Chapter 36: My fanfics are not trash…jerk

I have to admit that Harold really knows how to write and these books are also well made to the point I thought a professional made it. Harold and Roland sure are talented when it comes to their hobbies. So far I have read a total of ten of these books. They are good reads, but they lack romance. In a fairy tale, there must be romance that is an unwritten rule.

I made the right choice in writing fanfics for these stories. The power of fanfic is that anything can happen. You are the writer. I am really looking forward to this, but I need paper. Paper…paper…where are you paper?

Bibi pulled out a stack of paper from under the bed. Good job Bibi. Bibi jiggled in delight. SO CUTE! I don’t think anyone is going to come in, so I allowed Bibi to leave the bear and explore his new surroundings. The way he jiggles when he sees something he likes is SO CUTE! I’ll cuddle him after I finish the first fanfic.

I’m glad I found a pencil under the bed too, so let’s start the first fanfic for The Dragon’s Pebble. The fair maiden doesn’t even have a name, so let’s call her Isabel. That’s a nice name. So the story will follow the original, but I think I’ll add an aftermath, where Isabel searches for the dragon in order to thank him. That sounds good. Then when she finally finds the dragon, he is being attacked by a demon. She fights the demon to protect the dragon. The demon runs off in fear and then Isabel begins to nurse the dragon to health, since he was wounded by the demon badly. During this time, she falls in love with the dragon, but she knows that their love cannot be since they are of a different race. When the dragon is fully healed, the demon suddenly returns and tries to kill Isabel this time. The dragon saves her, but at the price of his life. Isabel cried over the dragon making her confession of love and then the dragon transforms into a human. Turns out he was cursed by the demon a long time ago and her true love broke the curse on him. They share a kiss and then live happily ever after.

All right, I got the first fanfic done and there is romance. I’m so proud of myself. Now for the next…


Looks like Harold returned to the room. Kind of expected it since these are his books. I glanced at Harold, who entered the room, saying, “I was writing fanfic.” Might as well be honest here.

Harold is glaring at me again as he demands what a fanfic is. I guess the term fanfic doesn’t exist in this world.

“A fanfic is a story that is related to an original work, but with a different twist made by a fan of the work.”

“A twist on a story.”

“That’s right. I am making a fanfic for the stories that you made.”


“I’m not hurting them.”

Man, Harold is being mean right now. Harold approached me and snatched the fanfic I just wrote from my hands. You could have asked. Harold skimmed through my writing with a frown.

“What is this trash?”

“It is fanfic and it is not trash.”

Harold suddenly went to the shelf with his books and began to gather the books from it one by one.

“You’re not allowed to read my books.”


“Because I am the writer and I don’t want you reading them.”

“Ah come on. I’m your first fan, so let me read more.”


Seriously? Harold was a lot nicer in the game. Now that I think about it, he was glaring at me a lot ever since Roland said he was engaged to me. Blast you and your brother complex.

Well, I am not giving up these books without a fight. I began to grab the books from the shelf too. Harold is glaring at me again.

“Those are not yours, so return them.”

“No way. I am going to be stuck here a week, so I need to read good books to past the time.”

“Were you planning to avoid Roland this entire week? YOU WICKED GIRL!”

“I was going to play with him when I have the chance.”

“Keep away from my brother!”

“First you call me wicked when you thought I was going to avoid Roland and now that I say I will play with him, you tell me to stay away. YOU DON’T MAKE ANY SENSE!”

Harold is glaring daggers at me as the wind in the room began to pick up. Seriously, don’t use the wind indoors. Ah, he is gathering his books from the shelf faster. You won’t beat me! This turned into a competition of who can grab the most books. As a wind User he is pretty fast, but I am fast too, since I have the wind talent as well. In your face, Harold!

Huh, is it just me or is Harold’s stack of books decreasing from his side little by little…good job Bibi. Looks like Bibi swiped some books from my current opponent. What? I guess that is cheating, but there were never any rules stated, so anything goes. MWUHAHAHA!

Looks like there are no more books in the shelf. Just look at Harold’s face. He seems so confused by his small stack of books.


Uh oh, he saw Bibi. WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING WITH THOSE STACKS OF BOOKS HAROLD? Run away Bibi! As you can tell from my outburst, Harold is trying to crush my darling Bibi with his stack of books. RUN AWAY BIBI! RUN AWAY!

Bibi got the message and he is sliding away at an incredible speed. He scurried under the bed out of Harold’s way. Harold cursed under his breath and then glared at me yelling, “Did you bring this slime in here!”


Harold only clicked his tongue at my silence and then began to summon more of his wind. The wind rushed under the bed, pushing Bibi out of his hiding place. Bibi was panicked as he tried to rush to me, but Harold used his wind to drag Bibi into the air and then dangled him in front of him. My poor Bibi is struggling! Harold lifted up one of his books and was about to strike Bibi.


I used my wind talent to lift the books on my side and tossed them at Harold demanding him to leave Bibi alone. The books collided into Harold making the wind around him stop. Bibi was dropped and Bibi immediately ran into my embrace. My poor Bibi must have been so scared. I think it is best for him to stay in the teddy bear, while in the castle.

While Bibi returned to the protection of my teddy bear, I glanced at Harold. Actually, I can only see his hand from under the pile of books…He’s not moving…Is he dead?

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