Chapter 7: A Twist

Eve slept soundly dreaming of a world with no zombies and a place where her new friends and herself could live with no worries. It was a beautiful dream, but then Eve woke up and saw the light leaking through the tent.

Eve sat up and noticed that the others were already awake packing their bags. Adler noticed that Eve had awoken and asked, “Did you sleep well?” Eve nodded.

“Are we leaving now?” asked Eve. Adler frowned and shook his head.

Eve suddenly noticed that the others had worried looks, but she also noticed that there was a member missing from their group.

“Where’s Kohaku?”

David frowned placing his backpack on.

“He went out last night and didn’t come back.”

Eve turned pale when she heard those words.

“Could he be…?”

“Kohaku is tough so I doubt he was killed or at least didn’t go out without a fight,” stated David. Eve looked saddened making David sigh and say, “He is fine. We’re going out to find him now, so don’t worry.” Eve nodded with a small smile.

David shoved aside the curtain of the tent and immediately noticed that Blaze and Mary were already on top of the tank and the mercenaries were running around grabbing weapons.

“What is going on?” demanded David with the others following behind him.

Blaze looked at the group with seriousness in her eyes.

“There’s a swarm headed to the camp,” stated Blaze and then glanced toward Mary adding, “Mary and I are going to try to hold them back, while the men take care of the freaks that managed to reach here.”

David nodded and pulled out his own gun saying, “We’ll help out.”

“That’s very much appreciated. Split your group to cover more ground,” ordered Blaze and then clenched her right hand making the tank roll forward out of the camp.

When the tank was out of sight, David glanced at the group saying, “We’ll split up, but don’t go with the mercenaries.”

“Why?” asked Eve, but then noticed the dark look in David’s eyes as he said, “I don’t trust them.” Eve was obviously confused, but she suddenly felt Kale’s hand on her shoulder making her glance at him.

“Let’s work together on this,” stated Kale. Eve nodded and began to follow him, while the others went their separate ways. It was decided ahead of time that Eve would stay with one of them since her exhaustion could kick in at any moment.

Kale and Eve wandered the camp avoiding the mercenaries that roamed around. Eve glanced at Kale, who held is pistol in his hand with cautiousness in his eyes, and asked, “Does David have a dislike toward soldiers?”

Kale nodded and glanced at Eve, his pistol still held firmly in his hand.

“David mentioned this to us before in the Detention Center. Ever since he was born he was expected to fight in war. This was because he was born in the war torn country Orion and to make matters worse his father was a leader of a rebel group. He was trained to be a soldier to the point where he believed that killing a person was normal.”

“Is that why he is so physical fit compared to you guys?”

Kale nodded.

“We actually escaped the Detention Center thanks to David’s quit thinking as an ex-soldier. If it weren’t for him, we would not be here now.”

Eve clenched her hands and asked, “If he was trained to be a soldier then why does he hate soldiers.” Kale frowned.

“Because he saw them do something that he could never forget…he saw them destroy a village against orders: women were raped, children slaughtered…it was a horrific sight and I can’t even imagine how David felt seeing this. He escaped from the rebels after that and came to Genome, but he killed a man out of instinct when that man stole his passport and since he was still considered a minor, he was sent to the detention center.”

“So he sees soldiers as bad people, but he can’t forget the instincts of a soldier.”

“That’s right and he can’t forget the hatred either.”

Eve pressed her lips together rubbing the side of her arm in thought. David went through so much and uses his soldier training to protect them. She remembered instances where David had used his training like when he jumped from the building holding Eve and when he saw the bullets from a distance coming at them. His training was strong and Eve was glad for that, but she wished that she could help him in this difficult time being surrounded by a group of mercenaries he loathed.

Kale and Eve suddenly heard a rustle. Eve summoned a pistol in her hand, while Kale placed his finger on the trigger of his weapon. They stood back to back looking in all directions waiting for the enemy to appear.

They heard the rustle again and turned their pistols to the source of the sound. Out of the bushes, emerged a zombie in torn soldier clothing. Its eyes were pure black and black saliva leaked from its mouth.


Kale immediately shot it between the eyes making it fall back with black blood leaking from the wound. Kale scoffed saying, “I like it better when they don’t talk.” Eve nodded in agreement and suddenly noticed something in the fallen zombie’s right hand: a green cap.

Eve approached the zombie and pried the hat from its grasp. She looked it over and muttered, “This is Kohaku’s hat.” Kale noticed the cap and nodded with a saddened expression, but that expression turned to shock when something burst from the tree above and tackled Eve to the ground.

“Eve!” exclaimed Kale pointing his gun at the intruder, but paused when he realized who the attacker was: Kohaku.

Kohaku had a crazed look as he pinned Eve by the shoulders staring directly into her eyes.


Kohaku’s voice was loud and demanding making Eve slightly flinch at his volume. Kale ran to them saying, “Eve was just picking it up.” Kohaku was panting as he pinned Eve down as Kale tried to pry Kohaku off of Eve only to beat smacked away to the ground.

Eve could see the rage in Kohaku’s face, but she also noticed that he seemed distressed. She glanced at the green cap in her right hand and then managed to place it back onto Kohaku’s head with a small smile on her lips.

“I’m sorry, so please be calm, Kohaku,” stated Eve in a calm voice. Kohaku continued to pant, but his hold on Eve loosened. He got off of her and muttered an apology before adjusting his returned cap on his head.

Eve and him stood up as Kale glared at Kohaku yelling, “Where the Hell were you?” Kohaku scoffed adjusting his hat again and stated, “I was attacked when taking a piss OK.”

“Then where is your gun?”

“…It attacked me, so I threw it into the oasis.”

Eve and Kale’s eyes widened out of shock and confusion.

“How could you gun attack you?” asked Kale.

“A zombie controlled it somehow. I think it was a User before.”

Eve frowned and muttered, “So another one is here…wait a minute.” Eve glanced at the two boys and stated, “The only one who could have done that is Blaze.”

“She controls machines with the mind, so how could she control the…the gun is considered a machine right?” stated Kohaku with a frown. Eve nodded and stated, “But it doesn’t make sense, we just saw Blaze not too long ago and she was very much alive.”

Kale rubbed his chin and stated, “It really is a mystery.” They suddenly heard moaning and prepared to draw their weapons, but Kohaku paused and looked at Kale yelling, “Throw your gun away now!” Kale was confused until he noticed that the trigger of his gun began to move without him touching it. Trusting Kohaku’s words, he tossed the gun away just before it began to fire out bullets toward them. One of them managed to graze Kale’s arm making him cringe as he covered Eve with his body.

When the bullets stopped, they finally took a look at the zombie. The zombie had short black hair stained with rotting blood. The zombie was obviously female with its left breast dangling from the green torn military uniform. Blood stained bone shown from torn flesh around the arms and legs. It looked like this zombie was torn apart. When the zombie looked up its left eye was missing with rotting blood leaking out and the remaining eye looked cracked like broken glass. The zombie opened its mouth with a groan.

“It hurts…it hurts.”

It looked at them and smirked as black blood leaked from the lips.

“You’ll make the pain stop right?”

The zombie lifted up its hands and clenched them as the gun that Kale dropped went off again firing an array of bullets at them.

Kale grabbed Eve and ran alongside Kohaku trying their best to avoid the bullets. As they ran, Eve stared at the zombie with wide eyes and then felt tears escape her eyes.

“That’s Blaze, but how?”

Area 40 Facility

Staff: 90 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Users: 3 (Alive) 5 (Dead) 37 (Unknown)

Genome Detention Center

Staff: 90 (Dead?) 0 (Alive)

Prisoners: 5 (Alive) 50 (Dead?)


Staff: 50 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Students: 2 (Alive) 140 (Dead)

Mercenary Camp

Mercenaries: 25 (Alive) 0 (Dead)


About 50,000,000,000 (dead) others (Unknown)

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