Chapter 100: Beanstalk stage boss fight?

OK, I am a little panicked…not little…EXTREMELY panicked! There is a monster on this beanstalk. It looks like a gorilla mutant. It swung on the beanstalk and smacked students off of the beanstalk sending them falling toward the ground. Thankfully, the ones with the wind talent were doing their best to save the falling students, while also avoiding the swinging fists of the monster.

“Professor Oresama is going too far!” I yelled, but then I realized that the monster looked oddly familiar. Where have I…ah, the game! This is the boss for the Mountain Exploration Event: Wrath Ape. Remember when I mentioned that the otome game was a mix of a girl dating game and an RPG, well this boss was part of the RPG aspect of the game and it was a pretty hard fight for a beginner level.

I’m really confused why this boss monster is here and not in the mountain like it was supposed to…I nearly forgot. Last night, the boss monsters were all in one place (a cave), but they disappeared without a trace. So Professor Oresama is not responsible for this boss monster appearance…It’s the fault of whoever is the black mist.

OH MY GOSH! That ape nearly smacked me out of the beanstalk! Thankfully, Yami grabbed me in time, but I do wish he would not hold me like a sack of potatoes.

“Thanks,” I muttered, but Yami only scoffed with obvious annoyance. If you were going to be annoyed then why did you even bother rescuing me?

Ah, Phelan and Ramiel are falling toward the ground. I better…Ramiel made an ice platform to catch Phelan and himself. He’s pretty good. Ramiel and Phelan then climbed up the beanstalk back to Yami and my level.

What about Orion? Where is…AGH! WHY IS HE FIGHTING THAT APE BY HIMSELF? I admit that his fire skill is amazing, but the Ape is obviously not affected by the fire attacks.

“Orion, that monster is immune to flames!” I exclaimed. I remember that the ape is immune to many elements and that’s why it was so hard to defeat, but the weakness is that its immunity rotates. What does that mean? Well, let’s use a color changing jewel as an example. Let’s say when the jewel is blue it means that it is immune to all, but water, but when the color changes to orange it means it is immune to all, but fire. The color changing is the same for the ape. The ape’s fur changes to the color of what it is weak too. In this case, it is silver, so it is weak to TIME…Time doesn’t have an attack power (Cecil is a special case), so in this case, it is best to run.

I say “run,” but Orion is still attacking and the other students are nowhere in sight…nowhere in sight? Did the ape knock everyone down? But then what about my friends and the wind users that were here not too long ago?

The only ones here are my group…could it be? When a boss battle happens in games, everything is cut off, so there is no escape. Could it be that since, Orion attacked the ape and we are in the same group, it was determined that we are to fight this boss…DANG IT! In order to survive, my group and I will have to fight this boss, until it is dead. This really sucks.

“Guys,” I squeaked as the others laid their eyes on me, “We have to work together if we want to get out of this alive.” Yami, Phelan, and Ramiel looked around after hearing my words and it looks like they realized that the other students weren’t here and then nodded at me. I got them to agree, but ORION is still fighting the ape without looking at me. I already told you that the flames won’t work.

I sighed as Yami placed me against the stalk and then looked at my group members, who are willing to listen to me.

“I read in the book about this monster. It is called a Wrath Ape and it depends on flight and brute strength to fight. It is also immune to all elements, except to the one that matches its fur. If you pay attention to the color of the fur, you can find out the weakness, but beware that the color changes.”

“So what is it weak against now?” asked Phelan.

“In this case, it is weak against the time element.”

Phelan pointed at himself nervously asking, “So I have to attack?”

“Do you have any offensive attack with your element?”

Phelan shook his head and I could have sworn that I saw dog ears appear. That must be my imagination, since the only one with dog ears is Hachiko.


…Was that Hachiko? AH, WHY IS HE DANGLING ON A STALK BRANCH ABOVE US? Hachiko’s eyes seemed to brighten when he saw me and let go of the branch…HACHIKO! Thank goodness Ramiel used his ice talent to catch Hachiko, but what was Hachiko thinking?


“Mama,” he cheered and slid on the ice to get to me. He embraced me with his dog tail wagging. Yup, this is the one with the dog features not Phelan, but why is he…?

“Nathaniel started to fight that Ape and then everyone, but the people in my group vanished.”

“So Nate is in your group?”

Hachiko nodded and added, “Cecil, Nathaniel, and two girls I don’t know were in my group.” Ah, that explains the female screams I am hearing from above…CECIL IS HERE TOO?

“Where’s Cecil?” Hachiko pointed toward the ape and said, “Cecil is stabbing it from the stalk using his silver needles. They are very effective.”

Of course they are. I can see Cecil throwing needles from above with seriousness in his eyes. He looks pretty cool. I can also see Nate throwing flames at the ape, but is it just me or is Orion throwing flames at Nate too. Please don’t fight Nate during the boss fight.

Anyway, with this revelation that my group wasn’t the only one trapped here, I came up with a plan.

“OK, Cecil is the only one with an offensive time element attack, so we have to distract the Wrath Ape to the best of our ability, while Cecil makes the critical hits.”

Yami scoffed saying, “Then what happens when the weakness changes? You mentioned that the color changes.”

“I know what colors match with which element, so I’ll announce it when it happens and you guys can change formation to match the weakness.”

All of them nodded, but I hoped that the two girls above will have different elements in case of an emergency. At my command, the others began to attack…I say others, but the girls I have yet to see and Phelan are not attacking. Surprisingly, Hachiko and Yami, who are animal element users can attack by using brute force. Were animal talent users that strong?

“Watch me Mama!” Hachiko screamed as he kicked the back of the Wrath Ape. I’m watching, but please don’t call me Mama. We talked about this many times. I guess when he is excited, he forgets our agreement.

Oh no, the color of the fur is beginning to change. What color is it? Blue, so that would be water…WATER? None of us have water, unless…


“Yes, Mama.”

“The girls with you. Do they have water talent?”

“I don’t know. I’ll ask,” stated Hachiko and leapt off the back of the Wrath Ape and onto an upper part of the beanstalk where I couldn’t see him. Within moments, I heard Hachiko announce, “Pigtails has water talent!”

That’s all I needed to hear.

“Tell her to use her talent against the ape!”


After a few moments, water streamed from above and collided with the ape. The ape was wailing in pain, so there was definitely damage. The stream of flames, ice, and needles grew more frequent as the battle against the ape continued. This is a long battle.

Huh, is it just me or is the battle getting farther from me…OH MY GOD! I don’t know when it happened, but the part of the beanstalk I was standing on is gone and I am now falling toward the earth below. I have to use my wind talent. I want to keep it a secret from these strangers, but surviving is the main thing for me.

Huh? Before I could even use my talent, I feel someone gripping the back of my uniform. Who is holding me? I glance over my shoulder and saw Yami gripping onto me, while dangling from a vine of the beanstalk.


Yami scoffed at me saying, “Don’t die before I can get my revenge.”


What is he talking about? Huh? Why is he dipping me down….AHHHHHHHH!



Don’t just call my name. Please help me! The Wrath Ape definitely noticed me. I have to fight it if I want to survive. The color of the fur is now red, so fire is the weakness. I formed a small fireball in the palm of my hand, but it is small enough to not make it obvious. I collided against its fur pressing the palm of my hand against its stomach.


The fireball expanded engulfing the Wrath Ape. Wrath Ape wailed in pain as I began to fall toward the ground again.

I looked toward Orion and Nate and yelled, “Use your talent now!” Nate didn’t hesitate before sending a wave of flames at the Wrath Ape. Orion, after a momentary pause, sent a fire stream at the Wrath Ape. The Wrath Ape was covered even more by the flames, before vanishing before our eyes.

We won, was all I could think before I felt strong arms wrap around me. I expected warmth, but it felt cold. I looked at the one who caught me and saw that it was Ramiel.

“Thank you,” I muttered, but I suddenly noticed that tears were falling from his eyes.


“Thank goodness,” was all I heard from his lips before the beanstalk suddenly skyrocketed higher in the air. I was hugging against Ramiel’s chest as the beanstalk grew. I noticed the others were also holding on for dear life with traces of tears in their eyes. I guess the sudden wind is making their eyes dry.

When the beanstalk finally stopped its growth, all I could see was clouds of gold. Gold? Why are the clouds gold? Ah, why are the clouds beginning to circulate like a tornado? I couldn’t help pressing myself against Ramiel’s chest, but then I felt something warm against my ear.

“Congratulations, your majesty.”

Majesty? Who called me that?

I don’t know what happened, but the next thing I knew, I was kneeling on the ground with Ramiel still hugging me. The beanstalk is gone and I am surrounded by the other students that were not present in the battle against the Wrath Ape. Seriously, what just happened?

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