Chapter 38: This is my room, right?

Harold refuses to let go of the book. I already read it, but after meeting Mr. Dragon, I need this book for my fanfic.

Harold is glaring daggers at me again.

“Seriously, what does Roland see in you?”

Oh, trying to change the subject, Harold?

“He just likes me, OK, so deal with it.”

“You stay away from my little brother.”

“If I do that and he learns you have something to do with it, then he will hate you even more.”

Harold became limp with wide eyes.

“Hate me…hate me?”

Looks like I gave him quite a shock, but he did release the book, so my win. VICTORY! Oh boy, Harold is glaring at me again.

“What did you do to make Roland like you?”

“…I taught him how to make a golem and fed him crawfish.”

Harold raised an eyebrow (looks like he recovered from his shock), and asked, “So you are an earth user?” I shook my head. I won’t tell this jerk my talents.

“I just knew how.”

“OK, so you taught him how to make golems and fed him what?”

“Crawfish, it is very yummy. You should try some.”

“No thanks.”

That was quite the quick reply.

“I won’t try anything you offer and get out of this room.”


“It is my room.”

I puffed my cheeks in my anger. It is true that his books live in this room, but Roland gave me this room, so he should deal with it.

“I won’t move.”





Oh boy, he is summoning his wind again. Trying to shove me out with wind huh? No dice pal. I summoned my own wind secretly and cancel out his. Harold stood there in shock.

“How did you…?”

“I did nothing,” I stated and then picked up Bibi adding, “Now please leave MY room.”

Harold frowned and shook his head. Instead of leaving, he sat on my bed with defiant eyes.

“If you won’t leave then I won’t leave.”

“But this is MY room. You can have it back after I leave the castle.”

“I don’t trust you with my books. You might tear them.”

“I would never…”

I scoffed and then turn away from Harold. I don’t want to deal with him anywhere. I grabbed The Dragon’s Pebble book and then headed to the door with Bibi saying, “I’ll write my fanfic in the garden.” With those words, I slammed the door shut behind me.

I really hate the idea that I will be seeing him every night in my dreams. It sounds romantic, but I don’t see Harold as a romantic interest, so the dream is not romantic. Such a bummer. I really liked Harold in the game since he loved the heroine so much, but right now, he is a complete jerk. I’ll leave him to his future. He can be engaged to Abigail and deal with her wickedness until the start of the game.

I know I sound mean, but he really is a jerk. Even Bibi agrees with me.


Here comes Roland. He looks pretty happy. I wonder if something good happened while I was reading.

Roland stood before me and grabbed my hand saying, “I want to show you something.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a surprise.”

Roland made a surprise. It’s only the first day. I guess he was pretty busy. First day…all of this happened in one day and I can see the night through the windows. I actually feel a little tired.

Roland dragged me to a pair of doors and then turned to me with a smile.

“Since you are my fiancé…”

Temporary fiancé.

“I wanted to give you something for teaching me swordsmanship and how to make golems using dolls.”

Roland held the handle of the doors and then pushed the doors open. Wow, there are so many moving dolls (most likely golems) and they are holding red flowers in their small hands. They began to gather and when I stared down at them I saw that they held up the flowers and their positions with the flowers spelled out the word THANKS. I couldn’t help, but giggle. It was such a cute gesture. I smiled at Roland as he stared at me and said my thanks. Roland tuned red again. He really is cute at times.

Oh boy, Bibi is trying to kick him, but Roland dodged this time. Great dodging ability Roland. Roland cleared his throat and then stated, “This room is a lot bigger, so I wanted you to have it.”

Oh, he was trying to give me this room. This room is indeed bigger, but…

“Thank you for the thought, but I still want that room.”

“But my brother goes there every day. I don’t want him near you.”

“It’ll be fine,” I stated and held his hand to reassure him of my words. Roland turned red again and hugged me. His hugs are really strong…can’t breathe.

…Is it just me or do I feel a glare at my back. I glance over my shoulder and saw Harold watching from behind a knight statue with narrowed eyes. Seriously, Harold. If you don’t like it then just come over. Don’t just glare at me. It’s really creepy. You look like a stalker…stalker…stalker? I think I almost remembered something again.

I don’t know why, but I think I have to remember something here. I feel like it is very important….Ugh, I really can’t breathe. Must get free from Roland and then try to remember the thing I can’t remember. That sounded so confusing.


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