Chapter 2: This Book is very educational…WHAT THE HECK?

My plan is in motion and when I say in motion I mean that I have managed to swipe a number of books from my father’s library without being noticed and escaped into the forest in the back of the mansion. Some of you might be wondering why there is a forest behind the mansion…even I don’t know, but it is the perfect place to get away from spying eyes.

I was a dedicated college student, so I made sure to place the books nicely on the grassy ground. Thank goodness it didn’t just rain or these poor books would have been damaged from mud and dirt. With the grass not moist, I can place the books down without any damage. I sat under the shade of a tree and grabbed the top book from the stack of books next to me.

The History of Fairsky Country

This book was very interesting. It told of how our first king of Fairsky found this country and after doing a number of good deeds the key of the country emerged from his heart and became the first king. He made this country flourished and it was said that he married an elemental nymph, thus why the talents in magic existed in the country. It went more into detail on other rulers and their contributions to the country, especially of one named Anshumeva, who was the one to establish the first school dedicated to magical talents in the kingdom. The book sadly also explained that even though elemental magic was part of this country, not everyone is blessed with the talents with me being included. I am a pretty fast reader, so I finished this book in less than an hour and moved to the next book.

The History of the World

This is another interesting read. Besides repeating some information found in the previous book, it mentioned other countries around the world. There are a total of fifty countries all around the world, the same number of states in the United States, ha, ha. I would go into deeper detail, but I don’t want you guys to doze off, so let’s just say that the countries in this world are filled with magic and there are mentions of fairies and demons as well. Fairies are rarely seen and all demons are sealed thanks to our ancestors…the word demon kind of rings a bell, but I’ll worry about that later. The main point is that I now have an idea where I can escape to, when the disaster end is close. Yeah for me!

Moving onto the next book!

All the Secrets Dedicated to the Elements of Magic

Very nice read, even though I have no talent in any of the elements of magic, it doesn’t hurt to understand it more. As I mentioned before, there are ten elements of magic: fire, water, wind, earth, wood, animal, ice, time, light, and darkness.

As the name states, fire allows the user to control the fire elements. There are cases where fire users can also fly using the speed of fire, but not many can do this and it is still being studied.

Water allows the user to control water and this talent in water can be good in keeping up one’s appearance. It mentions that water users are the most beautiful when compared to other users.

Wind users can control the wind and the books mentions that it is good during the summer…just like a fan. Wind users can also control how sound travels, which is pretty cool and they are known as the fastest beings in the world.

Earth users can control the earth like sand and rock. It seems that this talent can be used to make golems as well, but it requires a high amount of magic, so only a few earth users can do this.

Wood users are actually people that can control plants. I really think this element should have been called plant element instead of wood element, especially since wood users can also control the growth of plants. Actually many wood users became farmers because of this talent.

Animal users can communicate with animals and even turn into them if they so choose. Animal users are the only ones that can have animal familiars, so if you see a person with an animal they are most likely a person with the talent in the element of animal.

Ice can control water as well, but only if the water is in a solid form, so icicles and snow are counted in the element of ice.

Time element is pretty rare and allows one to see the past and the future and if their talent is really high leveled than they can freeze or speed up time at will. Sounds pretty scary and yet it sounds so fun.

Light talent is basically in the healing arts, but it can be used as attack power as well just like a laser gun. I bet if I had the light talent, I could make a light saber just like in the movies.

The final element is darkness. The people with the talent in darkness can control all that is darkness, including our shadows. It is a pretty dangerous talent when I look through this book since it can also control people against their will and cause illusions. Note to self: avoid people with the talent in darkness. I have to admit though that my favorite talent is the animal talent since you can get a pet with this talent. That reminds me, to the next book…

I then notice that I am surrounded by different animals from deer to wolves that don’t seem eager to eat me. I sat frozen with my left hand still reaching for the book. I failed to notice it, but there was a rabbit in my lap and a few small birds on my shoulders and on top of my head. I swear I feel like I have taken the role of Snow White with all these animals around me. They don’t seem ready to attack, so I grab the next book.

Record of Animals and Monsters

That’s pretty funny considering how many animals were around me. This book described all the animals within the country and around the world. I was already aware about most animals, but it mentioned about monsters. I forgot to mention this, but this Otome Game is like a Role-Playing Game (RPG) where you would fight monsters to gain skill points. It was one of the reasons why this otome game was so popular. I read deeply about the monsters, since I want to be prepared to fight in case I run into any. There were also pictures of these dangerous monsters from the low level slime to a high leveled goblin. I would hate to run into a goblin, since they were described as being very vicious, but this slime, when I look at its picture is surprisingly cute. I actually want to cuddle it. I remember that in my previous life, I had the heroine slay a slime and felt so guilty that I was literally crying begging for the slime to come back. Seriously, why did they make the slime look so cute?

Just as I was thinking this, I suddenly noticed the animals begin to scatter. I look up and before me stood a green slime just like in the book. It had tilted eyes like an anime character that never opens his eyes and its body jiggled trying to look scary. Instead of being scared I was blushing at how cute it looked. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I immediately leapt up and hugged the slime close exclaiming how cute it was. It was so squishy like a fluffy pillow and it reminded me more of a teddy bear. It struggled a bit before relaxing in my embrace. It suddenly pressed itself against my right wrist and when I looked at my wrist I saw a symbol of a white rose. How nice, the slime gave me a tattoo…wait a minute, this symbol means that a contract of a familiar has been made, just like it said in the book! I glanced at the slime and saw it glowing slightly. I read in the book that when an animal glows that it means that it wants to be named to complete the familiar contract. I was nervous, but since I had nothing to lose, I gave it a name.

“Your name is Bibi.”

I know I have no naming sense, but this was the name of my favorite doll in my previous life. I really miss that doll. The slime seemed to like that name so my new slime familiar was named Bibi.

Since I have a familiar, does that mean I have talent in the element of animal? But that stupid crystal said I had none and it was supposed to be the same in the game. I wonder why it is different? Oh well, I have a slime pet and he is absolutely adorable. I know the slime is a “he” since he is now my familiar. Bibi is jiggling again like jelly, so cute!

Time to continue to study, but as I made my way back to the tree, I tripped and scratched my knee. Bibi was jiggling in panic wondering what to do as I sat on the ground staring at my wounded knee. It was my fault that I got hurt, but I do wish that I brought a bandage. I placed my hand on my knee to ease the pain a little, but then a light escaped the palm of my hand and landed on my knee. In an instant, my knee was healed. As Bibi shook in excitement, I stared at my knee in disbelief.

My knee is healed after a light escaped the palm of my hand…does that mean I have the talent of light as well, but that shouldn’t be possible since each person can only have one talent. I stood up as a thought came to me.

I held my hand out toward a baby tree that still needed years to sprout. The baby tree began to glow and then began to grow into a mature tree. That was the talent of wood. I then snapped my finger and a small flame emerged; the talent of fire. I waved my hands around and the wind picked up around me before I lowered my hands, the talent of wind. I pointed my finger to a rock and made a shooting sound like you would hear in a western movie and the rock burst and then I waved my hand to reform it, the talent of earth. I glanced at a shadow of a tree and bent down. I placed my hand on the shadow and lifted the shadow up before dropping it back in place, the talent of darkness. I then held my hand forward and a beam of ice emerged and collided into the same rock I had just previously repaired, the talent of ice, just like my family. I waved my hands again and water began to circle around me like fireflies before I made the water vanish, the talent of water.

The last talent was time, but I had no idea how I could see if I had it, but then Bibi crawled up to me and that was when it dawned on me. I picked up Bibi and placed my forehead against his jiggling body. I closed my eyes and saw an image of Bibi emerging from a hole and then staring at my form surrounded by animals…our first meeting, in other words, the past. I opened my eyes and stared at Bibi, who was jiggling in excitement…SO CUTE!

Wait a minute, I need to think this through, I have all the talents of magic, which shouldn’t even be possible and my character was supposed to be a side character, so why am I like this? What is different?

I felt stupid when I realized the answer: I retained my memories and I have played the game before, so I am familiar with all the talents. Because of my knowledge, I have gained all the talents of magic. As for the crystal saying I have no talent, it must be because it didn’t consider I had my previous memories. THIS IS CRAZY!

Wait a minute, this could be great too. I can use these powers when it is time for me to live on my own. Thank you, knowledge.

Bibi began to jiggle in my arms in excitement. I smiled and cuddled the little guy.

I rather have only the animal talent, but it is still good. I still plan to stick with my original plan of gaining knowledge and physical strength, but I will add training my talents to my schedule. I will get a stable job, get married, have kids, and grow old happy…I will also cherish my beloved Bibi…he jiggled again…SO CUTE!

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