Chapter 10: When it rains it pours

This is just crazy. I planned to return home by contacting Cecil in the morning to bring a carriage, but that won’t be possible now…the reason: it is pouring outside and communication by wind would be impossible in this storm. I really need to train my talents more so storms won’t be a problem. Not only that, I can’t step outside since I don’t have an umbrella, so I am stuck in this Inn.

On the bright side, Sensei is still with me…if only Shuya wasn’t here. I don’t know why, but looking at Shuya has annoyed me for some reason; the type of annoyance where I want to slap him all the time to wipe that grin off his face. Maybe my hate for him is just unconsciously growing.

I guess Sensei noticed my problem, since he offered to get me breakfast and not only that, he offered me to stay in his room, while he, Shuya, and Ebina went to school. I forgot to mention this, but Sensei is actually in my country as a transfer student in the Academy, but the transfer will only last a month (he told me this before we went to bed). Sensei really is my saving grace.

I changed into my dress in the wardrobe once again and then headed down to the restaurant part of the Inn with Bibi in my arms and Sensei by my side. Shuya tailed behind with a book bag over his shoulder. I really don’t want him to come.

To my displeasure, Ebina was also present in the restaurant part with a piece of wheat bread on her plate. She waved us down with a smile making her look like an angel, but when she noticed me, I swear she began to resemble a demon. Scary!

Sensei sat me down…next to Ebina of all people and stated, “I’ll get us some breakfast so wait here.” I nodded and watched him run off and Shuya joined him with a smile. That left me alone with Ebina at the table.

“So how long are you planning to stay?”

“Sensei is tutoring me for the month.”

“I remember him mentioning that, but what I meant was how long are you staying today?”

“I’ll go home when the rain stops.”

“That’s good.”

I noticed the glint in Ebina’s eyes and I could swear that they were saying, “PLEASE GET AWAY FROM ME.” Why is Ebina so hostile toward me? It’s not like I had plans to date him, especially since our ages are too far apart. Is she thinking that Sensei is a pedophile? How dare she think of Sensei like that? This wicked woman does not deserve Sensei…but Sensei might suffer a broken heart and I don’t want that.

Sensei’s tragic future won’t happen if he doesn’t marry Ebina, but he is already in love with her, so I don’t know how to help him. This is really stressful.

“Laveda, I have your food.”

The smell of eggs and bacon with English muffin topped with jelly. Stress is gone! Time to eat! I thanked Sensei and began to eat my food like there was no tomorrow. So delicious! Sensei sat next to me with a smile and I smiled back…he is sitting next to me, not next to Ebina. I have a bad feeling. I glanced at Ebina. OH MY LORD, HER SMILE IS FILLED WITH KILLING INTENT! Sensei is just being nice. He is not dating me or anything, so stop that smile. I was visibly shaking.


I glanced at Sensei and he placed a piece of bread in my hand under the table. He winked at me and whispered, “That’s for Bibi.” Sensei is so kind to worry about Bibi too. Bibi seems to like him too by the way he jiggled in my lap under the table. If only Ebina wasn’t glaring at me.

“Hey Laveda, you plan to stay in our room until we get back from school?” asked Shuya taking a seat next to Ebina, but looked in my direction. I nodded and added, “But I might go home earlier if the rain stops.” Shuya rubbed his chin and stated, “Ryu is tutoring you anyway, so stay until we get back.” Now that Shuya mentions it, it would be a good idea to stay until they get back, but my family might…

“Is it OK for me to stay longer?”

Shuya and Sensei nodded, but Ebina looked ready to kill. She really is scary.

“I’ll stay,” I squeaked. Shuya and Sensei both smiled, while Ebina smiled as well, but hers was filled with darkness. I hope I live.

After breakfast, I headed to the room of the Inn and peeked out the window. I saw Shuya, Sensei, and Ebina walking through the rain, but what was surprising was that they were using their water talent to make an umbrella out of water. This umbrella absorbed the water preventing any from touching their bodies. It reminded me of a fountain. If I remember right, when I was in elementary, I would hide under the streams of the school fountain during hide and seek and no one would be able to approach me without getting wet. Such a good memory and I didn’t get wet while under the streams.

I noticed Ebina walking close to Sensei and Sensei wrapping an arm around her shoulder. Sensei really does love her…but she is going to make his future a tragic one. I really wish I knew what to do.

Now that I think about it, the water umbrellas that they made could help me in contacting Cecil. He may be able to help me too in my dilemma. You guys are probably wondering what I am talking about. I mentioned that the storm would interfere with the wind communication, but if I surround the wind using that water umbrella I could protect it and be able to contact Cecil. This is a good plan.

I focused my eyes across the horizon and kept the image of the road leading to Cecil’s mansion. I went there a number of times, so I know the way and I need to know the way to contact Cecil. I raised my hands and the wind began to surround my body lifting up my white hair in the air. I thrust my hands forward and the wind burst out the window almost like a hurricane wind, but the wind began to toss around in the surrounding rain outside. I cringed a bit, but then I clenched my left hand and envisioned the water umbrella. The rain outside began to twist and then formed a tunnel around the stream of wind I created. Not exactly an umbrella, but the wind is no longer interfering with my wind stream. Hell Yeah!

“Time to contact Cecil.”

I closed my eyes as I ordered the wind to travel the water tunnel toward Cecil’s house. I could feel the wind rush through the tunnel and carry the sound of the rain to my ears. It was somehow calming. I began to hear voices and I recognized them: my uncle and Cecil’s voice. I could hear the concern in Cecil’s voice as he asked his father endless questions about me. I guess he heard about my disappearance. Time to take away his worries about my disappearance. I manipulated the wind to hover around Cecil’s ears and whispered, “Cecil?”

I heard Cecil suddenly scream and it was so shocking that I nearly lost my control on the water and wind.

“Laveda is that you?”

            “It is.”

“How are you…oh yeah, you have the wind talent so of course you can communicate with me.”

            “That’s right and I learned a trick so I can communicate with you even in a storm. Pretty neat right?”

“It is pretty…wait a minute, tell me where you are now? My father told me that you were missing, so where are you?”

            “I’m in the Starfire Inn.”

“I’m coming to get you.”

            “There’s no need.”

“What do you mean there is no need? Don’t tell me your father forced you out of the mansion?”

            “Actually the driver left me in town and I guess my family didn’t really care since no one was sent for me last night, even though they knew I was in town to buy books.”

“Your family really is terrible, but tell me why there is no need to get you? Are you running away?”

            “No, I will return eventually, but there is someone here that I must help.”

“…Did you see the future using your talent?”


I know that is a lie, but it is half the truth since I really do know his future just not with the time talent.

“Do you need help?”

            “I do, can you tell me how I can break two people apart without having one’s heart breaking?”

“That’s not possible, Laveda. There is bound to be heart break in a break up.”

“I see…is there a way to lessen the pain?”

“Well if someone is there to comfort the person then it might work, but tell me who exactly you are helping and how a break up could change the future?”

“Well his name is…”

“His? The one you are helping is a guy?”

“That’s right. His name is Ryunosuke Bosatsu, a very kind foreign exchange student who offered to tutor me in the world languages, so I can read some foreign books. I will be seeing him for a month for tutoring.”

“…a month…seeing him?”

“That’s right.”

Cecil sounds a bit strange now like he just got the shock of his life, but is me wanting to learn foreign languages that shocking?

“You are going to help him by making him break up with a girlfriend?”

“That’s right. I’m so glad you understood so fast without me explaining too much. You are so smart.”

“Starfire Inn right?”


“The place you are staying at is Starfire Inn, right?”


Cecil’s voice is starting to sound a little scary.

“I’m going there.”


“I’m going to help you fix that guy’s future and you are going to explain exactly what you saw so I know exactly why a break up is necessary.”


“I am going and I am also getting tutored for that month, so be prepared. I will let your family and father know about the plan of studying, so expect me there!”


Cecil sounds angry for some reason. I don’t mind him joining me for the tutoring, so why does he sound angry? I am slightly worried.

“Bye, see you later.”

I cut the connection since Cecil made it clear that he was coming, but I really am worried. I know he can help me, especially since he is the only one who knows about me having all the talents, but I am worried.

“Bibi, why are you air punching?”

Now I really am worried for Cecil’s well-being. Bibi looks ready to fight.

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