Chapter 37: Dr. Ciel’s Lab

In the User Facility of Genome, there was a doctor named Doctor Eliza Ciel, who was known as one of the greatest scholars in Genome, since the discovery of Users. She was so knowledgeable in all information concerning chemistry and the like to the point she was mistaken as a User more than once, but considering that her mother did not die giving birth to her the Agni Gene was not present in her blood and therefore her acknowledgement as one of the best in Genome was well deserved. She accepted the position in the Facility to increase her research on the creation of Users and how the powers were selected, but sadly her research was put on hold when the zombie invasion occurred. She was one of the few lucky ones to escape thanks to being transported to the underground lab by Bishoy.

Currently, this genius doctor was before Eve and her group beaming with excitement. Dr. Ciel immediately circled the group taking note of their features and then frowned saying, “I don’t recognize any of these men or should I call you boys since you are so young.”

“Well we don’t work in the facility,” stated David as he inched away from the observing eye of Dr. Ciel.

“Is that so…wait, I RECOGNIZE SOME OF YOU NOW!”

Dr. Ciel’s sudden outburst made them grow bewildered, but changed to interest as she pointed at some of them with a spark in her eye.

“I haven’t met you, but I have seen your faces on TV during my break times. Let’s start with Shorty here…”


“David Denzel, age fifteen at the time the news was recorded, was arrested at Genome National Airport for breaking the neck of Mr. Johnathan Hardford, a well-known gentleman in the business circle. He was a minor, so he was sent to the detention center, but would be sent to a more secure jail when he reaches the age of twenty.”

David frowned with clenched fists and stated, “That well-known gentleman was a snake.”

“I am aware, since the news later reported that he was laundering money from his company to an offshore account and he wanted to use your passport to make it seem that a foreigner (you), was the culprit of the missing money.”

All eyes fell on David as he looked away from Dr. Ciel mentioning that the information was correct and it was one of the reasons why his sentence was so lenient on him.

Dr. Ciel then moved her focus to Kale saying, “As for the tall boy there…”

“Tall boy?”

“Kale Bailey, age 13 at the time the news was recorded, was arrested when it was discovered that he was the arsonist that burned the residence of top billionaire, Martha George. Very much a minor, so he was sent to the detention center and given a sentence of ten years.”

Kale frowned saying, “She deserved to be burned.”

“I agree, since it was discovered that Martha George had been kidnapping children and burning away evidence when she saw fit.”

Kale looked down his form slightly shaking.

Chronos heard Kale curse under his breath and realized that this Martha George had something to do with the children he couldn’t save back in May, but considering that Kale already seemed shaken, Chronos decided to keep silent.

Dr. Ciel then pointed toward Kohaku, but before she could say anything, Kohaku pointed the tip of the broken broom at her neck saying, “If you know what’s good for you, you will stop talking about our pasts. We already get annoyed with Chronos doing that.”

Dr. Ciel chuckled as she lowered her finger and said, “I was just saying what I heard on the news, but I will respect your wishes, Kohaku Nobu.” Kohaku clicked his tongue as he lowered the broom.

When everything seemed to settle down, Dr. Ciel looked at Eve and Chronos and asked, “So why are you two here with this group of misfits?”

“They saved us,” Eve answered with a smile. Chronos nodded in agreement. Dr. Ciel smiled placing hand under her chin.

“So these misfits or should I say heroes saved you two…I’ll trust them then.”

Dr. Ciel approached the group once again saying, “Thank you for helping those two Users. Users are hard to find after all.” Dr. Ciel then patted the top of Chronos’s head adding, “I am also impressed that they have lived this long too.” She directed her gaze toward Eve adding, “Especially since this one was locked up in an isolated unit.”


“You boys have been with User 45 long enough to know how dangerous her power is. When she was younger, weapons materialized like crazy and wounded quite a lot of the staff,” stated Dr. Ciel, before patting Eve’s head, “At least she has her power under control, even without that medicine of mine.”

Dr. Ciel smiled at Eve, before her smile faded as her gaze landed on the destroyed floor.

“User 9 seems to have escaped.”

“You knew he was in there?” asked Eve. Dr. Ciel nodded saying, “I did see him run in there before he changed.” Dr. Ciel sighed running her hand through her hair.

“I was hoping I could find a way to help him, since he did help me escape from the facility.”

David approached Dr. Ciel asking, “How did you two end up down here?”

“Same as you guys I guess. User 10 teleported us together and I am pretty sure the other Users and surviving staff members were also teleported.”

“Surviving staff,” Eve muttered, remembering that she did meet another staff survivor, Gene. Eve looked at Dr. Ciel asking, “Before you came in here, did you see another staff member? His name is Gene.”

“Gene? I haven’t seen him since the attack on the facility. I thought he died.”

Eve sighed realizing that Gene was still missing. She wondered if maybe during the fall, he was killed. Just the thought made her shake with guilt, but her shaking seized when she felt the gentle hold of David’s hand on hers.

“We’ll find him,” whispered David making Eve smile with gratefulness.

Dr. Ciel suddenly clapped her hands gathering attention to herself and said, “No use standing around here. How about you boys help me find a new exit?”

“New exit?”

Dr. Ciel nodded before pointing toward the blocked wall where she had originally came in from saying, “Unless you want to fight through those corpses that so happily followed me.”

The wall shook as the groaning on the other side increased. It didn’t take a genius to realize that the blocked entrance wasn’t an option of escape and the hole where they entered from below was also not an option.

David looked at Dr. Ciel and asked, “Was that door you came through the only entrance to this lab?” Dr. Ciel nodded as she began to clean her glasses.

“I’ve searched this room many times and I have never found any other way out, but I’ve only been here for about a week, so maybe there is another way. Who knows?”

David sighed and then looked at the others saying, “Let’s look around again and avoid touching that shelf.” David pointed to the shelf that blocked the wall entrance making his point clear.

They once again searched the lab, but Dr. Ciel grabbed Eve and Chronos by the arms and pulled them to a lab table; and looked to the others saying, “I need to speak with the Users, so you boys continue searching.” With those words, Dr. Ciel sat Eve and Chronos down, while the others scanned the walls, while making sure that Dr. Ciel wasn’t doing anything suspicious to Eve and Chronos.

Dr. Ciel sat in front of Eve and Chronos with her hands folded under her chin and asked, “So how was the journey so far?”

“…Dangerous,” Eve answered in a meek voice. Chronos nodded in agreement.

“I see, but have there been any changes in your powers like an evolution?”

Eve and Chronos shook their heads. Dr. Ciel sighed with an obvious disappointed look.

“I was hoping for something new to happen, since Users like you never venture out of the facility,” stated Dr. Ciel, but then she suddenly smirked and asked, “Have you two procreated anytime during this journey?”

Chronos instantly turned red, while Eve tilted her head to the side asking, “What does that mean?”

“Oh dear, I forgot that you didn’t get the ‘TALK’ yet, since you were still considered young in the facility.”

Eve perked up saying, “I know about the ‘TALK,’ since Kenji already told me, but what does that have to do with pro…”

Eve instantly felt her face heat up as she pressed her hands against her cheeks with embarrassment.

“Chronos and I would never…”

“Eve and I aren’t like that! I haven’t even seen her face…maybe…NO! NEVER!”

Dr. Ciel crossed her arms in a pout saying, “Pity…I thought I would get some information about how Users procreate.”

“Please stop,” Chronos and Eve muttered with their faces still red. Dr. Ciel laughed in amusement, but the others, who happened to hear the conversation felt that the doctor was really out of the ordinary.

“At least Chronos denied it,” stated Adler with relief in his voice, even though he knew that Chronos would not have done anything to Eve.

Dr. Ciel suddenly looked thoughtful as she placed a finger under her chin with a smile forming on her lips.

“Now that I think about it, I wonder how dear User 8 is going to get back here.”

“User 8…you mean Arachne is here too?” asked Eve with wide eyes. Dr. Ciel nodded, but then a knocking on the ceiling made all of them stop what they were doing and glance up. Dr. Ciel chuckled saying, “Looks like User 8 made it here after all.”

One of the panels on the ceiling opened up revealing a woman around her twenties wearing a patient’s uniform, but what made her stand out was that her pupils were doubled and her hair was tangled with red and black. She looked down into the lab and smiled revealing fangs in her mouth.

“Dr. Ciel, I see you made it.”

“Of course.”

Eve stared at the woman focusing on the number tag on her shirt.

Arachne, User number 8: the features and power of a spider.

Area 40 Facility

Staff: 88 (Dead?) 2 (Alive)

Users: 9 (Alive) 10 (Dead) 26 (Unknown)

Genome Detention Center

Staff: 90 (Dead?) 0 (Alive)

Prisoners: 5 (Alive) 50 (Dead?)


Staff: 50 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Students: 2 (Alive) 140 (Dead)

Earth Dome Faction

Members: 70 (Alive) 0 (Dead)

Strong Faction

Members: 71 (Alive?) 0 (Dead?)


About 50,000,000,000 (dead) others (Unknown)

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