Chapter 1: Maid

Remember these words, assassin. When you believe that you have found true happiness tragedy will befall you. This curse will forever run in your blood and you will never find true happiness. This is my revenge for your tainted heart.

Around the 18th century in England, a woman in her twenties walked down the paved path toward a mansion on the highest hill. The woman’s short hair was chestnut brown with small natural curls that followed the shape of her scalp perfectly. A violet small hat covered the top of her head, but still revealed the curled bangs at her forehead. Her eyes were emerald green just like the emeralds on the Queen’s crown. Her lips were rosy red and seemed smooth to the touch. Her nose was petite and fit the small stature of her face. Her eyes peeked from the short hair that actually revealed the back of her neck slightly showing a birthmark that resembled that of a rose. Her body was thin and her skin pale, but slightly dark from the rays of the sun making her look of Asian descent. She wore a violet dress with laces that matched perfectly with her small hat and brown boots with matching laces. In her hand she held a single brown suitcase. This very woman was named Mabelle Winchester, a maid for hire.

Mabelle had never worked officially as a maid, so this was the first home to hire her and she was glad to finally have the opportunity to use her skills. She soon reached the top of the hill and stood before the closed gate of the mansion where she would soon be working in. This very mansion belonged to a married couple of five years: the Edwardsons.

From the information she gathered, she knew that the Edwardson family gained their wealth when oil was discovered in their land and then went into the medical field, building hospitals with their names across England. The husband and head of the household, Frederick Edwardson, age twenty-nine, was a doctor in his field and the head in the oil company that he established after the discovery of the oil in his land. The donations he made to multiple hospitals and churches made him well liked in his community. The wife, Ema Edwardson, age twenty-five, was once a nurse, but had to retire after her health began to deteriorate. Because of her poor health she was forced to stay in bed most of her days and people have barely seen her. As rumor had it, the Edwardson mansion was not able to hold a single nurse for her for more than two days. Within the five years of marriage, there had been no heir created between the two.

The information on the Edwardson family was still so small, but Mabelle believed that she would learn everything about the mansion within days or if she was lucky, hours.

Mabelle rang the hanging bell of the gate sending the sound of bells echoing throughout the mansion like the tolling bells from the church for Sunday mass. Within moments, she saw the mansion door open revealing a butler maybe around his twenties. He wore a simple black butler uniform with white gloves and his short brown hair was neatly combed back. His chestnut brown eyes seemed to sparkle as he approached the closed gate before Mabelle.

“Do you need something, ma’am?” asked the butler in a polite manner. Mabelle nodded pulling out an envelope from her dress pocket. She showed it to the butler and said, “I am the new maid the Edwardson family hired.”

The butler examined the envelope through the bars of the gate and then smiled as he looked back at Mabelle.

“Ah yes, my master has mentioned that you would be coming today, but I never thought you would come in time. Most maids lose their way on the first try,” stated the butler and then bowed adding, “My name is Phillip Scotts, the head butler of the Edwardson mansion.”

Mabelle nodded and introduced herself as well with a polite bow. With that; the butler, Phillip, opened the gate allowing Mabelle to walk through the gate with her luggage in hand.

They walked along the path toward the Edwardson mansion and as they walked, Mabelle took in the detail of her surroundings. The edge of the pathway was lined with rose bushes that already had small red buds on the branches waiting for the season to change. Statues of Goddesses from Greek and Roman legend were arranged in symmetrical order on the front yard making it seem like a mystical party of legends was taking place every day. A fountain with the shape of a mermaid holding a pot with water flowing from all around was separated from the statues and was set closes to the mansion entrance as if to welcome any guests. Besides the statues and the fountain, there were a number of oak trees with leaves green with nature. It was bright that day, so the shadow of the trees created shade making it the perfect place to read a book in the outdoors.

The front yard was impressive, but so was the mansion. From a distance, not much is noticeable, but as one got closer, the mansion resembled that of a dream castle. Angel statues holding horns and harps were at the edge of the roof as if protecting the household. The bricks used were pure white, but there were traces of gray giving it a Victorian style look. The roof was grayish red with a number of chimneys that didn’t seem to interfere with the placement of the angel statues. The windows looked like they were crystal and the white lace drapes that could be seen through the windows complimented the half-moon design of the window shape. The balconies of the house were of ivory white, but the railing was ruby red and the texture resembled that of marble. The front doors were oak brown and the door knocker was in the shape of a cherub filled with an innocent look. What really stood out of the mansion was the tower that seemed ready to kiss the sky. It had the same color of the mansion and the roof, but only had one iron balcony colored black as night with pigeons perched at the rails.

The estate was “very impressive” was the thought that crossed Mabelle’s mind as she got closer to the oak doors. Phillip opened the twin doors of the mansion welcoming Mabelle inside. Mabelle stepped through the doors and could have sworn she had walked into another world. The entrance hall had large winding stairs with velvet colored carpet covering them. It seemed fit for the royalty to walk on. The floor was marble and so clean that she could see her reflection. A crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling eliminating the entrance hall in light. Healthy small trees in white ivory pots stood to the sides in a welcoming pose and polished wooden tables held pots of Asian descent and crystal bowls holding mint chocolates for anyone that passes by. The walls were white with pillar designs giving it an elegant look and parts of the wall had paintings made by famous painters, each painting more dazzling. The Victorian style chairs that were seen had a soft cushion and were the color of beige mixed with a calming white. Just the look of the entrance hall made Mabelle wonder what the other parts of the mansion looked like.

Mabelle looked at Phillip with a warm smile and said, “The house is very charming.” Phillip nodded and added, “My master went to great lengths to make this mansion a treasure.”

“Can I meet him?” asked Mabelle. Phillip nodded.

They were ready to climb the stairs, but a sudden crash of breaking glass echoed through the mansion followed by a roaring voice of a female yelling, “GET OUT!” It was followed by a slamming door and a different feminine voice saying, “I hope you rot in Hell.”

The next thing they knew, a woman wearing a nursing cap was walking across the second floor hallway in front of the stairs with a displeased, or rather enraged look, on her face.

“Miss. Gooding?” stated Phillip looking at the passing woman. The woman glared at Phillip making him flinch and said, “Tell that monstrous hag that I quit.” With that, she was out of their sight.

Phillip sighed and muttered, “Another one has dismissed herself.”

Mabelle looked at Phillip with a bewildered look and asked, “Was there a problem, Mr. Scotts?” Phillip forced a smile at Mabelle and stated, “Just some nursing issues for the Madam.” Phillip urged Mabelle to follow up the stairs trying to ignore the subject of the angered Miss. Gooding.

When on the second floor, Phillip led Mabelle down the hallway that seemed more like an art exhibit with the colorful paintings that lined the wall and the ceramic statues that stood on small side tables that were set after every three paintings. Mabelle suddenly took notice of a larger painting that had a brown haired man around his twenties judging by his young looks wearing a wedding tuxedo and a woman around the same age wearing a gorgeous white wedding dress with white lilies decorating her veil that was draped over her short curled blonde hair. Their eyes were both a brilliant sky blue and the facial expression was serious like many people in pictures.

Mabelle stood before the picture making Phillip look back at her.

“That painting is of the Madam and the master.”

“So this handsome man is Mr. Edwardson and his lovely wife, Mrs. Edwardson?”

“That is correct, but I have to admit that this painting is old and the master looks a tad different and the Madam is very different since her health deteriorated.”

“I see,” stated Mabelle and walked back to Phillip, who began to lead her down the hall once again.

After passing about thirty paintings and ten ceramic statues on side tables, they reached a tall brown door made of the finest wood. Phillip knocked on the door gently calling for his master.

“Do you need something Phillip?” asked a manly voice from behind the door.

“Yes, master. The new maid you hired has arrived and she would like to meet you.”

“Please come in then.”

“Of course, master.”

Phillip looked at Mabelle and said, “He will now see you.” Mabelle nodded taking a large gulp. Phillip turned the brass handle of the door and when a click was heard, the door was pushed open revealing an office filled with book filled shelves and a single wooden desk in the middle closes to the largest window in the room. At this desk sat the same man from the painting, but he wore a thin pair of black frame glasses on the bridge of his nose and a scar on his right eyebrow was obvious from a distance. He wore a brown suit meant for indoors with no tie around his neck. This man was Frederick Edwardson, the master of the house.

Frederick smiled at Mabelle and said, “Welcome, please step in.” Mabelle stepped into the room and was soon followed by Phillip, who closed the door behind him.

Mabelle walked to the front of Frederick’s desk and then bowed down by the waist saying, “Nice to finally meet you, Mr. Edwardson. My name is Mabelle Winchester, the new maid.”

Frederick entwined his hands on his desk and said, “Nice to meet you too, Miss. Winchester. It is Miss; correct?”

Mabelle nodded and said, “I have no husband to speak of, but if the honorific is a problem, I don’t mind being called Mabelle by you, Mr. Edwardson.”

“Very well, Mabelle,” stated Frederick and then glanced at the suitcase still in her hand.

“You seem to have packed light,” stated Frederick. Mabelle nodded and added, “I don’t have much to begin with, which is why I was glad to accept the job position.”

“I’m glad to hear that, so I expect that you work hard staring tomorrow, Mabelle,” stated Frederick. Mabelle nodded.

Frederick then looked at Phillip and said, “Phillip, please lead Mabelle to the empty room in the west wing to put her things away and give her a tour of the mansion.”

Phillip bowed at the waist and said, “As you wish Master.”

Phillip urged Mabelle to follow with a flick of the wrist and then glanced at Frederick saying, “I’m sorry to say this now, but you should make plans to hire a new nurse for Madam.” Frederick’s smile turned to a frown as he nodded and said, “I’ll take care of it.”

Phillip and Mabelle left the room, but before the door closed, Mabelle saw a glimpse of Frederick tearing a page of a book with a dark look on his face.

Phillip and Mabelle were once again walking down the hall, but to the west of the mansion. Mabelle passed by a window and was delighted to see an amazing view of the back garden. A maze of green was in the middle of the garden; and outside of the maze was many blossoming trees and rosebushes pressed against the surrounding of the maze. A wooden gazebo, the size of a single cottage lay on the far right of the garden near a small pond with lotus lily pads floating on the surface. The grass of the garden was well trimmed and seemed like they had never once died. What made Mabelle’s eyes light up was the sight of the flower bed that was five feet by fifty-four inches. The flowers seemed to form the colors of the rainbow and the droplets of water on the petals made these very flowers sparkle in the sun.

“The garden is absolutely marvelous,” complimented Mabelle as she gazed out the window. Phillip nodded in agreement and added, “Our gardener is very talented.”

“Will I meet this gardener?”

“Of course.”

Mabelle smiled feeling excitement build up in her chest.

They soon reached a white door with a daisy carving in the middle of it. Phillip pulled a chain of keys from his pocket and chose a single silver small key. Using that key, he opened the locked door and pushed it open revealing a room with a wooden dresser and a bed with no sheets.

“This will be your room during your stay here,” stated Phillip. Mabelle stepped into the room and noticed the dust and webs around the room.

“It is quite dusty in here.”

“Well it hasn’t been used since the last maid quit.”

“Am I the only maid here?”

“I’m afraid so. My master is having a bit difficulty finding maids that are willing to work here,” stated Phillip and added, “They must be scared to work here since Madam has a temper.”

“The Madam again? Is she that difficult?”

Phillip nodded and stated, “She has scared off many nurses and maids that had to substitute for the nurses. It is getting harder to find help for the mansion.”

Mabelle smiled and said, “Then I will ty my best not to anger the Madam.”

Phillip nodded in approval and said, “Please put away your things and dress into something more comfortable for the tour.” Mabelle nodded and watched Phillip close the door, but before the door closed, Phillip added, “The spare key for this room is in the dresser drawer in the left, so please keep that with you at all times.”

When the door was fully closed, Mabelle locked the door from the inside and then placed her suitcase on the bed. Mabelle opened her suitcase revealing a single red outdoor dress, a maid uniform, and a white nightgown. Removing those two revealed her undergarments, a hairbrush, and a medical kit. Removing those revealed what no lady should have in her suitcase: a short hand sword and a handgun. Mabelle stared at the weapons and smirked.

“I don’t intend to use them, but I still brought them along.”

Mabelle picked up the weapons and saw a pink scarf neatly folded on the bottom. She picked it up and unfolded it revealing the blood stains. Mabelle smiled and hugged the scarf to her chest.

“I promise to live my life to the fullest.”

Mabelle glanced at the weapons again and whispered, “I won’t go back to my assassin ways.”


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