Chapter 13: I’m so sorry Sensei!

I am so nervous right now. I am standing before Sensei’s room again with Bibi in his teddy bear form in my arms. Cecil has already fallen asleep, so this is the best time to be here. My mission for coming here was to inform Sensei that I no longer needed him to tutor me and that I would now hire Shuya as my tutor…it sounds like I am firing him! Maybe he won’t feel bad if I tell him in a calm voice, but what if he gets angry, especially since I am saying that I want to be tutored by Shuya. Stop it Laveda! You are doing this for Sensei’s future, so don’t back down.

I must break teaching ties with him and have him spend more time with Ebina, so she can fall in love with him and his future will become happy. Here I go.

I knocked on the door gently and then the door opened revealing Shuya with a smile on his face.


I am having a sense of déjà vu. As expected, Shuya froze and then exclaimed, “There’s a ghost!”  I kicked him in the shin making him crouch down holding his injury. Seriously, he needs to look down before making exclamations like that. He’s so annoying. Bibi agreed with me since he kicked Shuya in the forehead.

As expected, Shuya and Bibi were once again in a glaring battle.


I smiled at the sound of Sensei’s voice and went up to him taking Bibi with me.

“Hello Sensei.”

“Why are you here? We were going to continue the tutoring tomorrow.”

“About that…”

I bowed deeply and said the words that even broke my heart.

“You no longer need to tutor me!”


Sensei looked obviously shocked, but he turned pale when I added, “I want Shuya to tutor me.” Even Shuya looked at me in shock. Sensei really looked pale as he looked at me.

“Why Shuya?”

“Well he knows just as many languages as you and I thought it was best that he tutor me since I don’t want to bother you.”

I’m sorry Sensei, but this is for your future. The room was filled with silence, but it was broken when Shuya chuckled and knelt behind me placing a hand on my forehead.

“Looks like I get to tutor Laveda for this month, so you go ahead and enjoy your time with Ebina,” stated Shuya and he sounded like he was teasing Sensei, but Shuya had a point. Now Sensei can spend more time with Ebina and the chance of her falling in love with him will increase.

Sensei is still silent, but he suddenly smiled and I was happy for those few seconds, before I realized that his eyes didn’t have a trace of happiness. I have a bad feeling.

“Shuya?” asked Sensei with his strange smile.

“Yes?” answered back Shuya with traces of nervousness in his voice.

“How many languages do you know again?”

“About the same amount as you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah; Ryu, you’re starting to sound scary.”

Sensei suddenly whipped out a piece of paper and a pen and held it to Shuya saying, “Write down all the languages you know and we’ll see if you know as many as I do.” Shuya nodded with sweat on his brow as he reached out to the paper.

Seriously Sensei, you are starting to sound really scary and why are you challenging Shuya? I am asking Shuya to tutor me to protect your future and you are making it difficult with this challenge.

The next thing I knew, Shuya had finished writing down all the languages he knew and presented it to Sensei. Sensei then smiled and stated, “You know thirty languages? Pretty impressive, but I know fifty.”


Even I want to know that, but Sensei really is impressive to know all those languages. Sensei directed his gaze at me with a professional smile on his face.



“Between Shuya and me, who is the most qualified to teach you the foreign languages?”

“…You since you know more languages than Shuya.”

“Exactly, so shouldn’t I be the one to tutor you?”

“Yes, but…”

I really hate to do this, but I embraced Shuya, who was still kneeling behind me, around his neck and exclaimed, “I still want Shuya to tutor me!”

Shuya was frozen stiff as I hugged him, but then I felt a chill behind my back. Is Sensei angry? He’s angry isn’t he? I don’t want to look back at an angry Sensei.

“Laveda, I’m glad you want to be tutored by me, but please don’t hug me. Ryu looks ready to kill.”

I’m sorry Shuya, but if I let go, my resolve for this plan will vanish.

“If that is your choice then I will accept it.”

I glanced at Sensei with relief that he finally backed down, but I was immediately struck with guilt when I noticed the sadness in his face. Was me rejecting him really that bad? I just have to repeat that it is for his future and the pain of guilt will go away…I feel really bad.

I released Shuya and bowed to him and stated, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I then looked back at Sensei and wished him a farewell too.

I picked up Bibi and then left the room making sure to close the door behind me. I began to walk back to my room…I seriously want to cry. I didn’t think Sensei would be this sad about me rejecting his offer to teach me, but this is for his future…for his future…I’M SO SORRY SENSEI!

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