Chapter 39: Must you interrupt me?

Woah, I nearly died a second time because of that hug from Roland. His hugs are stronger than Cecil’s, but I guess that’s a given since Roland has a talent in Earth element. I should contact Cecil when I have the chance. We haven’t talked in a long time.

Anyway, back to the present. Roland has released me and we both agreed to a playdate tomorrow and headed back to our rooms. That’s right…to OUR rooms…FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, STOP FOLLOWING ME HAROLD!

Harold is still following me and he is stalking me like a lion. Do I look like meat to you? Stop following me…I wonder if restraining orders exist in this world.

“Stop following me,” I stated out loud this time. Harold scoffed stepping out of his hiding place.

“So you saw me?”

“Were you supposed to be hiding?”

Harold and I were once again in a glaring battle. I don’t want to deal with him. I even lost track of time and lost my chance to read The Dragon’s Pebble in the garden. I looked away from Harold and marched to the room.

I practically ran into the room and shut the door behind me, locking it. Harold won’t be able to get in here…SHOOT! Harold opened the door with a key. I should have known better. Harold stepped into the room glaring at me.

“Don’t lock me out of my own room.”

“This is my room. Besides, this is practically your library, so YOUR room is somewhere else.”

“I can sleep here if I want.”

“Well I say no and no means no.”

Harold growled and then sat on my assigned bed. He crossed his arms refusing to leave. What a brat. He is starting to make Roland look good. I huffed and sat on a sofa chair that was in the room and stated, “You can have the bed. I’ll sleep here.” With those words, I curled up with Bibi and the book in my arms.

I could hear Harold groan as the blankets on the bed rustled. He is seriously going to sleep here. I am a little peeved, but I am seriously tired, so time to sleep. Time to go into a dream with no Harold in sight…Dang it, he is going to be in my dream, but maybe he won’t notice me.

I drifted off to sleep and then found myself standing in a flower field. These silver flowers are really pretty. I was about to pluck one up, but I suddenly heard a scream and looked up. Standing in front of me was none other than Harold with wide eyes.

“WHY ARE YOU HERE?” he demanded.

“I was going to pluck a flower,” I answered, but it did nothing to take away his shock. Maybe Harold is aware that he is asleep and so he is shocked that I am in his dream.

“This can’t be possible.”

I guess that’s true, but I can’t exactly tell him that a dragon is in his spirit and secretly training him. That sounds even more unbelievable. I guess I better act.

I plucked a flower and held it to Harold with a bright smile.

“Don’t you like flowers, Harold?” I asked in an innocent tone, but I regretted it later when I realized I called him Harold with his prince title. Would he get angry?

To my surprise, Harold took the flower stating, “I like flowers.” That was surprisingly very cute for him to say. I giggled at his cute remark. He turned red just like Roland. They are truly brothers to have the same reaction.

Harold gulped and then asked, “So are you just here to get flowers?” I guess he thinks that I am just part of his dream and not the real me, so he let his guard down…is it just me or is he showing more niceness to me in this dream than he does when he is awake? Must be my imagination.

“Is it wrong to get more flowers?”

Harold shook his head. I smiled and then grabbed his hand. Might as well play along with his dream, while Mr. Dragon circulates the training in our spirits. I began to drag him saying, “Let’s pick flowers together.” Harold nodded and followed me willingly.

I began to pick some other colored flowers with Harold staring at other flowers close to me and then suddenly noticed a rose bush. OH! This rose bush reminds me of the Rose Children, a book written by Harold. It is a story about a rose that sheds petals and the petals become children each looking for a family. It was such a sweet story.

“Do you like that rose bush?” asked Harold. I nodded and stated, “Maybe the rose children are in this bush.”

“…I guess you read my book.”

I nodded. Obviously and I even fought you to read them.

“The story of the Rose Children was inspired by this rose bush.”


Harold nodded.

“…Could all your stories be based on what you dream?”

“That’s right…is that wrong?”

I shook my head. Now that I think about it, Harold did mention it to the heroine that his books were based on his dreams. It would be funny if The Dragon’s Pebble was based off of Mr. Dragon…I might not be wrong.

I stood up and then began to walk along the field of flowers with Harold next to me. Since this is a dream, I might as well ask him some questions he might not answer when we are awake.



“You’re engaged to my older sister. Is that OK with you?”

“…To be honest, not really. When I first saw her, I could see that she was spoiled and she didn’t even like Roland when she heard of him. She called him trash.”

“That’s mean.”

“I know, right, but my father insisted on the engagement, so she is staying in the castle for a week. I can’t even stand her for a day.”

“It must be hard.”

“You’re different though. You are…you are…”

“I am what?”

“Nevermind!” yelled Harold and looked away from me. What was he going to say? Would he act like this when we are awake…chances are no. He is only open since he doesn’t think the real me is listening.


OH H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS! That voice in my head scared the Heck out of me, but I recognize this voice. It is Mr. Dragon.

“Do you need something?” I whispered, so Harold couldn’t hear.

“Is Harold with you still?”

“He is.”

“In the real world?”

“He should be. He refused to leave the room I was in.”

“Thank goodness. I accidentally took a glimpse of his future and saw that his life was in danger this very night.”


“An assassin came into his room and tried to kill him, but Harold managed to fight back, but after…”

I know what happens after because it was in the game. I remember now. An assassin was hired by one of the members of the faction supporting the second prince and stalked Harold for days as a maid before trying to kill him in his room. Harold fought back with his wind and afterwards, Roland was blamed and Roland hated Harold even more. It was one of the reasons why Roland wanted nothing to do with Harold. Not only that, but Harold refused to make friends for a long time because the maid, the assassin, was someone he considered to be a friend and that trust was betrayed. That was very bad of me to forget. Bad Laveda, bad.

On the bright side, Roland won’t be blamed for an assassination attempt that didn’t happen and Harold might be able to make friends normally, but now a new problem has occurred. The assassin wouldn’t find Harold in his room this night, so will she try to kill him on another time. This is not good. I was going to let Harold’s timeline play out, since he made me mad, but I can’t let this happen. I really do need to help him.

“Laveda, are you OK.”

“I’m fine, but I need to find a way to help Harold now, since time was messed up again.”

“I leave it to you.”

I guess that’s fine.

“Laveda, who are you talking to?” asked Harold as he looked at me.

“No one, let’s play.”

I grabbed Harold’s arm and began to drag him back into the field of flowers. I’ll play with him for now in this dream and then figure out my plan of action when I wake up.

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