I’m the Villainess’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too!


(image by Taki)

I died in a fire and awoke as a baby in an Otome game, but not as the heroine or the villainess, but as the younger sister of the villainess. Why am I doomed to have a disaster end when my only line in the story is “Big sister?” I don’t even have a picture in the game, so why must I fall? I will escape from my destiny. I will get a decent job, get married, have kids, and grow old happy. Those are my goals and disaster flags will never get in my way!

Updated on Fridays or Saturdays

Book 1: My Childhood Days

Prologue: Fatima Reina
Chapter 1: Destruction Flag please leave my future
Chapter 2: This Book is very Educational…WHAT THE HECK?
Chapter 3: I finally get to meet a Familiar Face…DON’T IGNORE ME!
Chapter 4: Time to hide in the forest…DON’T FOLLOW ME!
Chapter 5: Please don’t touch me!
Chapter 6: I Had a Great Fall…Teacher?
Chapter 7: I’ve Been Left Behind
Chapter 8: Sensei is so Kind
Chapter 9: I object…Sensei deserves Happiness!
Chapter 10: When it rains it pours
Chapter 11: Is the Storm getting worse?
Chapter 12: This is a Tutoring session right?
Chapter 13: I’m so sorry Sensei!
Chapter 14: My Saving Grace!
Chapter 15: Is this really the result?
Chapter 16: Goodbye Sensei…Good Luck Shuya!
Extra #1: The message
Chapter 17: I’m going to climb a mountain!
Chapter 18: Prepare to meet your match…NOT YOU!
Chapter 19: Let’s Stay Warm
Chapter 20: Up the Mountain
Chapter 21: Glacier Climbing…NO SHORT CUTS!
Chapter 22: Medusa or not Medusa that is the Question
Chapter 23: Let’s get this plan rolling!
Chapter 24: Polka?
Chapter 25: At least Tell me what the Curse is…DON’T TAKE MY STUFF!
Chapter 26: Do I have to go?
Chapter 27: This guy is nice…WHERE IS BIBI?
Chapter 28: You can’t force friendship!
Chapter 29: Don’t be afraid of something this Delicious
Chapter 30: The Power of Words is Amazing
Chapter 31: More talented than a Girl?
Chapter 32: Meeting the mother
Chapter 33: You’re my Friend, Frederick!
Chapter 34: You want me to call you what now?
Chapter 35: Overprotective Much?
Chapter 36: My fanfics are not trash…jerk
Chapter 37: Is this a dream…GIVE BACK THAT BOOK!
Chapter 38: This is my room, right?
Chapter 39: Must you interrupt me?
Chapter 40: When I wake, it’s time to act…BLOODY MURDER!
Chapter 41: I was not seduced
Chapter 42: Planning changed to spying
Chapter 43: Seriously, was this event even supposed to happen?
Chapter 44: The Dragon’s Gift
Chapter 45: White Fox
Chapter 46: Wiggle here, wiggle there…
Chapter 47: Abigail is a Siscon?
Chapter 48: What Do I do? What Do I do?
Chapter 49: Puppy Love?
Chapter 50: Animal Talent Club
Chapter 51: SCARY…NOT GOOD!
Chapter 52: Search for the white fox…Search for me?
Chapter 53: Evil Twin…definitely a pervert
Chapter 54: Hachiko RUN…no wait, CRAWL!
Chapter 55: Theodore’s Familiar is decided?
Chapter 56: Humming while you work wasn’t really a good idea.
Chapter 57: Why are you so full of yourself?
Chapter 58: You are basically a stalker
Chapter 59: Are you trying to bribe me?
Chapter 60: My Situation Seriously Sucks
Chapter 61: Don’t Interfere

End of Book 1

Book 2: The Academy Life

Chapter 62: First Day of School…I want to cry when I look in a mirror
Chapter 63: Get the Gender right
Chapter 64: The Heroine has a clone?
Chapter 65: The Headmaster is a strange one
Chapter 66: This is My Dorm room…BULLIES!
Chapter 67: Can I lie out of this?
Chapter 68: I really want to hide from this psycho!
Chapter 69: A Perverted Follower?
Chapter 70: A Reunion with Friends…Huh?
Chapter 71: Lake Monster?
Chapter 72: The Infirmary Again?
Chapter 73: Change of Dorms
Chapter 74: Where is his room…SORRY!
Chapter 75: A Stalker problem…Kai’s room is decided?
Chapter 76: Cuteness is Justice!
Chapter 77: Breaking the curse…on the rooms
Chapter 78: Familiar Encounters in the Canteen
Chapter 79: Breakfast, journey to classroom…I’m already exhausted
Chapter 80: He’s Kind of Cute
Chapter 81: Down the Rabbit Hole?
Chapter 82: So…what is the lesson?
Chapter 83: Out the window…AND INTO THE SKY?
Chapter 84: Was Physical Education this intense?
Chapter 85: Oresama might just be an Ogre for real
Chapter 86: Lunch with Everyone isn’t so bad
Chapter 87: Such a Rare Skill!
Chapter 88: It is not a Date!
Chapter 89: Night Exploration
Chapter 90: There is Definitely Something Strange!
Chapter 91: Where Did the Monsters Go?
Chapter 92: Inventor?
Chapter 93: A New Day Has Arrived!
Chapter 94: Time Talent Class or not
Chapter 95: A Prequel Game I never got to play
Chapter 96: The Rare Skills in the Elements
Chapter 97: Can I skip…I really want to skip for my health
Chapter 98: Tunnels are long and Dangerous
Chapter 99: Jack and the Giant Beanstalk?
Chapter 100: Beanstalk stage boss fight?
Chapter 101: Time Travel again
Chapter 102: Screams of Pain
Chapter 103: Face to Face with a demon

34 thoughts on “I’m the Villainess’ Little Sister who doesn’t even matter, so don’t give me a disaster flag too!”

  1. This story is one of the cutest I’ve ever read! Her interactions with everyone are so fluffy and she’s just the right amount of adorably dense without being overly oblivious. Sooo cute!

    Just one question though, is this going to be a reverse harem or will she end up with only one person? (Well its up to you anyway) 🙂

    Can’t wait for more! 😀


  2. It’s Friday~! 😀 Will you update this today? I can’t wait!

    It’s totally okay if you can’t though!

    It’s just seriously cute. 🙂


  3. Hi MangaHunter! I made some fanart of Chi! (Can’t seem to post it for some reason though).

    Its on tumblr on Here-I-Am-King ‘s blog under villainous’little sister


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