he used it to whip one of the zombies in the face sending a tooth with rotted flesh flying out and then punched it in the chin sending it crashing into another zombie that gave out a groan before collapsing on the ground. He then shot to his feet and round kicked three zombies around the hip. The force of the kick was so strong that the zombies’ bones shattered at contact making them crumble to the ground.

Kenji stepped away from the rotting flesh as he adjusted the pistol in his hand and then smirked at David saying, “Thanks for the gun.”

“No problem…you fight pretty well.”

Kenji chuckled as he fired at two zombies in the eye like a gunslinger and then stepped on a zombie that was crawling to him covering his shoe with bloody rotted flesh.

“That’s the reason why Exodia wanted me in her Faction.”

Kenji leapt at the zombies using the handle of the pistol as a hammer before shooting some zombies in the forehead.

David had to admit that Kenji’s skills were impressive, but he had no time to admire the skills of Kenji when he heard the familiar scream of Chronos.

David immediately ran to Chronos’s aid, pulling him from the clawing zombies that crawled in the water like slugs. The pull of David was so hard that Chronos opened his eyes and stared at one of the zombies trying to grab his pant leg.

“Pickpocket, she’s a pickpocket!”

“Don’t yell out zombie secrets!” David scolded as he kicked the zombie away and covered Chronos’s eyes. David slung Chronos over his shoulder and looked at the others as they fought the zombies and stated, “Move out!” After a few shots, the group was running down the tunnel once again creating the echo of their footsteps.

As they ran in the sewer tunnel that reeked of the death, the zombies seemed to grow less confusing the group, especially Kenji. Kenji glanced over his shoulder at the few zombies that still remained limping toward them and stated, “There’s no way the number decreased this much. I remember that there were hundreds the last time I was in here.”

“Maybe they died off,” stated Kohaku as he once again adjusted his hat.

“Like that would happen,” stated Adler with a sarcastic tone rubbing off the blood on his cheek.

David approached Kenji and asked, “Do you have any ideas why the numbers of the zombies would decrease?”

“I don’t, but this is good. We can find our way out easily this way,” stated Kenji as he held his pistol in firing position.

David watched Kenji as he walked cautiously and began to follow gesturing the others to do the same. As David walked, he heard Chronos whimper against his shoulder. David sighed and placed Chronos back on the ground saying, “Try to stay close and no yelling out past secrets if you need to open your eyes.” Chronos nodded gripping the back of David.

“You’re short, but you had the strength to carry me.”

“…Do you want me to leave you behind?”

“Sorry,” muttered Chronos with a whimper wondering how he offended David.

They continued to walk down the almost empty tunnel, but Kenji suddenly stopped in his tracks with narrowed eyes and then glanced at David asking, “Do you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

David and the others tried to locate any sound, but it was all silent, but after a few more silent moments a whistling sound began to ring through the tunnel.


They all fell to the ground as a blob of flesh collided behind them and burst into green covered steam. The smell of the steam was like road kill and the burst flesh resembled that of puss.

“Where did that come from?” David muttered, but his question was soon answered when he heard laughing down the tunnel. In the distance they all saw what looked like an orb of flesh with tangled strand of hair growing out of it like a parasite. It oozed out a puss like substance nearly making them vomit at the sight. At the very top was the torso of a woman around her mid-twenties smirking at them with one eye sewed shut and the other a gapping black void with dry blood all around it.

“I can smell it…fresh bodies ready…for the picking.”

            A puss like substance was fired at them from the orb of flesh making them scatter in different directions. The substance burst sending the puss like substance firing in all directions of the tunnel. They managed to avoid the substance, but a part of it landed on the tip of Kohaku’s shoe. The tip of the shoe melted like acid and slowly crawled up the shoe, but Kohaku kicked the shoe off letting it dissolve into nothing.

“Don’t let the puss touch you!” Kohaku yelled out as he dashed away from the eroding substance.

The others managed to jump over any puss that was near them and opened fire at the woman, but the orb of flesh changed shape, shielding her from the flying bullets.

Kenji cursed under his breath saying, “She’s a Jogus.”

“A User Zombie…SHIT!”

David fired a few bullets, before facing Chronos and asked, “Do you know what User she is?” Chronos opened his eyes to see the User, before shutting them with a whimper.

“Her name is Leda, User number 11. She has the power to make Chimeras.”


“To bind any living substance together to make something new.”

With those words alone, they all realized that the Jogus before them had combined the zombies in the tunnel to make her new body, but the problem was how to defeat this monster.

David fired another round that was blocked by the steel like flesh and then shook his head saying, “This is not working.” With that said, He grabbed Chronos and began to run back ordering the others to follow.

“Won’t…won’t…WON’T LET YOU ESCAPE!”

            The Jogus began to rush toward them clawing at the tunnel ground with her wrinkled arms, while also dragging the massive flesh that was now her lower body.

“Faster!” screamed Adler as he dashed as fast as he could, but tripped sending him into the murky water face first. David cursed under his breath ordering the others to run as he dashed back for Adler, while also tossing the screaming Chronos to Kale.

The moment David reached Adler, the Jogus was just inches away from them with her mouth beginning to unhinge like a snakes.


            David drew his gun ready to fire, but suddenly heard a rumble from above and instead picked up Adler and leapt back just as the ceiling of the tunnel above the Jogus crumbled and sent heavy broken cement falling on the Jogus. The Jogus cried out as the cement continued to fall on her.

David stared wide eyed as did the others that stopped in their tracks as the rocks began to slow down on their descent, but David suddenly noticed something with long black hair falling with the rocks. He immediately placed Adler down and rushed up the mountain of crumbled cement, his sight not leaving the black hair getting closer. He reached out his arms and felt a light figure fill in his arms.

As the dust began to settle, David smiled when he saw the familiar face of his companion.


Area 40 Facility

Staff: 89 (Dead?) 1 (Alive)

Users: 8 (Alive) 9 (Dead) 28 (Unknown)

Genome Detention Center

Staff: 90 (Dead?) 0 (Alive)

Prisoners: 5 (Alive) 50 (Dead?)


Staff: 50 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Students: 2 (Alive) 140 (Dead)

Earth Dome Faction

Members: 70 (Alive) 0 (Dead)

Strong Faction

Members: 71 (Alive) 0 (Dead)


About 50,000,000,000 (dead) others (Unknown)


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