Chapter 28: You can’t force friendship!

All right, I am so confused. I went to the castle with my family, but was ordered to stay in the carriage with Frederick. Bibi fell off somewhere, so while Frederick was gone, I went looking for Bibi and found him in a garden being held hostage by a boy who turned out to be the second prince, Roland. Now he is dragging me to who knows where because he wants me to tell him how to make a doll move for his mother. I would love to help, but my way of making Bibi move is a secret.

All right, he finally stopped dragging me, but why are we in front of a lake. I have to admit that the lake is really beautiful, but why are we here?

Roland looked at me with a spark in his eye. He pointed to the lake and stated, “This is where I swim during my free time. The water is really cool and you would enjoy it too.”

I would enjoy it very much and it has been a while since I have had a nice swim in a beautiful day, but…

“I would love to swim, but I don’t have a swimsuit.”

“Just get naked.”

AS IF! I am a growing young lady. You might be able to swim butt naked, but I can’t.

“I’ll pass,” I stated very bluntly and Bibi nodded in agreement. Roland frowned and grabbed the front of my dress. What is he planning on doing?

“You’ll be fine and the water is great.”

Is he seriously trying to undress me? How were you raised? I slapped Roland right across the face. I don’t care if you are a kid, a young man must never try to strip a girl before marriage.

“What was that for?”

“I said no, so don’t force me.”

Roland frowned. He grabbed me and I thought he was going to drag me somewhere again, but he threw me into the air and I landed into the lake. WHAT A JERK! I spat out the water that managed to get into my mouth and glared daggers at Roland. Roland smiled at me asking, “Does the water feel good?”

All right, I really want to strangle this boy. I should get out of the water and do just that…WHERE IS BIBI? Bibi is in my teddy bear right now and that has fluff and sand…HE MUST HAVE SANK! I dived under the water looking for my poor Bibi. I am going to give Roland a good scolding after this.

Bibi, where are you? There he is. Bibi was lying on the bottom and I could see he was struggling to get up. Bibi could have gotten out of the bear to get to the surface, but I guess he wanted to protect my teddy bear too. Bibi is so kind.

I grab Bibi’s soaked form and get ready to swim to the surface, but something caught my eye. It was red and looked like a miniature lobster…it’s a crawfish. They can be found in bayous usually, but I guess in this world they can be found in water like this lake. I remember how tasty crawfish were when boiled. It makes my mouth want to water…It’s decided. I swim back to the surface and lay Bibi in the sun to dry.

Roland ran to me and asked, “Is your teddy bear OK?” I nodded and then slapped Roland across the face once again. His cheek is really red now.

“What were you thinking throwing me into the water like that? Bibi and I are now soaked!” I scolded. Roland showed me a sorry look, but the slap is not a good enough punishment.

“Apologize right now!”

“I’m sorry.”

“Now fetch me a bucket.”


“You are going to act as my errand boy for now as your punishment, so get me a bucket and then return here.”

Roland nodded and began to run off, but stopped in his track and looked back at me saying, “I still want you to get to know me, so you can tell me your secret on how to make a doll move.”

“It won’t happen if your way to get to know you is dumping me into a lake.”

Roland frowned and ran off out of sight. Seriously how was he raised…oh yeah, his mother did neglect him, so he probably doesn’t know how to communicate that well. In the game the heroine understood his feelings, even though he was yelling most of the time. He was pretty much the tsundere character and that’s what made him easy to obtain, even though his mother never changed her attitude toward him. I feel a little sorry for Roland.

All right, since Roland is out of sight, I can dry Bibi and then get to work in making a delicious dish. I dried Bibi completely using my wind talent and then smirked as I gazed at the lake that carried the delicious crawfish.

I can season them with some herbs around this area. I’m pretty sure Bibi can find some and maybe I can add some corn and potatoes. There’s none around this area, but the wood talent will do the trick. I’m just getting excited thinking about it…but I should dry myself first before Roland comes back…and prepare for any tactics he may throw at me to “get to know him.” This is troubling.

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