Chapter 12: This is a Tutoring session right?

Ahem, I was quite panicked before, but things have calmed down. I have finally finished cooking for everyone in the Inn and I was released from the child labor and now I am finally being tutored by Sensei, but I am not alone. In my lap was Bibi in his teddy bear form, but that should be no surprise. Actually there is someone next to me who decided that he should be tutored too: Cecil. Cecil explained that he got to this Inn fast because he took a teleportation stone from my uncle. I think one of those would come in handy in the future when I live on my own.

He said he would be here for the month and get tutored too, while helping me figure out how to fix Sensei’s future; and I really don’t mind, but what I do mind is Cecil’s hostile attitude toward Sensei. Seriously, what is his problem? Sensei is really nice and Cecil attacked him for no reason. I really thought Sensei would refuse to tutor Cecil too, but Sensei was kind enough to accept him as a student too. Sensei is really nice even to people not nice to him.

I guess I should mention this, but my family is now aware of my whereabouts and gave the OK for me to stay here…they must be celebrating my absence. I also want to mention that I did tell Cecil about not mentioning my real last name to Sensei and his companions.

Anyway, I am being tutored by Sensei. If some of you are wondering where Shuya and Ebina are, Shuya is tutoring Ebina in her room. It turns out that Ebina is not really the smart kind and needs to be tutored as well. Sensei mentioned that he usually tutors her, but since he made a promise with me, he is tutoring me instead…I think Ebina might kill me instead.

Cecil, me, and even Bibi listened to Sensei as he went over words that I wasn’t familiar with (must be from his country). Even though the words sounded strange, I understood it perfectly. He’s even better than a Rosetta Stone. At this rate, I’ll master these languages and then be able to travel to foreign countries in the future. Thinking about it is making me excited.

“Hey Ryunosuke,” Cecil suddenly stated with a raised hand. For your information Cecil calls Sensei by his first name.

“Yes,” answered Sensei in a gentle voice.

“I was just wondering why you were looking at Laveda more than me. Are you playing favorites?”

Cecil, that is seriously rude. Sensei is teaching us both equally, so if he is looking my way it is just coincidence…why is Cecil’s face looking dark again?

Sensei smiled and stated, “I just wanted to make sure that I still had her attention since children her age sometimes have a hard time keeping focus.”

Oh so Sensei was trying to be considerate to me because of my age. Now that he mentions it, it isn’t really normal for a child my age to be so into studying so early in her life, but this studying is to help reach my life goals. I must stay focused and this tutoring with Sensei is so nice.

“Laveda is smart, so you don’t have to show favoritism and I have another question.”

“Go ahead.”

(“Are you a moron?”)

Huh? Cecil spoke in a foreign language I don’t understand, but he must have said something shocking since Sensei looks pretty shocked sitting still like that. Oh, Sensei is now smiling…is it just my imagination or is Sensei giving off a dark aura.

(“I see that you already know this advanced language, so why do you need me to tutor you, young man?)

(“Of course to make sure that you don’t have any funny ideas toward Laveda, teacher.”)

I am so lost here. I only understood my name being said, but everything else is a blank to me. I really need to learn this language. Actually why is Sensei and Cecil talking in that language now? Hello, this is a tutoring session, not a foreign conversation get together.

(“Funny ideas? Are you mistaking me for one of those perverts?”)

(“Are you a pervert? When I came in, you were hugging Laveda awfully close to you.”)

(“She was scared and I was trying to comfort her and just to let you know, I am engaged so I wouldn’t engage in an affair with a child as young as Laveda.”)

(“Ah you mean that Ebina girl glaring at Laveda?”)

(“Ebina did no such thing. She was showing concern for Laveda.”)

(“You’re so blind. Laveda is obviously scared of her and you won’t even see that, so don’t try to get close to Laveda if you don’t understand her feelings, stupid foreigner.”)

I heard my name mentioned in those words again, but I wonder why Ebina’s name was in there too. I’m curious about what they are saying, but the sparks flying between them is scary. Even Sensei is starting to look scary. Seriously Cecil, what are you saying to Sensei to make him look so scary?

Sensei suddenly shut the book that was in his hand with a displeased look. He really does look angry.

“We’ll end the tutoring here for today, so I believe that you two should get some rest in your own room,” stated Sensei. I forgot to mention this, but Cecil checked out a room for both me and him, so I don’t need to sleep in Sensei’s room this time, but I kind of feel a little disappointed.

I nodded at Sensei, but I was disappointed that our tutoring was cut short. I suddenly felt a large hand on my head and glanced up at Sensei. He was smiling again and it wasn’t scary.

“We’ll continue the tutoring tomorrow, so please cheer up.”

I nodded with a smile and Bibi jiggled in my arms in happiness. I guess Bibi was happy along with me and his jiggling is so cute. I was suddenly yanked back and pulled into Cecil’s arms.

“Let’s go Laveda,” stated Cecil and I could hear the eagerness in Cecil’s voice. I guess he really wanted to get away from Sensei. I nodded at Cecil and began to leave the room.

When we left the room, I finally gave Cecil a piece of my mind.

“Why are you being so mean to Sensei?” I yelled at Cecil. Cecil flinched, but then crossed his arms and stated, “He was being too familiar with you.”

“He was being nice to me and he was nice enough to you to accept you as a student too.”

Cecil groaned, but I could tell that he couldn’t really say anything back. I guess he was reflecting about his actions toward Sensei and that made me slightly happy, but I am still wondering exactly what he said to Sensei for them to be on such bad terms right now.

Cecil and I entered our checked out room and locked the door behind us. We both sat on the wooden ground of the room and I made sure to let Bibi wander around the room free from my teddy bear.

Cecil cleared his throat and asked, “So what did you see in that guy’s future that was so upsetting that he would need to break up with his girl?” I gulped feeling nervous. I didn’t see Sensei’s future using my time talent, but from my memories of my previous life, but I can’t tell that to Cecil. He might find me crazy. Better to play along that I used my time talent.

“When I touched Sensei, I saw him crying with Ebina’s dead body in front of him.”

“Wait a minute, he kills his girl?”

I nodded and added, “But I saw more before that. Ebina cheated on him and tried to poison him to get his money, but he discovered it and then she tried to kill him with a knife and then he used his water talent to push her away, but that killed her.” Sensei really didn’t mean to kill her and he didn’t deserve to feel such guilt when Ebina was the one at fault.

“That really is messed up,” stated Cecil with crossed arms. I nodded and added, “That’s why I think it is best that Sensei never marries Ebina, so he won’t kill her and will have a happy future.”

“I see your point, but you mentioned that you don’t want him to have a heart break and judging by his reaction around that girl, he is already in love with her so them getting married is almost a permanent reality.”

“But Sensei…”

“But there might be a way.”


Cecil must have a brilliant idea. Cecil smirked and stated, “Judging by your vision, Ebina doesn’t love Ryunosuke, so if she falls in love with him now then the cheating won’t happen and they will have a happy marriage.”

I see. I planned to make them break up to protect his future, but the problem was that Ebina never loved him, so if she fell in love with him then she won’t try to kill him and thus Sensei will have a happy future. He might not be a capture target if that is the case, but he won’t have a tragic future.

“I like that idea, so how are we going to make her fall in love him.”

“We can start by not having you close to him.”


“Think about it. With you always with Ryunosuke, Ebina has less time with him and the chances of her falling in love decreases. Understand?”

Cecil does have a point, but Sensei is tutoring me now and it would be rude to always be away from him when he is trying to teach me, but this is for him to have a happy future and for Ebina’s wicked character to vanish from history.

“I understand. I will avoid Sensei.”

“Good, but the tutoring session between you and him is a problem.”

“Shuya knows the languages as well, so he can tutor me,” I suggested as much as it pained me to say. I really wanted to continue to learn under Sensei, but his happy future was the priority. Cecil nodded, but then he flinched and glared at me making me flinch.

“Shuya is that other guy, right?”

I nodded.

“…You won’t be allowed near him unless I am present.”

“OK,” I muttered in hope of calming down Cecil. Cecil seemed so angry and I didn’t even know why.

Putting Cecil aside, I wonder how I am going to tell Sensei that I want to be tutored by Shuya instead…I’m sorry Sensei. Please have a happy future.

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