Chapter 17: I’m going to climb a mountain!

Laveda here, I am finally four-years-old. My powers have evolved quite a bit, but I am still working on it. I plan to be an expert in all talents before I enter the Academy at the age of fifteen. I am older and still working toward my goals: I will get a stable job, get married, have kids, and grow old happy…I guess I should add that I will become an expert in my talents. All of this for a happy future.

Speaking of future, some of you might be wondering what happened after I returned to my home after my month of being with Sensei. As expected, none of my family members cared that I was back. I expected to see Tulio there being commended for leaving me in town, but he was nowhere in sight. My father had fired him for some reason. The firing must have nothing to do with me, since father wants me gone. As for Cecil, he returned to his mansion and continued his studies visiting me for the remainder of the year…he actually still visits even this year.

All right back on track, I need to work toward my goals. I know a lot of languages now and made a translated text just to be safe, so I can travel in the future in case things really do head toward the disaster flag caused by my older sister. Too bad I can’t fix her wicked character. Let her fall to ruin by herself.

Bibi just jiggled as he chased a butterfly…SO CUTE! Oh yes, I forgot to mention it, but I am once again in the back forest with my forest friends. They are all so adorable and they even brought me mushrooms that I can cook. Mushroom soup for lunch! Yeah!

Before I eat though, I better exercise and exercise includes stretches and climbing trees. Climbing trees is really easy now. It doesn’t even take me a minute to get to the top anymore. Maybe I should climb taller trees to make me stronger. Stronger…such a nice word. I have gotten stronger and climbing trees helped with that, but I can’t get stronger if I just do this. I need a better challenge. Something that will make me sweat.

“I got it!”

A mountain is the way to go. With my talents it shouldn’t be too much trouble and my animal talent is good enough that I can control a bird large enough to bring me to a mountain. I can do this as long as I keep my mind on it.

I bet you guys are thinking I am crazy to even consider climbing a mountain, but in my previous life during the summers, I would go mountain climbing with some friends. The winds were cold to the touch and it was hard to breathe at times, but the climb was so exhilarating that I wanted to climb a mountain every summer, so if I climb a mountain here, it isn’t real my first time and I know what precautions to take to make sure I won’t die…again.

My mind is set, so I better let my father know that I will be living the mansion once again…I won’t mention the mountain…father wouldn’t really care anyway, so better to be safe than sorry.

I told father that I would be going into town for a month and promised to keep my identity a secret. Father allowed me to go, but he didn’t even lift his head up to look at me. I expected as much, but my father’s rejection of my existence makes my heart hurt still. I should be used to this by now.

As I exited father’s study to prepare for my departure, Abigail ran ass me making sure to shove me aside and called out to father with a smile. My father smiled at Abigail and lifted her up calling her his favorite princess…father really does love Abigail more. Stop it Laveda! You made a decision already that you will separate from them in the future, so don’t wish for the impossible…it really does hurt.

I left father with Abigail and gathered my bags from my room. Let’s see I am going to need rope, some carabineers, mountain boots, a helmet, underwear…lots of underwear, food…I might need to really go to town to shop for these, but first, mushroom soup!

I don’t want to bore you guys with how I made soup and ate it, so let’s skip ahead to my time in town. I once again had a pouch filled with money that I saved and a big bag over my shoulder to carry the supplies I will buy with Bibi in his teddy bear form riding on top. Maybe the bag is a little big since people are giving me strange stares. I’m sorry for looking weird, but there are essentials in order to climb a mountain.

On the bright side, some supplies don’t need to be bought because of my talents. If I get hurt, I can use the light talent. If I want to keep warm while camping and cook my meal then I can use my fire talent. If I need water to keep me hydrated then water talent is there for my rescue. These talents are so useful.

I bought some of the needed supplies and as I got closer to the end of my trip, I came to a startling realization. I can’t climb a mountain in a dress. Climbing a mountain in a dress is just asking to die. I headed to the closes clothes store and as I browsed, I realized that the clerk would most likely not sell to the clothes if I were to tell her that I was going to wear it. In this world, it is improper for a girl such as me to wear pants, which is considered a boy’s attire. There shouldn’t be gender discrimination here! This really is a problem.

I have an idea, but it is risky. I activated my darkness talent and surrounded my body with a dark fog. This talent is risky since it is hard to hide, but I can use this talent to disguise myself as a boy. If you guys haven’t guessed, I am using the illusion part of the darkness talent…for your information I refuse to learn the mind controlling part of this talent, since it freaks me out too much. When the smoke cleared, my long white hair became short and the clothes I wore turned to purple shorts and a short sleeved white shirt. The illusion is pretty good. My form looks different, but it is all an illusion, so I really still have long hair and I am wearing dress, but to others I look like a small boy who has yet to hit manly hood. I don’t think I have to worry about the voice, but I’ll change my tone just in case.

Just as I thought about my new form, a female clerk approached me from around the shelf of clothes and asked, “Do you need something young man?”

Good she didn’t see through my illusion.

“Yes, I would like to buy some pants and a long sleeved shirt along with some boots,” I said with a somewhat scratchy voice. It’s actually making my throat itch, but this is only temporary. The woman nodded and began to gather a number of clothes after measuring me. She displayed them to me with a smile.

“These clothes are made with top quality silk and cotton from foreign countries and the boots I recommend are blessed with water and earth resistance, so the chances of these boots getting dirty decrease and they are very sturdy for any climate.”

She’s a good sales lady and deserves a raise.

“How much?”

“Are you planning to buy them all?”

I nodded.

The female clerk suddenly summoned a handful of wind and tossed it to make it curve around the shelves. The end of the wind twisted and then returned to her hand with a calculator. Quite impressive: to use your wind talent to grab your calculator. The woman typed into the calculator and then nodded.

“We are having a sale today, so I can give you a discount on these clothes and that would equal to about one gold, three silver, and two copper coins.”

That’s not so bad. For your information, this is the currency of the game:

One gold= about $50

One silver=about $10

One copper=about $1

Pretty much the clothes all together are $82.00. It does sound expensive, but considering the quality of the clothes I think the price is worth it.

I paid the female clerk and took the clothes with me. I’m pretty sure they fit, so no need to try them on. Some of you might think it is irresponsible not to try on these clothes, but the venders here always provide clothes that fit when I played the game, so I’m pretty sure it is the same here. I swear I am not being lazy.

I went to an area where there was no one in sight and dispelled the illusion returning me to my former self. I cleared my throat since disguising my voice stressed my throat. Anyway time to head back to the back forest and find an animal big enough to fly me to the mountain.

I was ready to leave town, but then I saw a stand that was selling goggles. THOSE GOGGLES ARE SO CUTE! I immediately ran to the sand looking at each of the goggles. This gold one is very classy and seems to be in the style of the 70s. This green run gives off an Irish vibe. This red one is so flashy and it even has flames on the side. That is so cool. Looking at these goggles remind me of the time I had to shop for prescription glasses. I got Lasik when I entered college, but I did miss my thin blue flames that made me look so intelligent. Who cares if people called me four eyes? Glasses are a fashion statement of intelligence and they look good.

I browsed through the googles and suddenly noticed a pair that made me smile so wide that I thought I might look like the Cheshire cat. These goggles were white like marshmallow and had gold lining around the straps and lenses. It seemed to sparkle in the light as well. Such cool goggles.

Now that I think about it, one of the capture characters wore goggles. I think I mentioned him before: Nathaniel Agni. He wore goggles as a way to decrease the fierceness of his eyes. It helped a little, but people still ran away from him or challenged him to a fight leading him to become a delinquent. Even though he was labeled as a delinquent, he was very kind…so kind that I forgot the important parts of his route since I wanted to see more of his kindness. I guess that was a little mean of me, but his kindness was so cute, so of course I want more of his cuteness than his serious storyline.

These goggles look exactly like the ones Nathaniel wore in the game. I remember in my previous life that I loved his goggles so much that I bought ones that were similar and wore it to an anime convention. Anime conventions are great and I’m glad I managed to attend one before my death. Oops, sounded like I was advertising. Anyway, these goggles are so alike to what Nathaniel wears…I’ll buy these and wear them in the mountain. I do need to protect my eyes. Spending five copper coins won’t hurt my budget.

I immediately wore the goggles and finally headed out of town humming the catchy theme song of Key of Fortune Love. I wish I can record this theme song, so I can listen to it in the mountain.

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