Chapter 26: Do I have to go?

It’s been a while since my little adventure in the mountain. I did manage to find a new mountain to climb after buying new equipment and I definitely got stronger. No one can bully me now. Speaking of bullying, my sister hasn’t frozen me for a long time. I don’t miss it OK. I just find it a bit strange.

Anyway, the mountain ordeal happened almost a year ago, so I am officially five-years-old. There was no celebration with my family, but I don’t feel down about it since I celebrated with Bibi. I’m so glad to have Bibi with me again after being separated for so long. He’s even jiggling right now. SO CUTE!

Ahem, sorry, I nearly lost focus. To be honest, after I climbed a mountain and returned I was scolded by my father. He even slapped my cheek. This is when I wish child protection services existed in this world. Even Cecil was mad when I told him where I really went. Turns out he went to town looking for me and then told my father. I really shouldn’t be angry with him since he had no idea where I was and he was just worried. He’s a good family member.

Anyway, after the scolding I was forbidden to leave my room for a long time. When I think about it, I thought father would have been glad if he thought I was gone for good. He doesn’t even like me.

Well, I accepted my punishment and I am now five, so no biggie.

Are you guys wondering where I am right now? That’s easy…I am in my room playing with Bibi. He is so cute when he pretends to fight with the other stuffed animals. SO CUTE!

What, you’re wondering why I am not studying and what about the curse? I need a break once in a while and I decided not to worry about the curse until I am ten. Maybe the curse will be cute like I grow cat ears…never mind, I don’t want to be a freak…I remember my past life since I was born and I am still not a freak? I need to rethink that definition and how it pertains to me.

Oh shoot! Someone is coming. Bibi knows the drill. Bibi slipped into my teddy bear and I in turn pick him up and hold him close so whoever is coming in doesn’t step on him.

My door swings open…they didn’t even bother to knock.


Oh crud, it’s my older sister, Abigail. My family’s favorite child and the villainous in the game. I noticed her hand glowing and immediately prepared myself. SHE’S GOING TO FREEZE ME AGAIN! Bibi, I know you want to protect me, but don’t reveal yourself to this witch.

…Huh, I don’t feel cold. She’s not freezing me. Abigail is just smirking at me with her hand glowing.

Abigail chuckled and summoned a snowball in her hand.

“Father sent me to get you.”

“I see, but why are you holding a snowball?”

Abigail tossed the snowball up and down and I could swear that she had the intention to throw it at me.

“I need to practice once in a while, dear sister, or did you want me to freeze that bear of yours instead.”

“NO!” I screamed hugging Bibi close to my chest and I could feel the fear in Bibi’s body. I guess even Abigail can scare Bibi.

Abigail cackled absorbing the snowball in her hand.

“Well get dressed and hurry to the front courtyard. Father and I will be waiting there.”

Abigail immediately left still cackling. I swear, she must have witch blood in her to laugh like that.

Ok, she’s gone, but why does father want to see me in the front courtyard…I feel like a flag is somewhere here.

Well, I better change…I’m bringing Bibi with me. Who knows what Abigail will do when she gets the chance?

I changed my clothes and immediately headed to the front courtyard hugging Bibi close to my chest. I pass by some of the servants and as usual, they are walking pass me as if I don’t exist. After that whole ordeal of being left in town by Tulio when I was three, I decided it was best not to get close to these servants. Oh boy, I might developing trust issues. I better work on that in the future.

I soon reached the front courtyard and I have to admit that I was surprised to see that our family carriage was waiting in the front and it had even been repainted. It’s a royal purple with jewels embedded in it. To be honest, it looked ugly to me, but my family and I have different tastes in design.

Abigail was waiting in the carriage and I could see mother in the carriage as well. Abigail didn’t mention she was going to be here too. As for my father, he is standing next to the carriage next to our hired carriage driver. He’s a lot younger than Tulio and I think his name is…actually I have no idea what his name is. I don’t take a carriage to town anymore since I know how to ride a horse just fine. Bless the animal talent. Maybe I’ll ask him as a remedy to solve my trust issues with the Help.

Father approached me instructing the driver to go to the reins. When he was in front of me, I noticed he was frowning. No surprise there.

“Laveda, today we are heading to the castle.”

“The castle?”

“That’s right. I planned to just take your mother and Abigail, but to avoid any future problems…”

Ah, he must be talking about the time I disappeared. Shouldn’t you be happy about that?

“I decided to bring you along.”


My father sighed scratching the back of his head.

“I hate it when James scolds me when I leave you out. Especially when I told him what my plans were for today in a letter…how dare he tell me that I don’t deserve his sister. She chose me you old geezer.”

Uh oh, looks like father is going to the dark side again. I know he is talking about my uncle, Cecil’s father. Ever since Cecil got close to me when I was three, my uncle has quite a great fondness of me. He even threw me a birthday party at his residence…and scolded father for not coming. I think after the scolding father refused to look at pickles…how did uncle scold father using pickles? It makes me curious and yet frightened. Besides that point, I love my uncle very much.

My father cleared his throat (I guess he recovered).

“So get in the carriage, so we can head to the castle.”

“Do I have to go?”

My father frowned. Well I wanted to enjoy my day off playing with Bibi and I can’t do that at a castle…why are we going to the castle anyway? Was there an event I was not aware of?

“You have to go young lady.”

“OK,” I sighed. I really didn’t want to go. I went to the carriage and when I opened the door, I saw that the seat next to Abigail was soaking wet. So that’s what the snowball was for. I can see Abigail smirking. She must be a witch. I look to mother and saw that her seat was still dry, but she gave me a look that seemed to tell me not to be near her. I swear mother, I am not the plague. I guess that seat is for father anyway.

I look at father and pointed out the wet seat. This must mean I can’t come, so I will return to my room obediently and don’t worry father, I will speak in your behalf in front of uncle. I was ready to go back to my room, but my father suddenly grabbed my shoulders and I felt a chill run down my back. It’s not his ice talent activating, but I feel that I would feel better not turning around.

I suddenly felt the hold change to my sides and I was lifted off the ground. TOO HIGH! TOO HIGH! I was not prepared for this. I was suddenly placed down near the reins of the horses and saw that it was my father who had picked me up and placed me here. This is a surprise, when he touches me it is usually to scold me.

“Ride next to Frederick and be careful.”


Did father just tell me to be careful? He must be sick.

“I wouldn’t want you to slow us down.”

Never mind, this is definitely father. Does he really want to avoid a scolding from Uncle this much? I pity you father.

My father released me and then slipped into the carriage. I on the other hand sat down next to the driver, Frederick. I now know his name. I look at Frederick and noticed that his hair is brown and long. His hair reminds me or a horse’s tail, even though his hair is let loose. It’s kind of cute. Frederick smiled at me and stated, “Stay close to me, Lady Laveda.” I nodded and the next thing I knew, the carriage was off.

Bibi is jiggling in my arms, so I hug him tighter to calm him down. I know we planned to play all day, but father forced a change of plans.

Why are we going to the castle…Oh shoot, I remember now. In the game Abigail got engaged to Harold, the first prince, when she was six. She’s six right now, so this must be the time when they get engaged. I really feel sorry for Harold to be engaged to my wicked sister, but I have no idea how to prevent this. I’m so sorry Harold.

On the bright side, I might get to see Harold. He was a pretty sweet character, even though he had such a complicated background concerning the throne and his family, but it all works out when he falls for the main character. Now that I think about it, he always fell in love with the main character at first sight in all the routes of the game. That can’t happen in real life, but this is my life now and his love scenes with the main character were so Doki Doki. Whoops, I talked in my special Otaku language for the game…just ignore that.

Maybe this trip will be nice…NOT, chances are I will be told to stay in the carriage when we reach the castle. I mean, the little sister (Me) never had contact with the princes in the game. I am a character who doesn’t even matter…SO DON’T BRING ME DOWN TOO ABIGAIL! I feel pumped again. When I return time to study and train once again for a bright future. I won’t let not seeing the princes get me down.

I will get a decent job, get married, have kids, and grow old happy. You will never bring me down with your disaster flags, Abigail!

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