Chapter 40: When I wake, it’s time to act…BLOODY MURDER!

Throughout the dream with Harold, I actually had fun. We were not fighting and he told me about his stories. Why can’t he be like this when we are awake? Actually it looks like it is time to wake up. I can see the dreamscape beginning to vanish.

“Laveda, what’s happening?”

I look at Harold and say, “Time to say goodbye.”


“Just for now. I’ll see you next time you sleep.”

With those words, Harold disappeared from my sight and I opened my eyes. My neck feels a little sore. How cute, Bibi is poking my nose to wake me up. I sat up and the moment I got up, I saw Harold rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

“Strange dream,” I heard him mutter, but the moment he saw me, he glared daggers and yelled, “Why are you still here?” The return of the rude brat. I like him better in the dream world. Seems like he didn’t think I was in his dream.

“This is my room,” I stated, but Harold was still glaring at me as I held Bibi still in my hands. I don’t have time to deal with him now, so I got up and headed to the door saying, “I have to take a bath.” I also need to see if someone tried to enter Harold’s room to assassinate him.

Before I even touched the door knob, Harold pulled me back saying, “I won’t fall for that. You just want to go to Roland’s room.”

“I’m not going to his room…yet.”

“What do you mean by yet?”

“You heard yesterday that Roland and I have a playdate today, so go play with my sister and leave me alone.”


Looks like Harold is in shock again. Time to flee. I ran out of the room and not a moment too soon, Harold was running behind me. Seriously, can’t he just leave me alone?

Just a little with do. I used my earth talent to make a dent in the floor and as predicted, Harold tripped and rolled on the ground. It was quite hilarious.

I managed to enter a hallway out of sight, finally losing sight of Harold. Free at last. Now time for a bath and then I can check Harold’s room to check…hold on, I don’t know where the bath or Harold’s room is located. I was given a tour yesterday and I completely forgot everything. It must be because of the stress of Harold following me.

Hold on, I wasn’t alone when I had the tour. I look down at my darling Bibi.

“Can you lead me to the bath?”

Bibi nodded and was about to leap from my arms, but suddenly went still like a rag doll.


“Why are you here, dear little sister?”

Oh shoot. I look up and saw Abigail standing in front of me with her hands on her hips. Why did I have to run into her? I don’t want to deal with her, but the chances are high that she might start pestering me non-stop if I don’t say anything now.

“I’m going to the bath.”

Abigail smirked…why is she smirking?

“What a coincidence, I am headed there as well, so let’s go together.”

HELL NO! The last time I bathe together with her (by force) my hair turned into icicles. I must get away now.

I attempt to run, but Abigail grabbed the back of my dress and began to drag me down a hallway, while humming a tune I was not familiar with. Can I scream out bloody murder?

Abigail dragged me all the way to the bath and I have to admit that it resembled more like a pool than a regular bath. I guess I’ll just consider it a hot spring. Since I’m already here, I’ll take a bath and secretly use my ice talent, if Abigail attempts to freeze me…I better place Bibi somewhere safe since Abigail tries to torment him as well.

I place my dress in a basket and step into the bath. It really is warm like a hot spring. So nice.

“This is really nice.”

The bath would be better if Abigail wasn’t also here. I dipped my head in the water to drown out Abigail’s voice, but Abigail suddenly pulled me up. BLAST IT!

“So dear little sister, what did you do to get engaged with brother in law?”

When she says brother-in-law, I guess she means Roland.

“He just likes me. That’s it.”

Abigail doesn’t looks convinced.

“Likes you. You have no talents. I’m even surprised that the king wasn’t against it or was he?”

“…The king was very supportive of Roland’s decision and so was the queen.”

“The queen, now I know you are lying.”

“All true,” I stated bluntly as I began to scrub shampoo in my white long hair. Abigail frowned and stated, “Well it matters not. I am engaged with the first prince and that means I am the future queen.”

“You never know what the future holds,” I stated. I should know since I played the game and Harold will fall in love at first sight with the heroine, so HA! Hold on, I feel a cold breeze coming. I duck avoiding Abigail’s ice attack. I pop out of the water glaring daggers at Abigail.


“That’s for doubting me about ME becoming queen.”

“That was an opinion.”

I wash up quickly and then head to the basket with my clothes. I change my clothes and take Bibi into my arms not even bothering to wash my hair.

“I don’t want to be near you, so stay away from me this week!”

I then ran out of the bath without looking back. I haven’t yelled at Abigail for a long time…it was quite refreshing. Even Bibi is applauding me. Well now time to check Harold’s room…I still have no idea where that is. I should ask for directions…my stomach just growled…I guess I should eat first.

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