Chapter 33: You’re my Friend, Frederick!

I exited the garden and all I can think of was that I was finally free to return to the carriage. I helped Roland make a moving doll, saved his hobby, made him take up swordsmanship early, and inadvertently got his mother to accept for who he was. Not bad, but I hope this doesn’t interfere with the game…I’m sure the heroine can gain his affections another way.

“Lady Laveda!”

Oh, that’s Frederick’s voice.

“Over here, Frederick!”

Frederick appeared from around the corner nearly out of breath. Was he searching for me this whole time? I ran to him and before I could say a word, Frederick hugged me giving out what sounded like a sigh of relief.

“Thank goodness. I thought you were kidnapped.”

“I won’t get kidnapped that easily,” I chirped. That’s the truth though, I mean who in their right mind would try to kidnap me when I have all the talents…it’s still a secret, but you guys get the idea right.

Frederick looked at me with concern in his eyes.

“Just promise not to wander off again.”

“All right, I promise.”

Frederick nodded at me and lifted me off the ground and began to carry me back to the carriage. I can walk on my own, but I guess Frederick wants me to be safe…Bibi, don’t try to hit him please.

We returned to the carriage and I saw that there was a cushion on the chair with a basket of sandwiches.

“Did you go into town?” I asked.

“I know we promised to go to town together to get you souvenirs, but you disappeared and I thought you went to town without me, so I searched there for you and bought some things while I was at it.”

“I wasn’t in town, I was…I can’t really say.”

“A secret huh?”

“Kind of, but I see you got a cushion for your seat that was smart.”

“Yeah. The previous carriage driver took the cushion, so I was stuck sitting on this hard seat.”

“Tulio is such a jerk.”

“So I was told,” stated Frederick with a chuckle. He sat me in the driver’s seat and then he sat next to me pulling out a sandwich from the basket. He held it to me saying, “This sandwich was made using ripe Star Fruit. I heard it’s very good.”

A sandwich made from fruit…I am a little curious. I take a bite. It tastes pretty good.


“Glad you like it.”

Frederick suddenly pulled something from his pocket and held it to me. What a pretty necklace. The charm is in the shape of a sparkling star with ten empty slots that were evenly divided on each side of the chain. It was pure silver, which is a nice color for this type of necklace.

“Do you like it?” Frederick asked. I nodded saying, “It’s beautiful.”

“It’s yours.”


“I chose it for you.”

“But why?”

“I don’t know. When I saw this necklace, I felt that it should go to you.”

Staring at this necklace I feel that I should have it. I took the necklace and placed it around my neck.

“It looks lovely on you Lady Laveda.”

“Thank you Frederick.”

I really want to give him something, but I don’t have anything. I know!



“When we return, I want to give you something too, so promise me that when we return to the mansion that you will go to the back woods to meet me, OK.”

Frederick smiled and stated, “I promise, Lady Laveda.” I giggled and hugged Frederick around his neck. Frederick hugged me back. It was so warm. I definitely consider Frederick my new friend.


Oh boy, that’s father’s voice. I glanced down from the carriage and saw father entering the stable with a rather annoyed expression on his face.

“Is something wrong father?” I asked innocently.

Father stopped in front of the carriage not tearing his eyes from me.

“Did you enter the castle?”

“…Why do you ask?”

“Because the queen demanded me to bring you into the banquet hall, so were you in the castle?”


There was really no point in lying if Elizabeth already revealed that I was inside.

“Why were you in there?”


Frederick suddenly blocked my view staring at my father.

“Please don’t be angry at her. She just got lost.”

My father sighed saying, “Lost or not, she was still inside.” I could see the frown Frederick was showing toward father.

Father focused his gaze on me again and stated, “By order of the queen you have to come inside, so come along, Laveda.” Father held his hand to me. I sighed holding Bibi in my arm and took his hand. I expected to jump down to the ground, but father pulled me down and into his arms. He carried me and then glanced at Frederick saying, “Watch over the carriage.” Frederick nodded.

Father carried me off with me cradling Bibi. Father glanced at me and asked, “Are you bringing that bear with you?” I nodded. Father just sighed and remained silent as he walked.

I wonder why father decided to carry me. I looked over father’s shoulder toward the stable and saw Frederick watching me. I gave him a wave and he waved back. I really want to go home soon to give him a present.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 33: You’re my Friend, Frederick!”

  1. -laughs manically into my palms- A necklace destined to belong to Laveda? With ten empty slots? KiLl mE NoW! I’m dying of happiness. xD And is naive Laveda going to reveal her secret(s) to Frederick? Yikes.
    Anyways…I sincerely hope the queen won’t outrageously propose an engagement to Laveda with Roland. It’s going to blow up in everyone’s face and Laveda will probably be hated more by her family… -is feeling sad for our adorable Laveda-


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