Chapter 29: Don’t be afraid of something this Delicious

All right, time to get to work. I use my earth talent to plow the dirt near a sunny area creating a makeshift field. The soil is pretty soft here. With the wood talent I began to grow the needed vegetables in the field. A seed is usually needed for this, but with practice I can grow anything if I know the components and what the plant will look like. It’s very advanced and it comes in handy during times when I need food. I like this wood talent.

The vegetables have grown splendidly and now for the herbs. I would grow it, but Bibi seems eager to help and he usually brings back delicious things, so go for it Bibi. Bibi runs off in his bear form. Let me just hope he doesn’t run into someone other than Roland.

While Bibi searches, I better get my tools ready. Using my earth talent, I managed to extract metal from the surrounding earth and form it together to make a blade. This is another advanced move for Earth Talents, since it requires one to concentrate only on the metal components, which is the size of a grain of sand. It took me a while to master this, but it was worth it, since I can make a weapon and some kitchen tools.

The blade is smoothed out and regular clay earth is harden to a rock form to make the handle and voila, it is done. I’ll keep this in my collection of kitchen utensils in the forest.

“That’s so cool.”

Oh shoot. I look behind me and saw Roland looking at me with a spark in his eyes and a bucket in his small hands. I didn’t expect him to return so soon. Roland dropped the bucket and ran to me. When he reached me, he grabbed my hand holding the knife and asked, “How did you make this?”


Should I really tell him? Well, he already caught me. Maybe I should just mention the earth talent?

“Is it a secret too?”

I nodded. Might as well say nothing if he thinks it is a secret, which it is.

Roland was frowning and yelled, “You have too many secrets. At least tell me how the doll moves!”

“No, and please don’t be a brat.”

“I’m not a brat.”

“So far, you have only acted as a brat, so I can only think of you as one.”

Roland pouted with puffed cheeks. I have to admit that it is kind of cute.

“Anyway, have you brought the bucket?”

Roland nodded and retrieved the bucket he had dropped and then handed it to me.

“Is that all you needed?”

“Well you are my errand boy for the day as punishment , so can you pick the potatoes and corn from that field.”


I pointed toward my field and I swear that I could see his eyes popping out of his head.

“When did that get there?”

“It appeared before you returned.”

“Is it really safe to take anything from it?”

“It’s safe, so please start gathering the vegetables, while I am in the lake.”

“…Didn’t you not want to be in the lake?”

I smiled and stated, “I have something to get in there, so please get to work.” With those words, I immediately jumped into the lake with the bucket in hand.

I bet some of you are wondering why I even bothered drying my dress if it was going to get wet again, well last time I wasn’t prepared. This time I used my water talent simultaneously to the time I jumped back into the lake. I formed an air bubble around my form, so I can breathe and stay dry. This reminds me of those water bubbles I played in my previous life (those weren’t under water and only floated on top). It’s not the same, but it gives the same feel. 

All right, off memory lane and back to work. I swam to the bottom of the lake where I saw the tasty morsel. I don’t see it now. Did it relocate? No, I must find it and many more to make the crawfish boil!

That’s right, I have the animal talent, so I can use it to attract them all to my position. All right, I must search for their position in the lake, so I can attract them. Huh, they seem a lot closer than I thought. Right below me? I glanced down and indeed, they were covered by the dirt at the bottom of the lake. They looked like rocks at first, so I guess I missed them, but there they are. Just a little bit of washing and boiling and then Bon appetite.

I grip the bucket, poking it out of the bubble, and scooped up as many as I could. Prepare to be cooked crawfish!

They scurried around to escape, but I caught a whole bunch and returned to the surface making sure to dispel the bubble around me. I don’t want Roland to see that around me.

Now that I think about it, he should be in the field…but I don’t see him. Did he chicken out? Come on Roland, a field is not that scary.


I think I heard Roland’s voice.


He sounds very weak and he sounds very close.


From above? I look up and indeed saw Roland draped over a large branch with pain in his face.


I suddenly felt a tug on my skirt and looked down. Bibi is back and seems pretty proud of himself…he must have done this. Bibi must have thought that Roland was damaging the field I made and attacked him, but still, why is he in a tree? I better retrieve him.

“I’ll get you down.”

I began to climb the tree. This tree is very easy to climb compared to a mountain. As I ascended the tree I ordered Bibi to get the vegetables from the field. Bibi happily obliged.

I finally reached Roland and shook him to let him know that I was getting him down. Roland looked at me and I noticed the tears in his eyes.

“Are you hurt badly?” I asked. Roland sniffled and stated, “It’s scary up here.” Are you serious? He was in pain not too long ago and he is crying because he is too high up? I didn’t know he was afraid of heights. Now that I think about it, the romantic scene in the game was when the heroine was comforting him on the highest tower…could it be that he was crying up there not because of his mother, but because he was scared of heights. WHY GO UP THERE THEN? I feel a little betrayed, since I really love that scene.


I better get him down before his tears increase. I grab hold of him and jump down. He’s really screaming like a girl. Let’s hope that changes when he hits puberty.

The moment I touch the ground…Roland hasn’t let go of me. This is really awkward and he is shaking like a scared puppy.

“Roland, we are back on the ground. It is OK to let go.”

Roland finally let me go, but tears were still falling from his eyes. I feel a little sorry for him. Maybe I can make him braver before the game starts so his scenes in the game will be better for the audience…better not.

“That was really scary.”

Roland is still crying.

“I’m sorry that Bibi threw you up there, but he thought you were breaking the field.”

Roland whimpered wiping his tears away…it’s kind of cute.

Looks like Bibi has gathered the vegetables and the herbs, so I think I better get cooking. Oh yeah, there is one more thing I need.


“Yes?” answered Roland as his tears finally subsided.

“Can you make a pot?”


“You have the earth talent right?”

“I do…how do you know that?”

Oh shoot, he hasn’t told me about his talent.

“Lucky guess.”

Roland is giving me a suspicious look. I can’t really blame him since I am keeping a lot of secrets from him.

“Anyway, can you use your talent to make a clay pot? I need it to cook.”

“Cook? What are you making?”

Roland sounds pretty excited. It’s really cute.

“Something very good, so please make the pot, while I get things ready.”

Roland nodded enthusiastically and went to an area near a tree. I’ll leave the pot to him, while I clean the crawfish. I clean them near the lake using my water talent. In secret of course.


Wasn’t that Roland’s voice. I look back and saw that Roland was covered in loose dirt.

“Roland, what happened to you?” I asked. Roland looked at me with tears in his eyes saying, “I was trying to summon some earth from the ground, but then it burst.”

“…Are you not that good with your talent yet?”

Roland shook his head. Well he is the same age as me, so he might have a hard time with his talent right now. I shook my head placing the bucket of cleaned crawfish on the ground and then approached him.

“Let me show you how to do it.”

I held my hand sat the dirt and the dirt began to take form. I began to make the dirt spin and then pressed it in the middle making it form into a bowl. I then focused on the metal components and began to isolate them, while removing the unneeded dirt. A shine is beginning to form, now to harden it and stop the spin and we are done. A very nice pot is made and it is deep enough for the crawfish boil.


I nodded, but paused. Oh shoot, I showed him my earth talent…oh well.

“So you’re an earth user like me.”

“Yep, but don’t tell anyone. It is my secret.”

Roland nodded. He might keep the secret, but I am a little worried.

“Does your doll moving have anything to do with your talent?”


It’s not exactly a lie, since a talent is involved, but not the earth talent.

“That means I can make a doll move too, so please teach me.”

“That’s a secret.”

“Ah come on.”

“Let’s get cooking.”

“Don’t change the subject.”

Roland is starting to get annoying again, but it is time to cook.

“Tell me!”

“How about this: if you help me cook then I will tell you how to move a doll?”



“All right!”

He sounds excited. So cute.

“What are we making?”

I show him the bucket saying, “Crawfish boil.”


I guess the crawfish scared him pretty badly. He is curled up near a tree shaking in fear. I feel a little bad for him.

“Come on Roland. These aren’t scary. In fact, they are very tasty.”

“But those are bugs. You don’t eat bugs.”

They are not bugs…but when I went to restaurants to eat these they wrote them as boiled bugs. Well humans do eat bugs like ants and scorpions. They did taste pretty good when I went overseas in my previous life. Chocolate ants were so good and scorpions on a stick with the right spice. I’ll try making them someday.

“Crawfish are really good, so don’t judge until you try them.”


“Just cut the vegetables with Bibi for now, while I start the fire.”

Roland nodded and sat next to Bibi peeling a potato. At least he knows to peel the potatoes first and I guess Bibi realized that Roland isn’t doing anything bad and is letting him help.

I start the fire secretly using my fore talent and fill the new pot with water. I need to boil this just right.

Now that I think about it, I am facing a little dilemma. After this food is cooked, I have to show Roland how to use his talent to make a doll move, but that’s not possible. Bibi is inside the bear to make it move, so using earth talent to…hold on. There is a way! I completely forgot that you can make golems using the earth talent. It is an advanced technique, but it can be used to make a doll move.

I look at Roland and saw him begin to shake as he handled the knife.

Roland is still very much a rookie, so he might not be able to make a golem now…Oh dear, I just remembered something. In the game, he was only average in his earth talent and felt jealous of Harold, so his talent couldn’t increase. He couldn’t even create a golem, until he was determined to save the heroine from danger, so he won’t know how to make a golem until the game starts. This is troubling…maybe I can teach him. I mean he is going to learn how in the game, but I need to teach him now for him to let me go and not get to know him (I am worried for my safety).

The water is finally boiling, so I dump the crawfish into the boiling water. Don’t worry crawfish, you are boiling for a good cause.

I look at Roland and Bibi and say, “Bring over the cut vegetables and the herbs.” Bibi brought them over immediately, while Roland moved a little slower. Is he still scared? It’s kind of cute.

I began to dump the ingredients into the pot and then form a lid to place over the pot. I have to let them cook for a long while. I can even hear the crawfish hitting inside the pot.

“Are they going to escape?” asked Roland in a panicked tone.

“They won’t and just wait a bit. The crawfish boil is going to be delicious.”

“I have to eat it too?”

“If you want me to show you how to move a doll. Unless you changed your mind?”

Roland shook his head.

“I want to know. I’ll eat anything, so show me.”

Roland sounds very determined. It’s decided, I’ll teach him how to make a golem, but now I need to let my family know that I am going to hang out here with Roland for a while. Naw, they won’t care and they should be celebrating by now for Abigail’s engagement.

Looks like the crawfish are done. I open the lid and savor the smell. Bibi found great herbs for this.

“It smells very good,” stated Roland. Nice to hear a compliment from him.

“Want to have the first taste?”


Oh, now he looks scared again. I grab a cooked crawfish and hold it to him making him flinch.

“Have a taste.”

“But…I…don’t even know how to eat it.”

“Good point. I better show you how.”

I break the tail off the crawfish showing the cooked meat inside and then slurped it out. It is very good. Just like how I remembered it.

“It’s a little messy, but very tasty to eat.”

Roland is very quiet. Oh dear, he looks shocked. I guess that’s a normal reaction for a first timer with crawfish. I hand him another crawfish and urge him to eat it.

Come on, Roland, it is not poisoned, so enjoy it to the fullest. Roland gulped and then tore off the tail from the crawfish revealing the meat. He closed his eyes and then slurped out the meat. His eyes opened wide and it seemed like he had seen heaven. He grabbed another crawfish and began to eat it with a smile.

“This is the best!” he cheered as he ate. Looks like I made him a fan of crawfish. He conquered his fear.

After we eat, I’ll let him know how to make a golem…for some reason I have a strange feeling about this.

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