Chapter 31: More talented than a Girl?

I pretty much decided that no one was going to save me, but that doesn’t mean that I was going to come without a fight, so I am currently trying to pull myself free from Roland’s hold. Roland held me tighter trying to pull me in another direction…in the castle hall. All right, he did manage to get me into the castle, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get out, so LET ME GO ROLAND!

“Come on Laveda. I want to show you how I make dolls.”

“I already showed you how to make a doll move, so let me and Bibi go back to the carriage.”

Roland shook his head saying, “You may have taught me, but you still don’t know enough about me for us to be truly friends and I want to tell my mother that I made a friend too.”

So bragging rights? No way!

“Come on, you can’t force friendship!”

“Then at least see my room.”

“I really don’t want to…”

Wait a minute, I recognize that bluish white hair at the corner of the hall…oh shoot, Abigail is coming! She will definitely tell on me if she sees me with the second prince. Change of plans!

I practically carried Roland with my new found strength caused by adrenaline and rushed into the closes room. I hear the footsteps walking pass the door. That’s a good sign.

“Amazing, Laveda. How did you know this was my room?”

Are you serious? I actually ran into his room? What was the likes of that happening?

I sighed and looked at Roland saying, “Since I am in here, I might as well watch you make dolls.” Roland nodded with his eyes practically shining in excitement. I guess I made him happy…this is Abigail’s fault.

Hold on, what is with this room? There are very elaborate paintings on the wall, but more than that, there are dolls all around me. I have to admit that they are well made, but is this really the room of a boy.

Roland picked up a doll with no facial features or hair or clothes and showed it to me.

“First I make the body of the doll using the cloth from the market and stuff it with wool, but since I want to make it move, I will place soil in it instead.”

I have no idea when he gathered the dirt, but he was pulling some from his pocket. That is a terrible habit. He really is stuffing the doll with dirt…it was a lie that Bibi was a golem in a doll, but I wonder if it would really work. Sorry Roland, but you are my guinea pig for now.

Roland sewed the doll shut with very good skill. Actually it is too good. How often does he make dolls? This was never mentioned in the game.

Roland dusted off some of the dirt off the doll and then began to gather brown hair from a basket…where is that hair exactly from?

“Now time to sew the hair into the doll.”

As he sewed the hair in, I just had to ask, “Where is the hair from?”

Roland paused and then continued to sew saying, “It’s my mother’s hair. Her hair grows fast, so she cuts it a lot. I gather the fallen strands for my dolls.”

I’m not sure if that is creepy or not. I mean I did gather my cut hair when I was younger in my previous life (I had to throw them away, since they had lice), but I never gathered my parents’ hair…wait a minute, this was mentioned in the game too, but he never mentioned what he did with the hair. I looked at the dolls that looked so innocent and real…I guess I wouldn’t want my love interest to know I had such a hobby, if I was a boy.

Roland finished sewing the hair in and I have to admit that the hair was sewn in really well. It almost seems like it is growing. If it did really grow, that would mean it is haunted, so let’s hope the hair isn’t growing.

Roland suddenly faced me saying, “Now let’s choose a dress for it.”

“I’m helping choose the dress?”

“Of course, we are making this together as friends.”

I sighed and decided to look at the premade dresses. These are really well made too. Maybe he should be a tailor when he grows up. That would be pretty funny. Oh, this violet dress with the frills and lily designs is really cute. Maybe when I have the chance, I can make one just like this and where it during my free time. I bet some of you are wondering why I am gushing over a dress, well I am a girl too and I do admire pretty dresses that I can wear.

“Do you like that dress?”

Oops, I forgot that Roland was still here.

I nod saying, “I like the dress a lot.” Roland smiled and then picked the violet dress and began to fit it onto the doll. I guess he liked it too. Now that I look at the doll, it is starting to look really cute…don’t worry Bibi, I am not going to replace you. Bibi did look pretty jealous, but that makes him cute too.

Oh, the doll looks like a princess…with no face. Roland grabbed a paint set and stated, “I’ll paint her face and then we can make her move.” I nod and watch him work. He is pretty talented with his hands. I wonder why I never noticed it when I played his route in the game…maybe something happened when he was younger that he never mentioned in the heroine. Oh man, he was the easiest to capture in the game, but I really know nothing about him. I guess I forgot some things from his route too. It’s kind of depressing.

He is painting the face of the doll with deep focus, so let’s think back to his route from my previous life. He had issues with his mother accepting him and she never accepted him in the game, but he was able to let it go because he decided that he didn’t need her approval in order to find himself and to fall in love. He also hated his brother blaming him for his misfortunes, but in the game the heroine got them to accept each other as brothers. The mother and the brother were the main issues with his lack of earth control, but was there something else…or maybe it was a secret quest. I had a habit of forgetting secret quests, so maybe his making of dolls and his fears were mentioned. My head is really starting to hurt.

“I finished!”

Looks like Roland is done. The doll has a very cute face. Roland is truly talented…I wish he showed this in the game from my previous life.

Roland placed the doll down and then went to my side.

“Time to make it move.”

Here is the test. I wonder if it will really work and if it doesn’t work, I have a lot of explaining to do.

Roland muttered the same incantation he used to make his first golem…just hearing it makes me embarrassed. I should have come up with better words.

OH MY GOSH, the doll is beginning to move. So golem power in a doll does work. This is a great discovery that I can use for my future escape from this family. The doll stood up on its legs and then looked around. Roland smiled with a cheer. I cheered too since it was pretty cool.

The doll then faced us and began to walk toward us. I thought it was walking to Roland since he made it, but the doll walked up to me and then grabbed the hem of my skirt. OK, why is it holding my skirt…I’m not quite sure, but there seems to be sparkles emitting from its form. I look at Roland with a puzzled look, but he is looking away from me.

“Roland, why is your doll attached to me?”

Roland looked at me with red cheeks. Why is his cheeks red?

“I guess Lily likes you.”

“Is Lily the doll’s name?”

Roland nodded and picked up the doll. The doll was still reaching out to me. I’m sorry Lily, but it is safer to be with your master since Bibi looks ready to kill. Bibi still looks cute though.

“This doll is really neat. I think mother will like it.”

I nodded, but I am starting to have a bad feeling about this…Oh shoot, now I remember! I mentioned that his mother never accepted him, well it was worse than that. When Roland was little, he tried to cheer her up by showing a doll he made. She felt disgusted that her son had such a feminine talent and in her anger tore the doll he made for her right in front of him. To make matters worse, she gathered all the dolls and paintings he made and burned them forcing him to watch. That’s just plain horrible! Roland stopped his hobby at that time and tried to conceal his fears in fear of angering his mother again. Roland’s mother did that and he was still trying to get her acceptance in the game, that’s just ridiculous. I saw this in the secret quest and I still managed to get Roland by making him accept that his mother would never truly love him, but I wanted to slap him too for trying to get acceptance from such a wicked woman when his brother was the one who cared for him. I have to stop this.

“Roland, I don’t think you should give the doll to your mother.”

Might as well just say it straight, but he is looking at me with such a puzzled expression.

“Is the doll not good?”

“No, it is good, but I am worried that your mother might do something bad.”

Roland still seemed confused, but how can I explain it to him? I don’t know what to do.

Roland’s door suddenly flew open and I heard a voice of a woman.

“Roland, why are you still in your room? We have guests you know.”

I glance over my shoulder and saw that hateful woman from the game: Elizabeth Ozma, the queen and Roland’s mother.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 31: More talented than a Girl?”

  1. *giggles* Shocking! A prince is better at some handicrafts than a girl! Just kidding. xD
    I wonder if he’ll go into fashion designing next and make dresses for Yanira….:P
    But, even shocking news! It’s actually his skills in feminine talents that got his mother to hate him even more! But, hopefully Laveda knocks some sense into him soon?

    And all the characters you create are so adorable! Roland is absolutely adorable!!! “I guess Lily likes you.” *rolls on the floor, covering face* It’s so obvious with his red cheeks…
    Oh my, it’s the queen! In Roland’s room! While Laveda is in there! Is there some possible way for her to not notice Laveda or for Laveda to have some super awesome skill to conceal herself (which she should totally experiment with)? Sigh.
    Thanks for the chapters~


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