Chapter 15: Is this really the result?

It is almost the end of my tutoring time with Sensei. That means a month is almost over. Some of you must be wondering what happened to the plan of giving Sensei a happy future. Well it didn’t go exactly as planned. I was still tutored by Sensei because Shuya kept getting sick because of “experiments.” I refuse to believe that Sensei was responsible for this. He still spent time with Ebina…as her tutor in our tutor sessions. I refused to be alone with Sensei, so I thought it was best for her to join us. There was never a conversation between Ebina and Sensei by themselves and the tutoring session with Ebina was usually me letting her read my notes after each lesson. I couldn’t let her suffer. She looked like she would cry through every lesson of Sensei.

Are Sensei and Ebina closer? I have no idea and even Cecil doesn’t know of their future and he refuses to touch them until he is absolutely sure. I’m actually not sure if Cecil was helping since once in a while, Sensei and him would argue in another foreign language I didn’t know yet. Ebina seemed to understand, but her face of disbelief made me not want to understand what they were saying.

As for Shuya, I worry for his health and luckily he never told Sensei about my talent. Shuya is trust worthy…I think.

Currently I am sitting in my room with a cup of tea in my hands and Bibi roaming the room out of my teddy bear. My tutoring time with Sensei had ended for the day, so I decided to enjoy some green tea. I am so glad green tea exists in this world. Just drinking it brings a warm feeling to my chest.

If you guys are wondering, Cecil is taking a bath, so I have my alone time with Bibi. So relaxing. Now that I think about it, tomorrow is my last lesson with Sensei. I really am going to miss him, but I still wonder if his future will be bright. Maybe I should see his future to see if it has changed.

I placed my cup down and then patted Bibi’s head saying, “Stay here, Bibi.” Bibi jiggled in reply. He is so cute! Hold on, I have to see Sensei now to see if his future changed in any way.

I left my room and luckily, Cecil was still not in sight, so I began to head toward his room. When I reached his room, I was about to knock, but then I heard something crash followed by yelling.

“Just tell me the truth Ryunosuke!”

“What do you want to know?”

That’s Ebina and Sensei’s voices, but they sound really angry. Is this an argument? Why are they arguing?

“Calm down you two.”

That’s Shuya’s voice now.

“Shut up Shuya!”

They both yelled at Shuya. Shuya must be shocked. Poor guy.

“I don’t know why you are being so difficult about this. I was just teaching her.”

“Teaching her? You were looking at her nonstop during the lesson and barely looked at me. Couldn’t you see that I was having a hard time?”

Wait a minute, am I the cause of this argument? Come on Ebina, Sensei was just teaching me. He didn’t mean to offend you.

“Were you always like this Ebina? Getting bitter because I was close to Laveda. You should know better.”

“Come on Ryunosuke. I am your fiancé and you barely spent time with me during this trip. The only time I could be alone with you was at the academy and even there you barely paid attention to me. You just wanted to get back here sooner to teach. Is that even normal?”

Wow, Sensei is dedicated to teaching, but that isn’t a reason to be mad at Sensei Ebina. The plan for you to fall in love with him is falling apart! Sensei’s future is in danger!

“Ebina…I think I need to be alone a while.”

The next thing I knew the door swung open to the point I had to avoid it. I could hear Ebina crying, but I noticed Sensei walking down the hall briskly and the hurt in his face. Did I cause this? I don’t want Sensei to be sad.

I glanced at the room and saw that Shuya was comforting Ebina, so I made it my responsibility to comfort Sensei.

I ran after Sensei. I followed Sensei out of the Inn and down the road. I recognize this path. This is the path toward the Bookstore where we first agreed to become teacher and student. Sensei indeed went to the bookstore and entered. I followed making sure my steps were as soft as possible. He walked into the shelves and when I peeked around, I saw that he was in the language learning area. He sat down on the wooden ground staring at the shelf like he was deep in thought.

He looks really sad. I need to help him the best I can.

“Sensei?” I squeaked. Sensei looked in my direction with wide eyes and then his eyes grew solemn again.

“Laveda, why are you here?”

“I can ask you the same thing. Why come here?”

Sensei chuckled looking at the books.

“I guess I needed to be alone and being surrounded by these books help.”

I sat next to Sensei staring at the books.

“Are you treating this place as an escape?”

“…escape, that sounds about right.”

Sensei glanced at me and asked, “You followed me here didn’t you?” I nodded and added, “I heard the argument. Is it my fault?”

Sensei shook his head pressing his hands to the floor.

“It’s actually my fault. I love Ebina very much, but she didn’t love me.”

“You knew?” I asked. I thought Sensei didn’t know. Sensei nodded as he continued to speak.

“I noticed it when we started this trip, but then I noticed that she showed jealousy when you appeared, so I decided to use my tutoring time with you to make her jealous and fall in love with me for real.”

“Are you serious?”

Really Sensei? I never thought you were the manipulative type. My feelings for you are staring to waver, Sensei.

Sensei nodded and continued.

“Don’t get me wrong, I did want to tutor you. Actually I think I was more motivated to teach you than to make her jealous after a while. I looked forward to teaching you through this entire month that I even forgot that I was trying to make Ebina jealous…My motivation caused her to reveal her true feelings and when I learned how she really was like, I realized that she would never truly love me.”

Sensei really is sad and he blames himself, but you just wanted to teach. I am angry that you were using me, but I can’t really complain since I was trying to get you two together.



“I have something to confess.”


I nodded and then began to speak.

“My last name is not Reina. It is Lorenzino.”


“Yes, I’m sorry I lied about my name, but I was told to keep it a secret by my father. He sees me as a failure since I am talentless.”

“Talentless? You have the animal talent, so why would he…”

“The crystal that measures talent revealed I had none, but as you said, I have the animal talent and others.”

“Others…are you saying that you have other talents, but that is…”

“Impossible? I know, but I do and the crystal can’t measure it.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because you told me that you were trying to make Ebina fall in love with you and I was doing the same.”


“Yes, I was trying to have you spend more time with her so she could fall in love with you for real, but you made it difficult by insisting to teach me, so I had to drag her into the tutoring sessions, but that seemed to have the opposite effect and I’m sorry for that.”

“What does this have to do with your…do you have the time talent?”

I nodded holding my knees close to my chest.

“I saw your future with her and how you felt guilt because you killed her.”

“I killed her?”

“Yes, but it was an accident, but the events happened because you two were married when she didn’t love you. She had an affair with a close friend of yours and then tried to kill you. You defended yourself and she died as a result. I didn’t want that future for you since you were so kind, so I tried to change it, but I think I might have made it worse.”

Sensei was silent as he stared at me. Should I really have told him? He looks shocked. I guess he would be if he learned that he killed his future wife, but it’s not your fault, so please Sensei, don’t be sad.

I suddenly felt a big hand on my head and looked up at him. He was smiling as he rubbed my head like a cat.

“Thank you for telling me and now I know, it isn’t possible to have a future with Ebina.”


“I refused to see the reality. Hoping she would love me back, but that’s not possible. Surprisingly, I’m not sad.”

“You’re not?”

“I feel relieved.”


Sensei nodded and began to chuckle. Oh no, did Sensei become insane. Please don’t be insane. Sensei smiled at me and I could see the warmness in it.

“I was living in a fantasy and now I am ready to look to the future. I want to become a teacher and I want to bring hope to my students.”

I smiled and stated, “You’ll make a wonderful teacher Sensei.” The next thing I knew, Sensei had embraced me in his arms. It’s so warm.

I closed my eyes and then saw a vision. There’s Shuya in front of Sensei and he seems to be saying something…I understand what he is saying.

“Ryu, please help me.”

“You dug your own grave when you comforted her.”

“But she was originally your fiancé, please have mercy.”

“She’s your problem now.”


I opened my eyes and showed a small smile. I see, so Ebina did fall in love, just with the wrong person. I hope your wicked character disappears Ebina, if you want a happy ending.

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