Chapter 35: Overprotective Much?

I am so confused right now. I am temporarily engaged to Roland and I am staying in the castle for a week. I plan to break the engagement after the week, since it could lead to a disaster flag if this continues into the timeline of the game. I can’t take the chance.

Anyway, mother and father are staying in town with Frederick since the king wants Abigail and me to get used to not being so close to our parents…I barely see them anyway, so no problem on my end. Speaking of Abigail, I haven’t seen her since I nearly ran into her before when I ran into Roland’s room the first time. She must be enjoying her time with Harold…poor Harold, but there really is nothing I can do for you.

“Laveda, this way.”

Ah yes, right now, I am being led to my new room for the week. Roland seems pretty excited that I will be staying in the castle, but I am a little worried.



“Seriously, are you sure about getting engaged to me?”

“As I mentioned before, I really like you, so why not?”

“You’re thinking is too simple.”

Roland only chuckled and he seemed ready to grab my hand, but Bibi kicked his hand away and then his face sending Roland tumbling to the ground. BIBI!

Bibi was glaring daggers at Roland daring him to get close to me. Roland frowned glaring back at Bibi.

“Your bear is very violent.”

“Yeah…sorry about that.”

Roland scoffed and muttered something under his breath, but I couldn’t quite hear what it was.

We soon reached a large door and Roland opened it for me. The room was nice, but there was something or someone in it that I just didn’t want to see: my older sister, Abigail.

“Why are you in here?” I exclaimed. Abigail chuckled folding her legs on the large bed.

“This is to be my room, dear little sister.”


Roland peeked into the room and frowned when he saw Abigail asking, “Why are you in here?”

“Oh, my future little brother in law, didn’t you know that my fiancé brought me to this room?”

Roland frowned saying, “I did not know that.” Roland glanced at me and stated, “Sorry, I’ll bring you to a different room.” I nodded and was about to follow Roland, but the annoying voice of my older sister rung in my ears.

“Why is Roland looking for a room for you?”

“Because I am staying in the castle for a week too,” I answered bluntly.


Before I could answer, Roland glared back at Abigail and stated, “Because Laveda is my fiancé, so buzz off!” Oh wow, Roland got Abigail to shut up. Good boy. Even Bibi looks proud of you…but I wish you didn’t say the fiancé part.

Roland dragged me away with a frown. When we were away from the room, Roland scoffed saying, “I really hate that girl.”

“Oh so you noticed how wicked she is?”

“Who wouldn’t and she spoke rudely to you as well.”

I see, Roland snapped at Abigail because she was being rude to me…Roland is very sweet.

“Anyway, I’ll lead you to a better room, so stay close.”

I nodded and followed Roland obediently. I have to admit that this castle is huge. In the game from my previous life, I never got a CG for the inside of the castle. Everything took place in the school, even when the heroine was wedded to the target character she chose. A wedding…I would like one, but getting engaged at this age is just too much and I might find someone I truly love in the future, so better not bite the bait too early. Sorry Roland, but our engagement won’t be long.

“We’re here!”

Looks like we reached another room. Roland opened the door and it is just as spacious as the one I was first brought to, but there are lots of books in this room. Oh~ and they are books I haven’t read yet. I’ll enjoy this week reading books with Bibi.

“Do you like it?”

I nodded and stated, “This room will do and thank you, Roland.” Roland turned red again.

“I’ll be right back,” stated Roland quickly and then he was gone. I guess he needed to go to the bathroom.

I closed the door and then headed to the treasure trove known as the bookshelf. So many books. There’s no television in this new life, so reading books is my form of entertainment when I am not training.

Bibi is holding a fairy tale book with his brown paws and holding it to me. SO CUTE!

“Do you want to read this one Bibi?” I asked. Bibi nodded and when I sat on the bed, Bibi crawled into my lap and sat down…SO CUTE! I want to cuddle him all day.

Let’s see what fairy tale I am going to read to my darling Bibi…The Dragon’s Pebble. I wonder what this is a bout.

“Once upon a time there was a fair maiden that lived in the forest. She was so fair that when she walked flowers would bloom in her presence.”

She sounds more like an enchanted princess.

“She had a heart of gold, but the people around her believed her to be witch and shunned her.”

That’s so mean.

“During these hard times, she would go near a waterfall and weep. The waters were filled with her tears of sadness and one day those tears became sweet and created an aroma that attracted a dragon to her position. The dragon took pity on the fair maiden and offered her a pebble that would grant her one wish and then flew off never to be seen again.

The fair maiden was about to make a wish, but the people who had shunned her were suddenly attacked by demons. The people were cruel to her, but her heart was of gold, so she made a wish to seal the demons. Her wish was granted and the people finally accepted her, no longer calling her a witch.

The fair maiden’s happiness was thanks to the dragon, who she will forever call her savior. The End.”

That’s the end of the story and it really is a typical fairy tale, but there was no romance. Don’t the princesses in these type of stories get a prince on a white horse? I kind of feel cheated, but maybe it is hinting that she will meet the dragon again and then the dragon can turn into a handsome man and they can get married…that would be interesting. I wonder if I can write a fanfic for this story. Oh, Bibi seems to be in agreement with the way he is clapping and jiggling.

All right, I will write a fanfic for this story where the girl gets her prince.

“Who are you?”

Hold on, who’s voice is that? I look up with the book still in my hand and see a boy with darkish light blue hair. His hair length is short and his eyes are light blue. He’s actually pretty cute for his age. He is obviously older than me maybe around my sister’s age…my sister’s age? I have a hunch, but I could be wrong.

“Are you Prince Harold?”

“I am, so tell me Who YOU are?”

It really is him. I expected that I would run into him eventually if I was staying in this castle for a week, but I didn’t expect this soon.

I stood up holding Bibi (he is limp now in his pretense to be a stuffed animal) and curtsied to Harold saying, “My name is Laveda Lorenzino.”

“Lorenzino, so you are Abigail’s sister. I thought she said she was an only child.”

Typical wicked sister. Pretending I don’t exist, but I am used to it, so why bother?

“I am not respected by big sister,” I stated in a blunt tone. Harold is staring at me pretty hard. If you stare that much, you might burn a hole through me.

“Why are you here?”

“Roland brought me here.”


I nodded and sat on the bed saying, “I will be staying in this room for the week, so please take care of me, Prince Harold.”

I only add prince to his name to be respectful, but I have to admit that it is hard to do so, since I am used to calling him Harold when I played the game.

“Staying for the week?”

I nodded.

“But why? I understand why Abigail would be staying, but why you? Are you another potential bride for me?”

“No way.”

I denied it pretty quickly since I know he is going to be engaged to Abigail and then he will fall in love with the heroine at first sight in the future, so better not make any misunderstandings between us.

“Then why…”

“Because she is my fiancé.”

I know that voice. Right on cue, Roland walked in, stood next to me taking me hand, and then glared at Harold.

“Laveda is my fiancé, so don’t get close to her.”

Wow, Roland is giving death glares to Harold. I know Roland hates him, but Harold doesn’t feel hate toward you. Look: Harold looks hurt.

“So you are engaged to her?” asked Harold looking in my direction. Roland nodded and then hugged me. Bibi, don’t attack.

“I am spending this week with Laveda, so don’t get close to me.”

Seriously Roland, your words are making Harold very depressed. He looks ready to cry…hold on…he is looking at me WITH HATE! What did I do?

“Why her?” asked Harold.

“Because I like her.”

Hold on, Harold looks angrier as he looks at me. I am seriously worried.

“Is that so?”

Harold’s glare is really starting to hurt…and the wind is picking up in here. His talent is wind, if I remember right, BUT DON’T USE IT INDOORS! Harold turned away as the wind continued to blow and then marched out of the room.

“I hate her.”

He whispered that, but I can hear it since his wind was blowing into my ears. Why would he hate me? We barely even spoke to each other. Wait a minute…the glare started when Roland hugged me. Could Harold be jealous since Roland is already close to me? Ah come on, don’t be jealous of me. I forgot that Harold has a brother complex, but I plan to cancel the engagement, so don’t be angry at me.

Ah, looks like Bibi finally kicked Roland away…and he is now slapping Roland in the face. Stop that Bibi. You might make bruises.

Bibi returned to my arms as I looked at the wounded Roland and then asked, “Are you OK?” Roland nodded and then glared at Bibi saying, “Your bear is too overprotective.”


Roland stood up and then glanced at the bookshelf saying, “I can take you to another room.”


“I forgot that this room was used by big brother for his homemade books.”

“Harold made these books?”

“Yeah, so I think it is best to move to another room.”

Oh yeah, Harold did write books, but I seem to recall that he never got any of them published and he only showed his writings to the heroine. His sharing of his written works with the heroine was one of the romantic scenes in the game. Just remembering it makes me blush.

I glance at the bookshelf of Harold’s works and then back at Roland saying, “I’ll stay in this room.”


“I’ll be fine. I want to read these books with Bibi.”

Bibi nodded in agreement.

Roland is frowning. I guess he doesn’t like the idea of me reading Harold’s works.

“If that is what you want.”

Woohoo, looks like I can stay in this room. I am going to read these books with Bibi and then I will write fanfic for the ones I want to change.

“Thank you, Roland!” I cheered. Roland deserves my thanks this time. Oh dear, Roland turned red again.

“I need to go, but I will see you at dinner time.”

Roland ran out of the room pretty fast. Is his bladder full again?

Never mind that, let’s choose another book to read…wait a minute, Harold hates me right now from what I can see, so would he even let me read his books.

I’m going to read them anyway. If he tries to take the books away, I will hold them hostage. I won’t let Harold get in the way of me reading new books, even if he is the author.

…I do have to make sure that Harold doesn’t misunderstand my relationship with Roland as well. I don’t want to get in between his brother complex. I have a weird feeling that I am forgetting something again…I guess I’ll remember when the time is right.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 35: Overprotective Much?”

  1. *covers my face in a pathetic attempt to not squeal* And Harold finally appears! My sixth sense is tingling and telling me that even though Harold hates her right now…~ Something is going to happen between the two with his writing, her reading it and her wanting to write fanfic for it. (At least I really hope so.)

    Roland’s jealousy is so adorable! If he’s jealous about just this right now, he would go mad with jealousy if he knew about the other guys! Lol. By the way, what is Roland doing when he runs out of the room? Calming his raging cheeks? Trying to control his urges to hug her?

    I wonder what Laveda is forgetting…probably something super important xD.


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