Chapter 34: You want me to call you what now?

OK, I am back in the castle, but this time I was carried in by my father. He seems really grouchy. Well considering that my existence was not to be known and I am suddenly summoned, I guess father would be angry.

Father stopped in front of a pair of two large doors and then glanced at me saying, “Don’t speak unless spoken too, understand?”

“Yes, father.”

Father nodded and then opened the door. Whoa, that’s a lot of food on the table and I see mother sitting at this table and right across from her at the head of the table sits a man who looks around his thirties with a gold crown on his head. He must be the king, also known as Roland and Harold’s daddy. (Note: he was always called king in the game, so I don’t know his first name.) I also see Elizabeth smiling next to him with Lily sitting on her shoulder. Lily is pretty cute sitting like that. I also see Roland sitting right next to Elizabeth and munching on a piece of bread happily.

Father carried me into the room announcing his presence. The king stood up first saying, “So it is true, you have a second daughter.” Father nodded and placed me down on my feet.

“Her name is Laveda. She’s the same age as your second son, Roland.”

“I can see that, but I don’t understand why you didn’t mention her sooner.”

“Well the discussion of marriage was for my eldest daughter.”

“True, but…”

The king focused his gaze on me. It was kind of uncomfortable to the point I hid behind Bibi’s teddy bear form to avoid his gaze.

“She seems like such a charming young lady.”


Looks like father couldn’t say anything back. No surprise there, since he doesn’t even like me.

The king turned to Elizabeth and asked, “So this girl is the one who taught Roland how to sword fight and how to make a golem in such a short amount of time.”

“That’s right. She is quite talented.”

Elizabeth complimented me…I still find it creepy.

“Laveda taught your son swordsmanship and how to make a golem? That can’t be.”

Looks like father can’t believe it. I don’t blame him since I keep lots of secrets from him and I didn’t even know I had a talent in swordsmanship until I fought Roland.

Elizabeth stood up from her chair and asked, “Tell me, what is Laveda’s talent?”

Here we go. The question I knew that was going to be asked. I wonder if Roland kept his promise not to tell about my earth talent.

“She has no talents. She has no affinity with the elements.”

Father said that without hesitation…it kind of hurts my feelings, but I won’t tell him that I have all talents. He doesn’t deserve the truth.

“Is that so?” muttered the king. The king looked at Elizabeth as if to clarify something, but Elizabeth just nodded, while Roland smiled at his father. The king sighed and then glanced back at my father.

“I know she has no talents with the elements, but are you willing to let her get engaged to Roland.”

…Did he just say engage? This never happened in the game. Roland was never engaged. He refused all proposals. Am I seriously being engaged to Roland?

Look: even father and mother look shocked.

“Are you sure?” asked my father in a nervous tone.

The king nodded and added, “My queen and Roland have taking a great liking to Laveda and I wouldn’t mind having her call me father.”

YOU WANT ME TO CALL YOU WHAT? I just met you today. I like Roland as a friend, but getting engaged at age five is going too far.

“Father,” I squeaked tugging on his pants. Father looked down at me.

“I don’t think I am ready for an engagement.”

It is best to speak my mind.

My father stared at me for a while and then glanced back at the king saying, “I’m sorry your majesty, but I will have to decline.”

“But why?”

“Well…Laveda is not familiar with these surroundings and she may fall ill, so I think it would be best to ask when she is older or if you find a better candidate for Roland.”

Good excuse father…I think.

The king seems to be in deep thought. He suddenly snapped his fingers and smiled at my father.

“We already agreed to have Abigail stay in the castle for the week to get used to her new surroundings for when she is married to Harold, so why not let Laveda stay for a week too then it should be fine to have her get married to Roland.”

Man this king is persistent.



The king nodded in approval and the next thing I knew, Roland was already next to me and hugging me with a blush on his cheek.

“You sure move fast Roland,” I muttered. Roland chuckled and stated, “I’m just glad my father agreed to this.”

“So you want us to be engaged?”

Roland turned red and stated, “Well yeah. You’re the first girl I actually had contact with and liked.”

“Life is still young, so you might meet someone that you’ll love more than me in the future.”

Like the heroine in the game.

“Are you really that against us getting married?”

“Well I’m still young, but I will stay for the week and give my answer at the end, so please take care of me.”

Roland smiled and hugged me again…I can’t breathe again. I wonder how I am going to get out of this?

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 34: You want me to call you what now?”

  1. xD Trapped. Poor Laveda… On another note, I wonder what will Cecil’s reaction to this be? -smiles wickedly-
    Thanks as always for the chapter!


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