Chapter 30: The Power of Words is Amazing

We have eaten the pot clean and I turned the shells of the crawfish into nutrients for the earth. It was a little difficult to do, but it beats being a litter bug. I look at Roland and saw that he had a satisfied face. He must have really enjoyed the crawfish.

“You liked eating the BUGS right?” I asked in a teasing manner.

Roland turned red and began to stutter, but then fell silent. I guess it is hard for him to admit to liking them, especially since he acted so afraid of them at first.

Roland cleared his throat and stated, “Well I helped you cook those things…”


“Whatever, so keep your promise and teach me how to make a doll move.”

I nodded and smiled saying, “I move my doll by placing earth in it.”


I nodded, but Bibi looked confused as he stood next to me. I managed to tell Bibi to play along and before I knew it, Bibi had managed to place some dirt in the bear and reveal it to Roland. Roland stared in disbelief and then asked, “So you are definitely an Earth User like me?”

“Didn’t we establish that already?”

Best to keep my other talents a secret.

Roland looked excited and then asked, “So how did you use the earth to move your doll?”

“It’s almost like a short cut to making a golem.”

“A golem? Aren’t those hard to make?”

“They are, but I have been training for a long time to master it.

That’s not really a lie and I can make golems when I want to…Bibi just destroys them out of jealousy.

“So if I learn how to make a golem then I can make a doll move too?”

I nodded. Roland nodded and then held his hand to the earth with his form shaking.

“What are you doing, Roland?”

“I am trying to make a golem.”

“…Roland, if you want to make a golem then you are doing it wrong all ready.”

“I am?”

I nodded adding, “You look like you need to go to the bathroom.” Roland turned red ad lowered his hands with a pout.

“Then you can do better?”

I nodded and stood up and held my right hand to the ground.

“Earth Spirit hear my voice, bring life to the form I yearn to meet.”

The earth before me immediately rose up and took the form of a human made entirely of earth and then bowed before me. Roland stared in shock, while I smiled at the golem and then back at Roland saying, “I use an incantation and a vision to make the golem.”

“That’s amazing.”

Heh, heh, I actually don’t need the incantation, but I thought it would be cool to say it to impress Roland.

The golem suddenly shattered and it didn’t take a detective to figure out the cause: Bibi with a glint in his bear eye. He just doesn’t like golems.

“Was it OK for your doll to do that?” asked Roland with confusion in his voice as he looked down at the shattered golem.

“It’s fine. Bibi just gets a little jealous sometimes.”

“If I make a golem, will you doll destroy it too?”

“I doubt it, since he only destroys the ones I make.”

Roland nodded and then held his hand to the earth saying, “I’ll do it this time.” I nodded and heard him say the same incantation I said before…now that I hear someone else say it, it sounds very embarrassing. Well, it won’t work the first time after all…WHAT THE HECK? The earth is rising before him and a golem is born. It bowed before Roland…is this really happening? I mean he shouldn’t have learned it this fast…could it be the incantation really does work? I seriously made that up just today and it works? The power of words is really amazing.

“I did it!” cheered Roland as he circled the new golem in excitement. Well he looks happy, so it should be all right…oh shoot, now I remember. When he learned how to make a golem in the game, it was because of the heroine and it was at that moment he realized that he was really in love with her. I just pretty much ruined a scene in the game…I’m sure he will realize a different way that he loves her and now he can summon a golem easily to save her. Nothing is ruined…I hope.

Roland suddenly faced me making my heart jump. He ran to me with the golem walking behind him and then hugged me tightly. Oh my Gosh, his hug is just as tight as Cecil’s or maybe even tighter. I guess I should expect this since earth users are known to be very strong.

“Roland, I’m glad you’re happy, but can you please let me go before I die.”

Roland released me blurting out an apology. Note to self: avoid grateful hugs from Roland since they are very, VERY strong.

Roland sighed and then noticed that the golem began to crumble making him gasp.

“It’s OK, beginner Golems do that sometimes, but put enough dirt in them and they will last longer or more spirit, either of the two works.”

Roland nodded and then glanced at Bibi…I have a bad feeling.

“Since I know how to make a golem now, let’s make a doll for the golem.”

Before I knew it, Roland was dragging me away from the lake. I barely had time to grab Bibi. This boy is very strong and fast.

“I can also show you how I make dolls.”

Doesn’t doll making involve needles…now I am WORRIED! Somebody save me!

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