Chapter 8: Hallucination

David roamed the camp with his gun in hand looking around with caution in his eyes. Just looking at these military tents made his stomach turn. It reminded him of his home country and what his pass companions did to that village. It made him open his eyes and yet he killed a stranger in another country for a simple theft because of his instincts as a soldier.

David shook his head, not wanting to remember his past. He suddenly heard sobbing and turned around pointing his gun at a tree. The tree was very thick, which he found quite unusual in a desert. He approached it slowly not lowering his gun and stated, in a demanding voice, “Who is there? Show yourself!”


David raised an eyebrow, not really expecting an answer, but what really surprised him was that this voice was the sound of a scared male, so it couldn’t be one of the soldiers that didn’t seem to have any fear. His only thought was that it might be a stranger to the camp, but at least not a zombie from the lack of moaning.

David took in a deep breath and approached the tree asking, still in a demanding voice, “Who are you?”

“Please….don’t come any closer. I know you are not a zombie, but please stay away.”

David could hear the desperation in the voice, but he still approached saying, “If you are alive then there is no reason to hide from me.”

“I have a very good reason.”

David narrowed his eyes and asked, “Are you bit?”

“No, no, I am not bit. I just can’t look at you or you might try to kill me.”

“OK?” muttered David with bewilderment and then added, “I won’t kill you if you have a pulse.”

“…Just please stay away!”

David flinched at the sudden increase of tone in the voice, but David shook his head and stated, “At least give me a good reason to stay away.” With those words, David reached toward the tree and felt his eyes widen when his hand went through the trunk of the tree like it was air. Even though his hand went through the tree, he still felt something solid and immediately gripped it and heard a yelp of a male. He yanked out the solid object and was met with a brown haired boy around his teens wearing white clothes, pants and shirt, with a name pin on the left side of the shirt that read: 002.

The boy yelped covering his blue eyes with both hands when he was forced to face David.

“Those clothes…are you a patient from a hospital?”

The boy nodded refusing to remove his hands from his eyes.

“Please let me go back into the illusion,” begged the boy. David narrowed his eyes staring at the fake tree and then looked back at the boy.

“Are you a User?”

The boy nodded.

“You said illusion; did you make that fake tree?”

The boy shook his head saying, “That’s not my power. My power if different…and hateful.”

“Then who made the illusion!” yelled David, realizing that Blaze and Mary couldn’t have made the illusion. The boy whimpered and stated, “His name is Mirage, User number 20. He made all the illusions, including the camp.”

David’s eyes widened asking, “This camp is an illusion?”

“Yes, he covered me in this illusion, so I would help him make this place look real.”

“Real? Were you the one who gave us food then?”

“Yes, he let me know through one of his illusions.”

“Then how did he know we were coming? The ones who got us were Blaze and Mary.”

The boy gulped and stated, “Because they are…”

Before the boy could finish his sentence, David began to hear moans of zombies and turned around only to see zombies in soldier clothing approaching him. David glanced at the boy remembering his words and then back at the zombies with clenched fists.

“So we were in a dead camp,” muttered David and then began to fire at the zombies.

The sound of the gunfire echoed all around.

Eve cringed at the sound as Kale ran with her in his arms and muttered, “Looks like the others were attacked too.” Kale and Kohaku remained silent with seriousness in their eyes. They were in trouble as well since their gun power was useless against this new zombie, but what they couldn’t understand was that this zombie looked like Blaze and even had her power, but how could that be? They saw her alive and well not too long ago leaving on a tank to protect the camp with Mary. It was a mystery to them.

Kale soon realized that the zombie was no longer in sight and lowered his pace, but then he noticed Kohaku had slid to a stop.

“What’s wrong?”

Kohaku pointed forward silently. Kale and Eve looked forward and were shocked to see the camp. The tents were torn. Some of them looked burned and others were covered with dry blood. The crates that should have ammunition were smashed with the contents scattered about. The camp itself looked deserted like it hadn’t been lived in for days.

“What is going on?” muttered Eve as she was placed on her feet. She took a few steps forward only to gasp when she felt something grab her ankle. She looked down and immediately screamed. Wrapped around her leg was a rotting hand. Eve pulled her leg free and ran back to Kohaku and Kale with panic apparent in her face.

She clenched the front of Kale’s shirt and glanced back at the zombie that began to emerge from the sand. The zombie had rotting skin that seemed to be turning green with black blood leaking from the lips and eyes. The clothes it wore was torn barely hanging on to the body, but breasts were showing making it clear to them that the zombie was a girl. The hair was a tangled mess and some strands fell from the rotting scalp. The zombie glanced at them with pitched black eyes and smirked.

“So some more came? He was…was serious…about bringing a meal…how kind.”

The zombie giggled as more black blood leaked from her lips. She dragged her feet toward them reaching forward with her right hand that had multiple bite marks.

Kohaku clicked his tongue and picked up a nearby rock and tossed it at the zombie. The rock ripped off a piece of flesh from the zombie’s cheek revealing bone. The zombie stopped in her tracks and placed a hand to her cheek. A blue light emerged from her hand and when she removed that hand from her damaged cheek, the cheek looked completely untouched. In fact, it seemed to be alive again. The zombie giggled and continued her approach.

Kohaku cursed under his breath backing away. The others did the same, but Eve’s eyes were wide as she stared at the zombie.

“That zombie…That girl is Mary, but she was alive, so why is she like this now?” muttered Eve placing a hand to her mouth as tears escaped her eyes.

Kohaku clenched his fist saying, “This is messed up.” They prepared themselves to run again, but stopped in their tracks when the zombie, revealed to be Mary, was hit from behind repeatedly by a steel pole.

Mary twitched on the ground coughing out black blood.

Eve, Kale, and Kohaku looked at their savior: Adler.

Adler gripped the pole glaring at the fallen zombie that continued to twitch and then looked at Eve, Kale, and Kohaku.

“Let’s go before she gets back up,” stated Adler gesturing them to follow him. Eve and the others nodded and began to follow Adler, who held the pole like a sword.

When Eve passed Mary, she could hear Mary sobbing.

“It’s not fair…We finally got out…but those men…those demons…they hurt us…we did nothing…nothing wrong. We…we…just wanted to be free…free…”

Eve pressed her lips together and summoned a pistol into her hand. She faced Mary’s fallen form and pointed the gun to her forehead.

“You’ll be free now, Mary.”

Eve pulled the trigger allowing the bullet to soar toward Mary’s head. As the bullet began to bury itself into Mary’s head, Mary smiled and mouthed a “thank you” toward Eve. The bullet burst into Mary’s head and Mary in turn fell to her face no longer moving.

Eve dropped her pistol to the ground as a precaution just in case Blaze could control it and continued to follow the others.

Eve had killed Mary, but it was still a mystery on how Mary and Blaze became zombies in such a short time.

Area 40 Facility

Staff: 90 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Users: 4 (Alive) 6 (Dead) 35 (Unknown)

Genome Detention Center

Staff: 90 (Dead?) 0 (Alive)

Prisoners: 5 (Alive) 50 (Dead?)


Staff: 50 (Dead) 0 (Alive)

Students: 2 (Alive) 140 (Dead)

Mercenary Camp

Mercenaries: 25? (Alive) 0? (Dead)


About 50,000,000,000 (dead) others (Unknown)

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