Chapter 37: Is this a dream…GIVE BACK THAT BOOK!

All right, I am kind of in a pickle here. Harold attacked Bibi and in order to save Bibi, I used my wind talent to throw books at Harold. Harold is now lying under a pile of books…not moving. Did I really kill him? I removed the books from Harold and then knelt in front of his fallen form. I poked his body several times.

“Are you dead?”

That’s a stupid question on my part, but I hope he answers so I know he isn’t dead. Oh, he moved. At least he lives…but when he awakens how am I going to explain about Bibi. Bibi is back in the bear, so if Bibi stays still then Harold won’t know he is a slime. Of course, I need to explain why there was a slime in here in the first place. Think Laveda, Think.

“My head…”

Looks like Harold woke up.

Harold looked at me the moment he woke up and then shoved me away. HOW RUDE!

“Where is that slime?” yelled Harold as his wind increased around him again. STOP USING YOUR WIND INDOORS! I need an excuse…

“What slime?” I asked in a confused tone. The wind stopped instantly and then Harold looked at me with wide eyes.

“What do you mean what slime? You saw it too. You even called it Bibi.”

“Sorry Prince Harold, but you must have been dreaming,” I stated and then lifted up Bibi’s teddy bear form (don’t move Bibi) adding, “Bibi is the name of my bear and he is obviously not a slime.” Harold is looking me with a suspicious gaze. Please believe this lie.

Harold clicked his tongue and then asked, “How in the world did I pass out?” Looks like he believed me.

“You feinted after learning I got all the books.”


Shoot, looks like he is trying to take custody of the books again. I won’t let you take away my entertainment. The battle of the books has resumed. Harold and began to gather the books from the floor at a rapid pace. I have to hide these books somewhere for me to read after I gather them all.

Ah, there is one more book left on the bed: The Dragon’s Pebble. I leap toward it trying to grab it, but I guess Harold did the same thing because the next thing I knew, our heads collided and my world turned black. Looks like I was knocked out. So embarrassing.

Looks like I’m dreaming now. I am in a mountain (like the one I first met Nate), but I can see more green instead of snow. There’s a small boy sleeping under a tree on this mountain. Looks like he is dreaming. Hold on, this boy looks like Harold…no way, right?

I hear flapping wings. Maybe a bird is nearby…with a huge shadow? OH MY GOSH, A DRAGON IN LANDING NEAR THE LITTLE BOY! Wake up and run away. The boy didn’t even stir. I tried to smack him, but my hands went through his body. Of course, since this is a dream.

Please don’t eat the boy, Mr. Dragon. The dragon seems to be sniffing the boy and then…is it just me or is this dragon looking straight at me?

“I know you are there little one.”

IT SPEAKS! Is it really looking at me? I look behind me to make sure there isn’t anyone behind me. No one there…I guess the dragon is looking at me.

The dragon is starting to approach. I seriously want to cry. Can a person die in a dream?

“Do not be afraid?”

“That’s kind of hard considering how many teeth I can see,” I squeaked.

The dragon seemed to examine himself and then began to glow. The light around the dragon began to decrease along with the size of the dragon and when the light burst…a very handsome man stood before me. His hair was silver and long. It was let loose revealing how silky it looked. His nails were quite sharp making him a little scary still, but his face makes up for it: light blue eyes with light red lips. I swear he looks like he could be a famous model.

“Is this form to your liking?”

I nodded enthusiastically. I have to admit that I love it when dragons turn into hot guys. Whoops, looks my inner otaku nearly leaked out. I cleared my throat before I spoke.

“Am I in a dream?”

“I guess you can say that,” stated the dragon and then glanced at the sleeping boy adding, “This is a memory of that boy.”

“A memory…does that mean my time talent is in effect?”

The dragon nodded.

“But I usually just watch the time when it activates. This is the first time I am actually interacting with something in that vision.”

“You are powerful little one, but I am only able to talk to you since that boy and I are still connected with our spirits.”

“Connected…who is that boy?”

“You already spoke with him and if I am not wrong, you head butted each other.”

“That boy is Harold?”

The dragon nodded and then glanced at the boy, Harold, again.

“The little prince and I first met when under this tree when he came here to train on his own. I have to admit that his reaction at seeing my dragon form was quite similar to you.”

“Complete horror at your razor sharp teeth?”

The dragon chuckled. I guess he was amused.

“I spoke with him…and offered to teach him my technique in wind.”

“Your techniques.”

“That’s right. For a person with the wind talent to reach the greatest level of their talent, they must accept my training in their spirit. That requires me to enter their spirit and circulate the power within them for five years and then my knowledge of training will enter their thoughts like a dream.”

“No offense, but that sounds like a lazy way to get stronger, if you are practically doing all the work. I wouldn’t even call that training.”

The dragon is really silent. Guess he didn’t expect me to speak like that.

“Well that is my purpose and I only grant that power to wind users I find worthy of my power.”

“I think I understand. In this past memory you and Harold made an agreement and you entered his spirit, but is Harold aware that you are in him.”

“When I enter the spirit, the memory of me vanishes, so he is unaware of my presence. The memory here is actually a closed memory that I am concealing.”

“Sounds rough.”

The dragon chuckled and then knelt in front of me. He patted my head and stated, “I can see that you hold the wind talent and many other talents, so let’s make a deal.”

“A deal?”

“I will also offer my training to you so your wind power can reach the highest level, but as you know, I am currently in Harold’s spirit, so I will visit you in your dreams every night to bestow my power.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.”

“Harold will also be present.”

“That sounds bad. How will I explain Harold and I being in the same dream.”

“Just act. You are good at acting since you convinced Harold that your little slime friend was a dream.”

He saw that too? I think Mr. Dragon could be a master stalker in the future…I’m kind of worried now.

The image began to fade and the dragon smiled toward me saying, “I will see you again when you sleep.” No offence Mr. Dragon, but that sounded kind of creepy.

My eyes flung open and I found myself lying on my bed with an aching forehead. I guess I really hit my head hard. I heard a groan and saw Harold also awakening.

“You OK?” I asked with an indifferent tone. Harold nodded and then I noticed that his hand was on the book: The Dragon’s Pebble. My hand was also on it…Round three!

Harold and I both grabbed the book and began to do a tug of war for it.

“Let go!”


“You can read it as much as you want when I leave, so give it back.”

“I’m the writer, so it stays with me.”

Harold is seriously getting on my nerves. Am I going to seriously have to see him in my dreams every night just to get stronger in my wind talent? The price seems too high now.

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