Chapter 25: At least Tell me what the Curse is…DON’T TAKE MY STUFF!

“Reino, are you OK?”

How can I be OK? I am cursed and I don’t even know what it is. I won’t know until I am ten. I really want to cry.

Yuki knelt before me with a warm smile. I admit she’s pretty, but she won’t even tell me what this curse is, so I kind of hate her right now.

“Don’t be sad little one. There is a way to break the curse.”

I immediately perked up.

“How? How?”

Yuki smiled, but is it just my imagination, but I feel like she is about to say something bad.

“When the curse is activated, the way to break the curse is true love’s kiss.”

THAT IS SO CLICHÉ! I have read many fairy tales about true love’s kiss, but let’s face it, there is no such thing. I have kissed before, but all boys at that age want is THAT. Doesn’t that mean I am cursed forever? I really want to cry.

“Is that really the only way?”

“It is, but I believe you will find the one.”

I doubt it.

Yuki smiled and stated, “I will return you two to the foot of the mountain, so please return home with your heads held high.”

Hold on a minute, I was still training to get stronger, so please don’t return me yet. I better tell Yuki this.

Oh shoot. Before I could say anything, I was blinded by a light and then found myself at the foot of the mountain next to Nate. This totally sucks…AND MY STUFF WAS STILL UP THERE!

I turned back at the mountain and saw that it had begun to vanish.


The mountain was soon gone. I collapsed on my knees close to tears. All my stuff is gone. I have to find a new mountain to climb. This really sucks.


I look at Nate and saw the concern in his eyes.

“Are you all right?”

“Not really, but I’ll recover somehow.”

Nate nodded and then pulled out the mirror from his clothes. I forgot he still had that.

“My family said this was needed to pass the test, but now I feel like they just gave me this to make me look stupid.”

Now that he mentions it, Yuki did mention that no one ever passed the test, so how would they know a mirror was needed?

“It did come in handy in the end,” I chirped, in an attempt to lighten the mood. Nate nodded and held the mirror to me.

“We have to go our separate ways to show our families that we have gotten stronger, so accept this mirror as a form of our friendship.”

Friendship…I guess we are friends after all that. It feels nice.

I took the mirror from his hand and then removed the goggles from my head. I held the goggles to him.

“All my stuff was on that mountain, so please accept these as my form of friendship,” I stated and then giggled adding, “Maybe they can help you get closer to people.”

Nate turned red and took the goggles immediately placing them on his head. The goggles look good on him. Well, he was going to wear goggles anyway when the game starts. Speaking of the game, I wonder if I have made his future brighter since he passed the test this time.

I immediately shook his hand making him slightly flinch and stated, “Let’s meet again in the future Nate.” Nate nodded and I could swear that he got redder. I hope he didn’t catch a cold.

Before we separated, Nate held my hand a little tighter and stated, “I promise to help break your curse.” I just nodded, but I still doubted that my curse could be broken easily…whatever it is.

We finally went our separate ways. Now that I think about it, I never told him that I’m a girl…oh well.

When I was sure he was gone, I called for Featherhead, who immediately went to my position. I climbed onto his back and we began to fly back in the direction of my home. I need to go home anyway since I need to buy new supplies…blast you Yuki. If I ever see you again, you owe me new equipment.

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