Chapter 18: Prepare to meet your match…NOT YOU!

Preparations are complete. I have changed into the boy clothes that consisted of long blue pants and a long sleeved violet shirt and the sturdy boots. I tied my long white hair back and then placed the red helmet on my head. I also wore the goggles. They feel so comfortable. I have ordered Bibi to take care of my dwelling in the back forest since mountains are not good for slimes like him, so Bibi and I will be separate from each other during this month for the first time in years. I’ll miss you Bibi!

I grabbed my bag filled with the supplies I needed…now that I think about it, I should have bought an interspatial ring since it would be lighter and it can even hold more. No, I have to increase my strength, so an oversized bag is good enough for me.

My bag is now against my back. Heh, I feel like an Explorer from those adventure movies back in my previous life. I just hope I don’t run into natural disasters like in those movies.

I whistled between my right index and middle finger creating a high pitch noise that echoed throughout the back forest. Within moments, I began to hear the flapping wings of one of my forest friends. I look up and there he is: the great Eagle Falcon, the size of an oak tree. He landed in front of me and bowed his head. Such a great forest friend.

You guys curious on how I gained such a great large bird in my friendship circle, well when I was gathering some herbs in the back forest with my other forest friends, he flew down from above with an arrow stuck in his leg. He was bleeding quite a bit, but I was able to heal him using my light talent and after that, he had been my friend ever since. Where did the arrow come from? I have no idea, but let’s ignore the minor details. The fact is that I have a forest friend, who can take me to a mountain. Just to let you guys know, I nicknamed him Featherhead. Just a nickname since he is not my familiar. Bibi is my only familiar.

I climbed onto Featherhead’s large back positioning my bag on his back so the bag won’t interfere with his flying. Just in case, I tied a rope around his neck and the other end around my waist. I don’t want to take the chance of falling off. I may have all the talents, but that doesn’t make me immortal. I would hate to die again because of a fall. I know I can fly using the wind talent, but that isn’t very strong yet, so I can’t be totally dependent on it. That doesn’t make me lazy.

All right, I am now ready so take off into the sky Featherhead! Featherhead flapped his wings and then soared into the sky. Good thing I got these goggles or my eyes would be so dry now. Oh~ I’ve never been this high before! I can see my house from here and even the town. So cool~!

I better train my wind talent better so I can fly this high someday. Phweee~ a cloud went up my nose. Maybe I should have bought a mask too. For now, I’ll just have Featherhead avoid as many clouds as possible to I won’t be wet when we reach the mountains. Wouldn’t want to catch a cold before climbing.

We flew for a long time and I think it was noon by the time I began to see a mountain in the distance. It really looks tall from a distance, so it might be even bigger than Mount Everest. If I climbed to the top of that mountain I could be famous…chances are no one would really care since with the Element of Wind anyone can climb that mountain, but this is training for me, so I shouldn’t try to use this opportunity to become famous. Anyway, prepare to meet your match….uh mountain. Now that I think about it, does this mountain have a name? Well until I know its name, PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MATCH MOUNT EVEREST JR! I’ll come up with a better name eventually.

“All right Featherhead, I need you to get to a land able ledge in the side of the mountain.”

Featherhead gave out a caw and soared through the sky beginning to circle the mountain. I decided now to start at the very bottom, since that might cause trouble, especially if someone catches me, so best to start in the middle where the likelihood of being discovered is lessened.

I gaze at the mountain as Featherhead circled the mountain and I could have sworn that I saw a glimmer at the side of the mountain. Maybe it is because I am in a young body, but I grew curious about the glimmer, so I had Featherhead soar to that area.

Wait a minute, the glimmer looks like a mirror. It is a mirror. No wait, that mirror is attached to something. ISN’T THAT A BOY DANGLING ON THE EDGE? This is bad. There’s a boy in loose clothing dangling from the side of a mountain. Why are you in such loose clothing when climbing a mountain with snow? Forget that statement, that boy is in trouble. Wait a minute, there’s something above him. It has arms, so it is a person…THAT’S NOT A PERSON! IT’S THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN! I called it an Abominable Snowman, but it is a Snow Yeti just like in the game. In the Otome Game you could fight monsters to increase your strength and the Snow Yeti was one of them. It is a high level monster and it is heading straight for that boy.

The boy is obviously losing his grip…I better save him. I instruct Featherhead to fly to his rescue. Featherhead tilted his body making him soar through the sky toward the boy, but just when we were inches from the boy, the boy lost his grip.


At my words, Featherhead began to dart toward the falling boy. This is not good. Featherhead is fast, but the boy falling is somehow faster…I’ll probably regret this later, but Geronimo!

I leapt off Featherhead’s back and reached toward the boy. Almost there…Got you! I grabbed the boy’s extended hand and sighed in relief. I was suddenly yanked back up and found myself near Featherhead’s leg, which I caught with my free hand. I completely forgot about the rope around my waist. It acted like a bungee jumping cord. Pretty cool. Are you guys wondering what my plan was if I forgot about the rope? I planned to use my wind talent to get to a nearby ledge, so no problem…OK maybe there would have been a problem. This boy is heavy.

I ordered Featherhead to bring me and the boy to stable ground on the mountain…far away from the Yeti.

Featherhead did bring us to stable ground on the mountain and it had a cave, so convenient. I took my bag down and removed the rope from Featherhead and told him to fly freely for now until I needed him again. Featherhead just nodded and then flew off into the distance out of sight.

All right since Featherhead has left, I should now take care of the boy. I began to drag him along the snow…it kind of looks like I am trying to move a dead body. Seriously, he’s heavy and he’s heavier because he feinted. Well, I don’t blame him since if I suddenly fell from a mountain with a Yeti towering above me, I would feint too. OK, back to business. Need to get this boy into the cave and start a fire.

You know what, forget this. I have the ice talent. I activated my ice talent around the snow and used the snow to carry the boy into the cave. I admit that ice isn’t my favorite element, but what can you do? There are times when it is needed.

I walked into the cave and used the ice talent to seal the opening of the cave. Can’t let cold air in here or Yetis wandering the mountain. Now that, that is done, time to make a fire. Gather leaves and some wood. Amazing what you can find in a cave. Now surround it with stones and fire talent. All of this together makes a nice fire to warm up the cave. I knew those camping lessons would help someday…except that I used fire talent instead of a flint. Oh well, still got the job done.

The boy is shivering. I better get him warm. I pulled a blanket from my bag and wrapped his body with it. Why is he wearing such loose clothing? Poor thing must be freezing. Now that I look at him, he seems to be a little older than my sister. He has such red hair, the very definition of a ginger. His skin is kind of pale, probably from the cold and he is thin too. Makes me wonder: why he was falling so fast if he’s this thin. I better make him something to eat.

I pulled out some instant soup from my bag and a pot. Using my water talent I filled the pot with water and hanged it over the fire to heat up. I tore open the instant soup and poured it into the pot that grew hotter as time passed.

It smells good. I can smell the chicken in the soup…I smell something burning. It’s not the soup…OH MY GOD! I had to roll out from my spot as a ball of fire replaced that spot. I could have been burned!

I immediately saw the culprit. It was the boy I just saved. He was surrounded with flames as he glared at me. He was trying to burn me and he even burned the blanket. That was a good blanket too you jerk!

“Who are you?” he demanded with the flames increasing around him causing the ice to slowly melt.

“I should be asking you that! Is this how you thank a person for saving you?” I yelled. I was obviously angry. This boy with fire talent dared to attack me when I was the one who saved him? Such a jerk!

The boy seemed to be in deep thought and then the flames around him vanished. I’m amazed his clothes aren’t burned. The boy bowed slightly to me saying, “Sorry, but I never expected to see another person here during my trial.”


The boy nodded and then held his hand to his chest, “I am here for my trial to become a full-fledged fire warrior as part of the Agni Clan.”

Agni? Sounds familiar. Wait a second…those slightly red eyes that seem to penetrate the soul and the red hair that seems longer like a lion’s mane. Oh my gosh, this boy is…I have to be sure.

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Nathaniel Agni.”

It is him. I met another capture target…but seriously, why is he in such loose clothing? He’s even shivering. Poor thing, but you are still jerk for attacking me…I better feed him though before he catches a cold.

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