Chapter 35: Reunited

David was filled with relief as he cradled Eve’s unconscious form in his arms. He could hear the others calling out his name, but his mind was on Eve.

“Eve…Eve…wake up.”

Eve only groaned before pressing her head against his shoulder. David could only chuckle before he stepped down from the rubble.

Ivan was the first to reach David asking, “Are you OK?” David nodded and showed Eve saying, “Look who I found.”

“…Eve? Where did she come from?”

“She literally fell from above.”

“…That’s corny dude.”

“Give me some credit for trying,” stated David with a chuckle. Eve groaned in her sleep, but showed no sign of awakening as David finally joined the others with Ivan by his side.

“Is that really Eve?” asked Adler with a smile of relief on his face. David nodded, but when Adler offered to hold Eve, he sent him a glare making Adler grumble that David was being a jerk.

As the others began to ask if Eve was well, Kenji watched from a distance with his gun still in his hand. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he gazed at Eve’s sleeping form. He couldn’t believe that Eve was there when they were trying so hard to return to the Strong Faction to find her. He also…couldn’t believe that she was in another man’s arms. Kenji clenched his gun as he began to lift it slowly taking aim at David’s forehead, but at the last moment, redirected his shot at the extended rotted arm from under the rubble sending a bullet flying into the flesh.

A loud cry of pain echoed from beneath the rubble as David and the others jumped off and ran to Kenji’s side, not realizing that he had pointed his gun at David not too long ago.

“Is that thing still alive?” asked David with annoyance in his voice. Kenji reloaded his gun with the few bullets he had left saying, “Jogus like this one are impossible to kill with normal means.”

“What do you mean by that?” asked Kohaku as he adjusted his hat.

“Since the first appearance of a Jogus, there has been no known method to kill them. I actually haven’t heard of a Jogus being killed.”

“That’s bullshit,” exclaimed Adler, “We managed to kill a few ourselves before reaching this town.”

Kenji’s eyes widened asking, “Is that true? That can’t be…how did you kill a Jogus?”

“Running a lot and shooting?” stated Adler, realizing that they never kept track on how they killed User zombies.

Kenji cocked his gun and placed the loaded gun in Adler’s hand saying, “If what you say is true then kill that Jogus now before she finds a way out of the rubble.” Adler nodded, but then suddenly faced the others asking, “Does anyone else want to take the kill?” David, Kohaku, Ivan, Kale, and Chronos shook their head making Adler sigh before approaching the Jogus that managed to struggle her head from the rubble.


Adler gulped pointing the gun at her head.

“Time to die…OH MY GOD!”

Adler was forced to dodge to the side when the Jogus, Leda, spat out acid from her lips. The acid collided onto the ground sizzling.

Adler ran back to the others saying, “Someone else kill it!”

“Your courage astounds me,” muttered David, wondering where Adler’s courage through this journey disappeared to. Adler only whimpered in reply saying, “That zombie is way too creepy for me.”

“…And the other zombies you fought don’t creep you out?”


Adler turned away from David and dumped the gun back into Kenji’s hand saying, “We really did kill User zombies.” Kenji rolled his eyes and then looked at David asking, “Is he telling the truth because I doubt you guys fought real Joguses.”

“We did kill some, but…”

David glanced down at Eve saying, “She mostly did the finishing blow.”

“So Eve killed Joguses?”

David nodded and suddenly felt Eve groan. He looked down at her and saw her open her eyes.


Eve looked at David and smiled saying, “I knew you would come.” David smiled saying, “Of course.” Eve’s eyes suddenly widened and looked around.

“Where’s Gene?”


“He was a worker at the Facility. He should have been with me.”

Eve practically leapt from David’s arms as she searched around only to gasp when she saw Leda staring at her with a sneer from under the rubble.

“Isn’t that Leda?”

“So you know her?” David asked. Eve nodded and stated, “I read her file back in the Facility. She’s User number 11, Chimera Maker.”

“We know…Chronos told us.”

Eve looked at the others asking, “Did she do something to Gene?”

“Eve, you were the only one who fell down here. There was no one else,” stated David, wondering who this Gene person was.

Eve became bewildered wondering where Gene could be, but then she flinched when Leda suddenly screamed, “MINE!”

Eve looked back at Leda and then back at the others asking, “Do you know of a way out of here?”

Kenji nodded saying, “The hole where you fell from might have a way out.” Eve nodded and then faced the Jogus summoning a pistol in her hand. She aimed the pistol at Leda saying, “I’m sorry, but I can’t risk you hurting my friends.”

Eve pulled the trigger sending the bullet flying toward Leda. As the bullet began to bury itself in her forehead, Leda showed a smile saying, “Thanks.” Blood burst from around Leda’s head. Leda choked before falling limp on the ground. Eve felt a tear escape her eye as she dropped her pistol and ran to David with a whimper.

David held Eve and then looked at Kenji, who seemed to be in shock.

“As you can see, Eve killed a User Zombie.”


Kenji seemed ready to question Eve, but stopped his words when he saw that the others had already headed to the rubble.

“Let’s get out of here,” stated Kohaku as he pulled out some rope from his bag. All of them nodded and headed to the top of the rubble.

Eve followed close behind, while holding David’s leading hand. Unknown to her, Kenji was staring at her filled with questions like “How was she able to kill a Jogus?” and “Where was she this entire time?” He especially wanted to ask her “Why was she holding David’s hand and not his?” Kenji felt like shooting David, but Eve was in the way and she was the one person he didn’t want to shoot, so he reluctantly released his gun and continued to ascend the rubble.

Unknown to Kenji, Chronos happened to see Kenji when he reached for his gun, but he also saw a glimpse of Kenji’s past once again. This time he saw Kenji when he met Exodia in the Strong Base way before he met Eve.

Exodia chuckled as she traced his finger along his jawline as he faced her in what appeared to be the principal’s office.

“Kenji, are you absolutely sure that you don’t want to join my faction?”


“Be serious, Kenji. Tanpopo is not worth your time.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“I was in the same facility as her and she is such a brat.”

“I still choose to join the Faction in the Earth Dome.”

“…Very foolish…she can’t fill the void you feel, you know.”

“…She will have to do, until I find the perfect girl.”

“So I’m not perfect?”

“You never will be.”

“Fool, I pity the girl you find perfect,” stated Exodia and then added with a smirk, “If you do find her, then lock her up tight or she will run from you.”

“Run?” Kenji smirked adding, “I would break her legs before I ever let her run.”

Exodia laughed hysterically as Kenji finally left her sight.

Chronos closed his eyes with sweat running down his face. Seeing that vision, he realized that Kenji saw Eve as the perfect girl, but he feared for Eve’s safety remembering the fear he felt when he saw the smirk on Kenji’s face.

Never…we should never let Eve be alone with him.

Chronos turned away from Kenji and joined the others at the top of the rubble hoping to escape.

Area 40 Facility

Staff: 89 (Dead?) 1 (Alive)

Users: 8 (Alive) 9 (Dead) 28 (Unknown)

Genome Detention Center

Staff: 90 (Dead?) 0 (Alive)

Prisoners: 5 (Alive) 50 (Dead?)


Staff: 50 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Students: 2 (Alive) 140 (Dead)

Earth Dome Faction

Members: 70 (Alive) 0 (Dead)

Strong Faction

Members: 71 (Alive) 0 (Dead)


About 50,000,000,000 (dead) others (Unknown)

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