Chapter 4: Daybreak

Daybreak soon came as Artemis headed back into the room he left Eve in. To his surprise, he saw that Eve was sleeping sitting up. Artemis shook his head and headed to her sleeping form.


Eve only flinched, but wasn’t quite awake. Artemis chuckled and pushed her hair behind her ear allowing her face to show more. In Artemis’s eyes, Eve really did look like his sister, a sister that used to be always there for him. He suddenly remembered his sister’s scream and placed a hand on his remaining ear.

“I guess I would always hear her voice, even if I tear off one of my ears,” muttered Artemis with a pain stricken face.

Artemis was going to attempt to awaken Eve again, but paused when he saw the destroyed steel like paper lying on the floor harmlessly. He glanced at Eve’s wrist and saw that they were no longer bond. He turned pale and began to search the room for anything that Eve could have used to cut the paper. From what he knew, anything Ganbold made stronger could not be broken unless Ganbold touched it again with the intention to make it weaker. When he found no sign of such an incredible weapon, he looked back at Eve with a gulp. He suddenly grabbed the front of her shirt and was about to pull it apart, but Eve snapped awake and gasped at the sight of Artemis holding her. She gave out a quick scream and slapped him away.

“What are you doing?” demanded Eve, holding the front of her shirt. Artemis held his cheek looking at Eve with a troubled look.

“How…how did you get the paper off?” asked Artemis in a shaky voice. Eve was puzzled and then remembered that she cut the bindings on her hand. Eve gulped rubbing her wrists.

“I just kept pulling and smashing it on different objects and it finally snapped. It was really hard to get off,” lied Eve. Artemis stared at her with a look of doubt, but then sighed and pulled her to her feet.

“You must have been really determined.”

Eve nodded.

Artemis then scratched the back of his head and added, “Sorry for trying to open your blouse. I thought that maybe you had a weapon hidden in your clothes.” Eve blushed and shook her head.

“I don’t have any weapons in my clothes!” exclaimed Eve. Artemis chuckled and patted her head.

“Of course you wouldn’t, young lady.”

Eve smiled a little, but in truth she felt bad for lying to Artemis, who was very kind to her. Artemis led Eve out of the room and began to lead her down the hall. Eve looked around and asked, “Were my friends let out?” Artemis stopped in his tracks and glanced back at Eve.

“They’re still locked up for now, but you heard Ganbold yesterday, you are forbidden to see them,” stated Artemis. Eve sighed looking down at the tile floor of the hallway. Eve, at that moment, wanted to run from Artemis in order to find her friends, but she knew that it wasn’t the right time especially since Artemis had a gun hanging from his belt.

Meanwhile, David was beginning to awaken from his slumber. He saw the stained wall of the school as he sat up cringing. He was still black and blue from when Ganbold beat him, but the pain had mostly subsided. He staggered to his feet stepping over his sleeping companions. He looked out the window and saw that the zombies were clawing at the walls of the school moaning and groaning. He frowned hoping that they could get out. He suddenly heard something shake in the room and glanced back. His companions were still asleep. He walked around cautiously and then heard the shaking again. His line of sight changed to one of the lockers in the room. He approached it carefully and then kicked it with the tip of his shoes. The locker shook followed by a groan. David gasped falling back landing on Adler. Adler gasped in pain snapping awake and then glared at David.

“What was that for?” demanded Adler. David scooted off Adler and said, “I think there’s someone or something in the locker.” Adler turned pale and immediately began to awaken the others. Kale, Kohaku, and Ivan awoke rubbing the sleep out of their eyes.

“Is something wrong?” asked Ivan giving out a yawn afterwards. David gestured toward the locker.

“There’s a zombie in there, I think.”

All of them turned pale and then began to search the room for anything they could use as a weapon.  Adler tore off a metal leg from one of the desks; Kale grabbed a wooden chair, Ivan grabbed a loose piece of wood, Kohaku grabbed a broken chair, and David grabbed a metal pipe most likely left by one of the students. David stood in front of the locker and looked toward Kale.

“When I give the signal, open the door of the locker,” instructed David. Kale nodded placing the broken chair down and placing his bound hands on the handle of the locker. Ivan, Kohaku, David, and Adler lifted up their weapons of choice with determined looks.


Kale opened the locker, but instead of attacking they fell still staring at the zombie within the locker. The zombie looked like a kindergarten girl. She was still wearing her school uniform, but her face and hands looked like a skeleton’s. Her eyes seemed to be no longer there as well. The zombie moaned stumbling out of the locker and immediately falling to the ground. David inched back as the small zombie dragged itself across the classroom floor. It reached toward David groaning.

“It hurts…please….please…don’t kill me like the others.”

The zombie coughed out some pure black blood making the boys cringe.

“So hungry…but need to continue hiding…or monsters will…kill me.”

The zombie was moaning its fingers beginning to twitch in a grotesque manner.

“Like this…I will…live…not be eaten by…monsters…not by monsters…”

The zombie suddenly began to crawl faster toward David making David gasp.


David brought the metal pole down on the zombie creating a cracking noise. The zombie squealed as blood scattered before David. Adler, Ivan, Kohaku, and Kale began to bring their weapons down on the zombie repeatedly with tears forming in their eyes. It came to the point that the zombie no longer resembled a human, just a pile of bone and scattered flesh.

David was breathing heavily wiping the tears from his eyes.

“This kid must have been hiding here all this time and starved to death,” muttered David. Ivan nodded in agreement placing a hand on David’s shoulder.

“We did the right thing in killing it,” stated Ivan. The others nodded in agreement wiping away their tears.

After getting over their initial shock, David came to a sudden realization.

“That leader of theirs said he would let us out in the morning, but no one has come to get us yet.”

Ivan looked toward the door and said, “You’re right, where are they?” David and the others couldn’t put their finger on it, but they had a bad feeling in their stomachs.

On the other hand, Artemis led Eve all the way to a place where there was a double door. Artemis smiled back at Eve and said, “This is the cafeteria, where we keep all the food.”

“Really?” asked Eve. Artemis nodded and stated, “The others should be inside getting their share of food, so let’s join them.” Eve nodded getting closer to Artemis. Artemis pushed the doors open, but the minute he did a hand covered in blood grabbed his arm and tried to drag him into the cafeteria. Artemis managed to pull his hand away forcing the doors to swing wider revealing one of the male students covered in blood with missing flesh from his arms and legs and a gaping hole in his head. The male student raised his arm toward Artemis and Eve moaning.


Artemis gasped backing away and Eve gave out a scream holding her hands to her chest. The doors swung shut, but began to open again as more blood covered hands emerged. Artemis grabbed Eve’s hand pulling out his gun and began to drag her down the hall with fear in his eyes.

Eve looked at Artemis with tear filled eyes and asked, “How did the zombies get in?” Artemis gulped and replied, “There must have been another victim of the zombie yesterday that we missed.” Artemis shook his head gripping his gun.

“We have to get to Ganbold before we get killed too,” stated Artemis picking up his pace. Eve gasped and ripped her hands away from Artemis forcing him to stop in his tracks and look back at Eve.

“What are you doing?” asked Artemis in a panic. Eve clenched her fist and stated, “I need to get my friends to safety first.” Artemis shook his head.

“They might be dead too if they were in the cafeteria with the others.”

“They might still be locked up though and still alive. I need to get to them,” stated Eve. Eve was shaking as she continued to speak.

“Please Artemis, please let me see them, please let me help them.”

Artemis frowned grabbing Eve’s hand.

“I don’t remember which room they are in, but Ganbold will know, so let’s hurry.”

Eve nodded allowing Artemis to drag her down the hall as the moans and groans of the zombies in the building got closer.

Artemis and Eve raced through the halls avoiding all doors that had moans and groans emitting from it. Artemis gritted his teeth and then said, “I guess there was more than one body we missed.” Eve held Artemis’s hand tighter hoping her friends were OK.

After dashing up a flight of stairs and into multiple hallways, Artemis and Eve found themselves standing in front of the Principal’s office. Artemis banged his fist against the door yelling, “Ganbold open the door!” The door to the principal’s office opened revealing Ganbold with blood covering his shirt and face. Artemis gasped and asked, “Ganbold are you all right?” Ganbold nodded ushering Eve and Artemis into the room.

When Artemis and Eve walked into the room they gasped at the sight of two dead school girls with multiple stab wounds in their bodies. Artemis covered his mouth to prevent himself from puking, while Eve covered her mouth in shock. Ganbold smeared the blood on his face closing the door behind him.

“I was a little late to realize that the two girls’ were bitten. They tried to eat me, so I had no choice, but to kill them,” explained Ganbold. Artemis glanced at Ganbold with a troubled expression.

“Everyone in the cafeteria were killed and became zombies and other students in the classrooms were also infected.”

Ganbold cursed under his breath falling into a chair.

“Are Eve and you the only ones alive?” asked Ganbold. Artemis glanced at Eve and then admitted, “I don’t know.” At that moment, they heard gunshots followed by rapid banging on the door.

“Leader let us in!” begged the voice of Joseph. Ganbold got up from the chair and opened the door quickly revealing Juliet and Joseph with desperation in their faces and zombies trailing behind them. Joseph and Juliet ran in allowing Ganbold to slam the door shut. He pressed his hands against the door. The door creaked loudly. When Ganbold removed his hand the banging on the other side of the door grew louder followed by moans and groans. Ganbold was breathing heavily with the others staring at the door.

“I made the door stronger, so those things are never getting in,” stated Ganbold. Ganbold fell back against the chair sweating. Juliet ran to his side and asked, “Are you OK, Leader?” Ganbold nodded pushing Juliet away.

“Just a little tired,” stated Ganbold. All their hearts were racing realizing that their safe hold had now become a nest of zombies.

Eve shook her head and went to Ganbold’s side making Ganbold look at her.

“I’m glad to see that you’re safe,” stated Ganbold with a smirk.

“The same to you, but I need you to tell me where my friends are,” stated Eve. Ganbold frowned.

“You still want to see them, even though they might be dead by the outbreak in the school?” demanded Ganbold. Eve nodded and added, “I know that they are safe, so please tell me.” Ganbold groaned clenching his fist.

“They’re in room 338 on the third floor. It’s locked from the outside so they wouldn’t be able to get out unless someone unlocks it.”

Eve nodded and began to look around the room.

“Is there another way out?” asked Eve. Ganbold clenched his fist.

“No one can get out unless I weaken the room,” admitted Ganbold. Eve clenched her fist with a troubled expression. Joseph and Artemis had similar looks, while Juliet collapsed on the ground crying. Ganbold stood up from the chair and approached the only window in the room.

“I can’t make the walls any stronger, so our choices are to starve to death here or for me to weaken the wall and let those things eat us.”

Artemis frowned and stated, “So the choices are die or die.” Ganbold nodded.  Juliet suddenly stood up and glared at Eve with tears in her eyes. She ran at Eve and grabbed her by the neck making Eve gasp and shoved her against the wall.

“This happened because we let you in here!” yelled Juliet increasing her hold on Eve’s throat. Eve gagged struggling to breath.  Ganbold grabbed Juliet from behind as did Artemis yelling, “Let her go, Juliet!” Juliet shook her head with crazed eyes.

“She needs to die!”

Eve felt her consciousness leaving her and began to see black spots cloud her vision. Eve was able to glance to her side and saw a pale hand reaching toward Juliet. Eve gasped and muttered, “Run.”

The next thing Eve knew, the hand had grabbed Juliet and pulled her to the wall throwing Artemis and Ganbold back and forcing Juliet to release Eve. Eve coughed violently as air entered her lungs and then heard Juliet scream. Eve looked up and saw a zombie with tangled brown hair emerge from the wall gripping Juliet’s arms from behind.

The zombie looked to be a male. It had on a ripped shirt and pants with dried blood and was barefoot. Dried peeled skin dangled from its form and its right cheek was missing revealing the skeleton bone of the blood stained teeth. The eyes were pure black and there was a noticeable bite mark on the chest under the ripped shirt.

The zombie was breathing heavily gripping Juliet’s arms. Artemis and Joseph pointed their guns at the zombie shaking, while Ganbold stared at the zombie with wide eyes.

“Tonraq?” asked Ganbold in a low tone. The zombie seemed to be glaring at Ganbold before it immediately bit Juliet’s right shoulder. Juliet gave out a heart wrenching scream. Tonraq tore off a chunk of meat from Juliet and then pushed her to the ground. Juliet was crying uncontrollably as she pressed her hand against her bleeding shoulder. Tonraq walked toward Ganbold, Artemis, and Joseph and then glared at Artemis. He pointed at Artemis with a blackened nail on his index finger.

“You…left me…to die.”

Artemis cringed and pulled the trigger sending a bullet through Tonraq’s chest. Tonraq growled and began to advance toward Artemis. Artemis screamed firing a storm of bullets at Tonraq. Joseph did the same, but Tonraq only got closer.

A paper weight suddenly slammed against Tonraq’s head making him look to the right as bullets continued to fly through him. He saw Eve glaring at him her form shaking.

“Don’t touch them,” demanded Eve. Tonraq growled and began to advance toward Eve. Eve backed away as Tonraq got closer. Artemis and Joseph would have shot Tonraq more, but they were low on bullets and Eve was in the line of fire. Ganbold shook his head and stood in Tonraq’s path.

“Don’t touch her, Tonraq!” yelled Ganbold. Tonraq shoved Ganbold aside making him slam into an opposing wall. Ganbold groaned in pain trying to get up. Tonraq reached Eve and forced her against a wall. He leaned toward her face making Eve smell his rotting flesh.

“You…another one of…Ganbold’s bitches?”

Eve shook her head and said, “I’m a User like you.”


Eve nodded and suddenly smirked. Tonraq heard a click and the next thing everyone knew Tonraq went flying into a wall in a ball of fire. Eve stood against the wall and in her hand was an elemental fire gun only seen in books. When the smoke from Tonraq’s impact cleared there was no sign of him. Ganbold, Artemis, and Joseph looked at Eve with wide eyes.

“Where did that weapon come from?” asked Ganbold. Eve smiled and said, “You wanted to know my power after all.” Before Ganbold could say another word, they heard Juliet crying and looked at Juliet. Juliet was bleeding massively and looking paler by the second.

Joseph approached Juliet making Juliet look up at him.

“Joseph, we promised to stay together forever after Nikki died.”

Joseph pointed his gun at Juliet’s head and then pulled the trigger. The bullet went through Juliet’s head killing her instantly. Juliet’s eyes became blank as blood pooled around her head. Eve gasped and asked, “Why did you shoot her?” Joseph glanced at Eve and said, “She would have turned into one of them.” Eve fell to her knees just as her weapon vanished.

Ganbold gasped and said, “I see, your power is weapon summoning.” Eve nodded. Ganbold frowned.

“I still don’t understand why the facility saw you as a threat,” stated Ganbold. Eve remained silent as Artemis, Ganbold, and Joseph approached her. Artemis clenched his fist as he spoke.

“So you have powers like Ganbold?”

Eve nodded and said, “I didn’t say anything because I thought you guys would throw my friends and I out.”  Ganbold suddenly smirked and said, “Well having a weapon summoner is a great advantage.” Ganbold looked at Artemis and Joseph and said, “Grab anything else you can use as a weapon, we are taking dear Eve to her friends.” Artemis and Joseph nodded with uneasiness in their faces.

Ganbold looked back at Eve and said, “We’ll help you reach your friends, but in return, you have to travel with us out of town providing us with your power.” Eve nodded and added, “But I must tell you that the weapons I form will only last for five minutes.” Ganbold nodded helping Eve to her feet.

Artemis and Joseph grabbed wooden poles from the walls and held it to Ganbold for Ganbold to make stronger. Ganbold touched the poles making them stronger and then looked toward the door where the zombies were banging and scratching at.

“The minute I make the door weaker, we attack and force our way through,” ordered Ganbold. Artemis and Joseph nodded holding their almost empty guns and the stronger wooden poles. Before Ganbold could touch the door, Eve grabbed his hand making him look at her.

“I have another idea,” stated Eve making Ganbold raise an eyebrow at her. Eve released Ganbold’s hand and held out her own hand.  A light formed in the palm of her hand and then she immediately gripped it revealing the light saber weapon. Artemis and Joseph gasped, while Ganbold chuckled in amusement.

Eve looked at Ganbold gripping the newly formed weapon and said, “I need one of you to help me reach the ceiling.” Ganbold nodded and looked at Joseph.

“You’re taller than us, so you do it,” ordered Ganbold. Joseph nodded approaching Eve. Joseph knelt down on the ground allowing Eve to get on his back. When he stood up, Eve was halfway closer to the ceiling. Eve lifted up her right arm straight at the ceiling with the weapon in hand and then pressed the red button. The red light emerged from the weapon impaling the ceiling.

Artemis’s eyes widen and said, “So that weapon can penetrate even Ganbold’s stronger objects.” Eve nodded as she began to slice an area of the ceiling in the shape of a circle. Small debris rained down on Eve and Joseph as she sliced the ceiling.

When the circle was complete she closed the saber and then climbed off of Joseph’s back. She glanced at Artemis and asked, “Can I borrow your weapon?” Artemis nodded handing the wooden pole to Eve. Eve gripped the wooden pole and shoved it into the circle she formed in the ceiling. The circle cracked and then collapsed on the ground before Eve revealing a hollow opening. Eve handed the wooden pole back to Artemis and glanced at Ganbold.

“Now we can get out,” stated Eve. Ganbold nodded with an amused smirk. Ganbold, Joseph, and Artemis shoved the principal’s desk under the hole in the ceiling, pushing aside the bodies of the girls and spreading blood on the floor. Ganbold looked at Joseph and said, “Get up there first and then help us out.” Joseph nodded and then climbed onto the desk. With one leap he grabbed the edge of the hole and climbed into it. He peered down at Ganbold, Artemis, and Eve and held his hand out to them.

“Come on,” he urged.  Ganbold climbed onto the desk and immediately grabbed Eve from the ground making her gasp. He held her up by under her arms and handed her up to Joseph, who grabbed her hand and tugged her inside the hole. Ganbold then helped Artemis up and lifted him up as high as he could, so Joseph could grab him.

Eve looked down at Ganbold and said, “Come on, Ganbold.” Ganbold nodded and was about to grab Joseph’s extended hand, but a pale hand suddenly grabbed his ankle making him gasp. Tonraq emerged from the desk almost completely black glaring at Ganbold.

“You’re not going anywhere,” stated Tonraq. He was about to bite Ganbold’s ankle, but a bullet suddenly impaled his hand forcing him away from Ganbold. Ganbold looked up and saw Eve with a new formed gun in her hand breathing heavily.

“Get up here now!” yelled Eve. Ganbold nodded jumping up and grabbing hold of Joseph’s hand.

Tonraq swiped at Ganbold’s dangling form, but Joseph and Eve pulled him up quickly. Tonraq yelled out sending pieces of flesh and blood flying from his mouth.

Ganbold crawled into the hole and then made his way to the front.

“We better hurry before Tonraq decides to climb too,” stated Ganbold. They all nodded and crawled after him.

Eve crawled behind Ganbold with Artemis and Joseph behind her. She noticed the uneasiness in Ganbold’s face and asked, “What’s wrong?” Ganbold glanced at Eve with sweat against his brow.

“I don’t do well in closed spaces like this.”


“More like Post-traumatic stress,” stated Ganbold making Eve bewildered. Ganbold didn’t seem to want to say anymore as he crawled ahead making sure that Eve and the others were keeping up.

As Eve crawled behind Ganbold, she didn’t notice Joseph getting closer to her behind. It was a cramped space, but it was still no excuse for the closeness. Artemis noticed how close Joseph was getting and nudged him in the back. Joseph glanced back at Artemis, who was glaring at him.

“Just because Juliet is dead, it doesn’t mean that you have an excuse to get close to Eve,” whispered Artemis. Joseph frowned and whispered, “I had no such intentions.”

Artemis seemed ready to say something else, but felt his heart drop when he heard creaking in the space they were in. Artemis glanced back and gasped when he saw a figure approaching fast toward him. Artemis looked back to the others and screamed, “Move faster!” They didn’t have to question Artemis’s earnest request for they saw the approaching figure.

The figure reached out toward them yelling, “Ganbold!” Ganbold clicked his tongue saying, “He learned to climb pretty fast.”

The figure, Tonraq, began to increase his pace as he crawled toward them. Artemis and Joseph drew their guns and began to fire at Tonraq with any remaining bullets they had. Tonraq seemed to stop moving as the bullets rained on him.

As Artemis and Joseph distracted Tonraq, Eve looked at Ganbold and asked, “Are we close?”

“I can’t tell, but I can say that we should get out of this space now,” stated Ganbold. Eve nodded and formed the light saber in her hand. She glanced toward Joseph and Artemis and then back at Ganbold handing him the light saber.

“You create an opening, while I help Artemis and Joseph.”

Eve was about to crawl away from Ganbold, but Ganbold grabbed her wrist forcing her to look at him.

“I’m not letting you go anywhere near that thing,” stated Ganbold with seriousness in his voice. Eve ripped her hand away and yelled, “We don’t have time for this! You have to make that hole before five minutes pass, so let me hold that monster back!” Ganbold seemed hesitant, but he knew that Eve was right. Eve took Ganbold’s silence that it was OK and made her way to Artemis and Joseph.

Ganbold clenched his fist turning on the light saber and whispered, “If he bites you then I will kill you myself.”

Eve managed to slip in between Artemis and Joseph as she formed two new machine guns in her hands. She handed one each to Joseph and Artemis telling them to continue to shot. They did as told abandoning their empty guns.

Tonraq seemed to grow angrier as he began to growl loudly. He began to advance again ignoring the bullets impaling his body.

Eve could tell that the bullets wouldn’t stop him for long, so she held her hands before her and tried to form a weapon she had seen in a science fiction book when she was still a toddler. The light in her hands seemed to grow brighter making Artemis and Joseph shut their eyes. Eve clenched the light making the light burst revealing a metal ball.

Joseph turned pale as he looked at the metal ball Eve formed and screamed, “How is that a weapon?” Eve didn’t answer as she immediately threw the metal ball toward Tonraq’s advancing form.

The metal ball planted itself in Tonraq’s path and began to open up like a puzzle. It beeped twice before a clear wall of green light escaped from its openings and blocked Tonraq’s path. Tonraq tried to use his power to go through the wall of light, but the moment his right hand went through, the light sliced it off sending it to the ground pass the wall. Tonraq withdrew his now handless arm and stared at it breathing heavily. He looked at Eve, who was glaring at him, and growled.

Eve looked at Joseph and Artemis, who seemed to be in shock, and said, “We have five minutes to get out of here.” They nodded and began to follow Eve.

By this time, Ganbold managed to saw a large hole before him in the ceiling before the light saber disappeared from his hand. He peeked through the hole before nodding that the coast was clear. They crawled out of the hole one by one.

Before Eve exited the space, she glanced back at Tonraq, who was breathing heavily, and formed another metal ball in her hand. She tossed it toward Tonraq before climbing through the hole. As the new shield formed, Tonraq growled loudly and screamed, “You Bitch!”

Artemis helped Eve out of the hole allowing her to get her footing on solid ground. Eve looked around the room they were in and noticed guns, food, and bags sitting on desks. She looked at Ganbold and asked, “Where are we?”

Ganbold closed the hole of the floor with a spare desk and used his power to enforce it saying, “We are in the supply room. Luckily the zombies aren’t in here.” Ganbold began to grab a gun as did Artemis and Joseph.

Eve looked around the room and gasped when she saw her bag and her companions’ bags lying against the wall. She slipped her bag on immediately and was about to grab the other bags, but stopped when she realized that she wasn’t strong enough to hold all the bags.

Eve sighed in disappointment standing up. She glanced at Ganbold and asked, “Are we close to my friends?” Ganbold nodded and added, “We were just lucky that we ended up here considering it was hard to navigate in that space.” Ganbold approached a wall and added, “If I remember right, they should be in the opposite of this wall.”

Eve immediately ran to Ganbold’s side pressing her hands against the wall.

“Would they be able to hear me?” asked Eve. Ganbold shrugged and added, “I still think you should avoid them.” Eve shook her head and knocked on the wall hoping to God that she wouldn’t hear the voices of zombies on the other side.

“Hello?” Eve said in a high voice wondering if her voice could be heard across.

There was silence.

“Hello?” Eve repeated louder. Artemis placed a hand on her shoulder and said, “They’re probably already…”

“HELLO?” Eve screamed making the people in the room flinch.

Eve was about to give up, until she heard a familiar voice say, from the other side of the wall, “Eve?” Eve smiled filled with relief pressing her hands against the wall.

“It’s me, David,” stated Eve with tears in her eyes.

On the other side of the wall, David and the others were staring at the wall with the same relief in their eyes. David placed his hands on the wall and asked, “Are you OK, Eve?”

“Yes and you guys?” asked Eve.

“We’re OK, but…”

David glanced to the only door of the room that had stacks of desks in front of it with the sounds of zombies moaning and groaning on the other side and then glanced back to the wall.

“I don’t know how long we can stay safe locked up in this room,” stated David with worry in his eyes.

Eve clenched her fist against the wall and said, “I’ll get you out, so stand back from the wall.”

“OK,” answered David and stepped back as did the others.

Eve stepped back from the wall and held out her hand. The light formed into the palm of her right hand as Ganbold, Artemis, and Joseph watched. Eve gripped the light forming the light saber once again. She pressed the red button forming the saber light and began to cut through the wall.

As she did this, Ganbold looked at Joseph and Artemis and whispered, “Get your guns ready.” They nodded as they prepared their chosen gun in their hand.

Eve sliced the wall clean and used her strength to push it down. The wall crashed down sending debris flying. When the dust from the debris cleared, Eve smiled at the clear sight of her friends. She was about to run across the fallen wall, but was suddenly grabbed from behind and held tight by the arms of Ganbold.

“Eve!” her companions yelled out, but fell silent when they saw the guns of Joseph and Artemis pointed at them.

Eve glanced at Ganbold and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I can’t let you get near them,” stated Ganbold.


“We had a deal that if we helped you get to your companions then you would leave this place with us,” reminded Ganbold. Eve gulped and looked down in complete silence.

David glared toward Ganbold with his hands still bound.

“Let Eve go!” yelled David. Ganbold smirked at David not loosening his hold on Eve.

“Eve and I had an agreement, so she is staying with us,” declared Ganbold. David was about to say something in retaliation, but fell silent when Ganbold added, “Chances are that you just want Eve for her User power.”

David and the others couldn’t retaliate as they stood their ground. Ganbold chuckled as he lifted Eve’s head by the chin to face her companions.

“You see. They just want you for your User power. You are better off with me,” whispered Ganbold next to Eve’s ear. Eve clenched her fist and immediately pushed away from Ganbold making him gasp. She ran across the fallen wall and embraced David around the chest making David flinch and look down at Eve.

“I know that they wanted me for my power, but I still want them to be close to me, since they are my first friends,” stated Eve. David smiled as did her other companions. David hugged Eve and glared at Ganbold.

“Eve stays with us,” declared David. Ganbold’s look seemed to grow dark as he glanced toward Artemis and ordered, “Shoot him.” Artemis pulled the trigger of his Varmint Rifle without hesitation.

To their surprise, the bullet didn’t connect to David’s head, but to a steel pole held by Kohaku. David nodded in thanks, while Kohaku was sweating massive amounts wondering how in the world he managed to do that.

Ganbold growled in frustration and commanded Artemis and Joseph to shoot, but they fell still when they heard the desks in the room begin to move. Ganbold, completely forgetting his anger, ran to the door and pressed his hand against it trying to enforce it.

While Ganbold was distracted, Kale and Kohaku ran at Artemis and Joseph without warning and tackled them to the ground knocking their guns in the air. Ivan and Adler on the other hand ran into the storage room and began to grab their bags and other necessary supplies like food and guns. David remained by Eve as Eve watched her surroundings with nervousness in her face.

Ganbold finished increasing the strength of the wall and fell to his knees in exhaustion. He heard the click of a gun and glanced back only to see Ivan and Adler holding pistols pointed at him. Ganbold clenched his fist saying, “Maybe I should have let those zombies in.”

Ivan kicked Ganbold on the side making Ganbold gasp in pain.

“That was for beating David, now remove these bindings from our wrist,” stated Ivan in a demanding voice. Ganbold nodded and then touched Ivan’s and Adler’s wrists. The paper on their wrists grew flimsy making it easy for them to shake the paper off.

“Now the others,” ordered Ivan. Ganbold chuckled and stated, “Looks like Eve already set them free.” Ivan and Adler glanced back and saw that Eve was already cutting the bindings off the others’ wrists with the light saber.

Ivan and Adler looked back at Ganbold and said, “All right then get us out of here.” Ganbold shrugged.

“Love to, but this place is sealed tight. The only way to really get out, most likely, would be to use Eve’s User power.”

“Then we’ll do that, while you stay here,” stated Adler.

“He’s coming,” stated Eve suddenly making all of them look at her. Eve stood up and said, “I made a promise to travel with them if they helped me reach you guys. They kept their word, so I will keep mine.”

“But Eve…”

“I made a promise and I plan to keep it, but I plan to travel with you guys too, so please,” stated Eve looking at her friends with pleading eyes.

David smiled and said, “If that’s what you want.” Eve nodded with a smile. Adler shrugged placing his gun in his side pocket and then glanced at Ganbold.

“You’re one lucky son of a bitch.”

Ganbold smirked and said, “I wouldn’t know.”

Kale and Kohaku released Artemis and Joseph and then grabbed their own bags from the storage room. Artemis and Joseph dusted themselves off with displeasure in their faces.

Eve went up to Artemis and Joseph and said, “Sorry for the roughness.” Artemis shook his head with a warm smile.

“At least you saved us…again.”

Joseph nodded in approval refusing to look at Eve. They suddenly heard Kohaku scream and looked back into the storage room. What they saw nearly made their hearts stop. Out from the floor around the desk that Ganbold increased the strength of; emerged a burned handless arm. Following the arm was Tonraq’s burned face and peeling skin. He glared toward them with blackened teeth.

Eve looked toward Kohaku and Kale that were still in the storage room and screamed, “Get of the room now!” Eve didn’t have to repeat herself as Kohaku and Kale rushed out of the room faster than a speeding cheetah. Eve stood out of the storage room with Joseph and Artemis by her side.

Eve held her hands before her as a light formed in her hand. Eve then clenched the light making it burst and reveal the shield device she made before. She tossed it into the storage room with a grunt. The shield device planted itself into the floor of the storage room and then expanded releasing the green shield.

Tonraq growled as he looked at the new formed shield. He glared at Eve through the shield and said, “It won’t last long bitch.” Eve nodded with a strained face and sweat running down her face. She fell to her knees making the others run to her in concern.

“Are you OK, Eve?” asked David. Eve gulped and said, “I think I reached my limit.”


Eve nodded and then lowered her head completely drained of energy.

Ganbold cursed under his breath making the others look at him.

“I was hoping she didn’t have a limit like me,” stated Ganbold.

“What do you mean by limit?” asked David.

Ganbold placed a hand to his forehead as he spoke.

“Users like us have incredible power, but there is a limit on how much we can use our power since the power uses our stamina to work.”

Ganbold glanced at Eve, who seemed to be exhausted, and added, “We were running a lot, so she must have reached hers. It doesn’t help that she’s too young either.”

“So she can’t make more weapons?” asked Kale. Ganbold shook his head.

Eve suddenly stood up wiping the sweat from her forehead.

“I can still form weapons, but they can’t be too big, so no more science fiction weapons like the shield, only normal weapons like guns and blades.”

They nodded in understanding. They suddenly heard the groaning increase from the other side of the door and felt their heart race. It was obvious that they wouldn’t be able to defeat those zombies with guns alone and escape, at least not without getting wounded, which was a grim choice. The shield’s time frame was also decreasing and the options of escape were decreasing to almost zero.

Eve held out her hands ready to form any gun or blade that could help them, but froze in her actions when she heard a loud growl. Adler placed a hand to his stomach with flushed cheeks and said, “Sorry, I haven’t eaten anything yet.”

“This is not the time for you to be hungry!” yelled Kohaku with clenched fists and nervous sweat running down the side of his face. David’s eyes seemed to widen as he looked at Ganbold and asked, “When did Eve last eat?”

“The outbreak in here started early so unless she went to the cafeteria early, I bet she hadn’t eaten anything since getting in here,” stated Ganbold. Eve gulped and nodded saying, “The last time I ate was before I met you guys.”

David’s eyes of shock turned to one of relief as he dug in his bag. He yanked out an apple and tossed it to Eve making Eve slightly flinch as she caught it.

“Eat that now!” ordered David. Eve nodded taking a bite from the apple.

“Why are you making her eat?” asked Joseph. David smiled as he looked at the others.

“You said that a User needs stamina to use power, well Eve didn’t lose her stamina because of all the running, but because she was hungry.”

Ivan smirked and asked, “So Eve just needs a bit of food and she might be able to make a weapon to get us out of here?” David nodded.

Eve finished the apple licking the juices around her lips and said, “I actually do feel better.” Eve stood on her own two feet and held out her hands and said, “Let’s see if David was right.” Eve focused on her hands as a light began to form between them. The light grew bigger, until it burst revealing a rocket launcher.

“That should definitely get us out of here,” stated David filled with hope. Eve nodded and pointed it toward the window. She glanced at Ganbold and said, “Weaken the wall.” Ganbold nodded placing his hand firmly on the wall. Just moments after touching the wall, the door to the room began to crack and the shield that Eve created began to fade.

“Now Eve!” yelled Ganbold. Eve pulled the trigger releasing the rocket. The rocket soared through the air and then collided into the window creating a huge blast that forced all of them to close their ears and eyes. The blast was so strong that the zombies behind the door were blown away and Tonraq rolled back into a desk.

Debris rained down on them as they began to open their eyes only to see dust flying around a large hole where there was once a window. They didn’t have time to gawk for the door that held the zombies back and the shield were long gone.

David was the first to get to his feet and force Eve to her feet saying, “Let’s go.” Eve nodded just as the others began to get up.

Eve glanced through the new opening and saw that the height they were in was enough to kill them if they were to jump down. Eve clenched her fists and said, “How do we get down?”

David glanced down as well and said, “We can make you make a weapon to help us or we can do it my way.” The next thing Eve knew, David wrapped his right hand around Eve’s waist and leapt out the hole. Eve screamed feeling the air of the fall rush through her hair. David suddenly grabbed an extended branch and yanked on it causing them to propel through the air and then onto the ground. The moment they were on the ground, David yanked out his pistol and shot an oncoming zombie between the eyes.

Eve could feel her heart racing as David held her close. It made her feel like that she had run for days even though it was only for a few hours.

David looked up as Eve tried to catch her breath and saw the others looking down at them.

“Just do what I did,” called up David.

Ganbold chuckled with a smirk on his lips and said, “I don’t believe everybody can do what you just did.” David groaned and looked at Eve, who had seemed to finally catch her breath.

“Form something to catch their fall. I’ll watch your back,” stated David. Eve nodded leaving David’s embrace. David loaded his machine gun and began to shoot at any oncoming zombies, while Eve held her hands to the ground trying to come up with a weapon that could catch them. She then remembered a device that was considered a weapon, even though it was not meant to kill. As she thought of this, the light emerged from her hands and began to expand onto the ground. In full form, she gripped the light making it burst revealing a trampoline. Eve looked up at the others and yelled, “Jump down and try to land on your feet after hitting this.”

Ganbold nodded and looked at the others saying, “You heard her.” Adler was the first to jump down followed by Kohaku. They could feel the breeze as they raced down and felt the pressure from the trampoline before being ejected into the air again. Adler and Kohaku spun once in the air before landing on their feet next to Eve.

Adler glanced at Eve and asked, “How is this a weapon?”

“It hurts many people,” stated Eve making Kohaku and Adler realize that she may have gotten the idea from reading a newspaper article on trampoline accidents.

Kale was ready to jump next, until he noticed that Joseph was shaking slightly as he looked down. Kale rolled his eyes realizing that Joseph was afraid of heights, so Kale grabbed Joseph without warning and leapt out the hole making Joseph give out a high pitched scream that seemed to resemble a girl’s scream. Kale landed on the trampoline and was propelled into the air once again before landing on the ground with Joseph dangling from his hold like a rag doll. Kale dumped a traumatized Joseph on the ground, before pulling out his pistol. He fired at three oncoming zombies making sure to shoot them between the eyes.

Ivan was ready to jump next, but paused when he saw the trampoline vanish into thin air. Ivan glanced toward Eve from above saying, “Try forming it again.” Eve nodded holding out her hands to the ground once again.

As it began to form, Ivan, Ganbold, and Artemis began to hear the moans of the zombies still within the building. They glanced back and saw zombies with either arms, legs, or pieces of their faces missing most likely caused by the previous blast Eve created using the missile launcher. Ivan inched back with Ganbold and Artemis.

Ivan glanced back down saying, “I don’t mean to rush you, but this place is starting to get swarmed again.” Eve nodded just as she clenched her fist forming the trampoline again.

“Jump now!” exclaimed Eve. Ivan nodded and, without warning, grabbed Ganbold and Artemis from behind their shirts and fell backwards off the edge of the building. They rushed toward the ground, but their hearts began to race, not from the adrenaline of falling, but what was following their descent. Tonraq, with half of his skull showing, was falling after them screaming in rage.

“GANBOLD!” Tonraq screamed with rotten blood escaping his mouth. Ganbold and Artemis both lifted their arms in defense as Tonraq raced toward them, but were shocked when a bullet flew between them and impaled Tonraq in the neck forcing him to tumble in the air before crashing into a tree, while Ganbold, Artemis, and Ivan landed on the trampoline and were propelled in the air, before forcefully landing on their feet sending a wave in pain for the three. All three of them glanced at Eve and saw a pistol in her hands still facing upward.

Eve glanced at them with the pistol still in hand and smiled saying, “I got your backs.” Ganbold smirked, while Artemis and Ivan had relief in their faces.

That relief was short lived when they noticed the zombies swarming toward them from all sides.

David fired at three zombies before looking at the others and stated, “We really need a plan guys.”

Eve looked around firing her pistol every few seconds at the zombies, until her back touched the school building’s wall as did the others. Eve felt her heart race as she felt the gun in her hand vanish. Eve dropped her vanishing gun and was ready to summon a new weapon, but then noticed the mud around her feet. Her eyes lit up as an idea dawned on her.

Eve glanced at Ganbold saying, “Can you also strengthen the earth?”

Ganbold nodded stating, “But for what reason?” Eve fell to her knees and began to spread mud on her form. She then grabbed Ganbold’s right hand and held it to her chest that was covered in mud.

“Please, use your power,” stated Eve. Ganbold smirked and nodded. He pressed his hand closer to her chest and the next thing Eve knew, the mud on her began to harden until it was like a metal armor. She thanked Ganbold and rushed at the zombies making Ganbold and the others gasp.

A zombie wearing a high school male uniform lunged at Eve and bit her arm, but its jaw broke off and Eve was left unharmed. Eve smiled in relief and looked at the others hoping they discovered the same thing she did when she stepped in the mud.

Ganbold was the first to catch on and began to kick mud toward the others saying, “If you want to live then get dirty.” Without asking twice, the others began to spread mud all over themselves quickly and when covered, Ganbold would activate his power to turn the mud into a strong armor against zombies.

As the others began to approach Eve pushing zombies out of the way and shooting some in the head at close range, Eve glanced up at Tonraq, who had blood and dead skin dripping from the gaping hole in his neck caused by Eve’s bullet. Tonraq glanced at her with blackened eyes and gave out groaning noises like he was trying to say something. Eve summoned a pistol in her right hand and pointed it in Tonraq’s direction, aiming at his forehead.

“Goodbye, Tonraq,” stated Eve and then pulled the trigger. The bullet flew from the barrel and then impaled Tonraq in the head, but before he died, he smiled toward Eve and mouthed, “thank you.” Tonraq’s dead form dangled in the branches of the trees.

Eve felt someone grab her arm and saw that it was David. David pulled Eve along saying, “Let’s go.” Eve nodded and began to follow the others as zombies clawed at them.

They were finally out of the schoolyard, and then Kohaku and Adler both kicked a few zombies back before beginning to run with the others. As they got farther away from the school, they could see the zombies swarming the building. There was no way for anyone else to escape.

When there were no zombies in sight, Ganbold undid his power from the mud allowing the mud to drip from their dirty forms.

Ganbold wiped the mud from his forehead and stated, “So where do you guys plan to go now?” David, Adler, Kohaku, Ivan, Kale had looks of deep thought and then stated, “We don’t know.”

David then added, “We just need to find a place that is safe and this town is obviously not safe.”

Ganbold scoffed saying, “So blind traveling? That’s just asking to die.”

Adler was the one to groan and stated, “Well it is better than staying in a place that is swarmed.”

“Swarmed or not, we were safe for a while,” stated Ganbold.

“That was a death trap!” yelled Ivan. David, Adler, Kohaku, and Kale nodded in agreement. Joseph growled standing by Ganbold’s side.

“It wasn’t until you guys came,” stated Joseph angrily.

“So now it’s our fault?” snapped Kohaku, while also adjusting his cap.

They were soon in a yelling battle of who was to blame and how they should travel, while Eve watched with an uneasy look. Eve tried to say her opinion, but suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder and glanced at the owner of the hand, Artemis.

“Just let them get their frustrations out,” stated Artemis and looked at the arguing group, “It’ll work out.” Eve nodded lowering her head.

Eve suddenly heard chuckling echoing in the streets and glanced around frantically alarming Artemis.


The chuckling grew louder making every single one of them just as alert as Eve. They each drew their weapon of choice as Eve summoned a new pistol in her hand.

“Who’s there?” demanded Ganbold.

Out of thin air, a teenager wearing a blood stained white patient’s gown with tag that read 10, appeared near one of the buildings’ entrance. His long black hair was a tangled mess and covered the top half of his face. He glanced up at the group revealing the bite mark on the right side of his neck and his blood shot eyes.

They pointed their weapons at him with seriousness in their eyes.

“Is he a User?” muttered David. Eve noticed the tag and nodded saying, “His name is Bishoy, User number 10, the power of teleportation.” The newcomer, Bishoy, chuckled staggering toward them.

David was the one brave enough to point his gun at the zombie and yell, “Don’t come any closer!” Bishoy stopped dead in his tracks still chuckling.

“So there was more? More?” Bishoy muttered and then chuckled, “More? So funny. Funny. I thought all were gone from hospital.”

Bishoy raised his hands saying, “Time to go bye, bye like the others.” Bishoy’s hands began to glow making them gasp.

“He’s about to use his power!” yelled Ganbold. Ganbold reached toward Eve already knowing the effects of Bishoy’s power, but to his surprise, Eve avoided his hold and grabbed the front of David’s shirt.

Ganbold gritted his teeth and reached out to Eve to pull her to him as did Artemis, who was just as shocked that Eve ran to David’s group, but a white light engulfed all of them and instantly they were gone from the area.

Bishoy chuckled uncontrollably and vanished from the spot like the others, his laugh still echoing in the deserted town.

Area 40 Facility

Staff: 90 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Users: 2 (Alive) 4 (Dead) 39 (Unknown)

Genome Detention Center

Staff: 90 (Dead?) 0 (Alive)

Prisoners: 5 (Alive) 50 (Dead?)


Staff: 50 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Students: 2 (Alive) 140 (Dead)


About 50,000,000,000 (dead) others (Unknown)


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