Chapter 42: Planning changed to spying

I am in a situation again. I just told Roland my secret of my talents and why Harold is in danger and it turns out Harold was spying on us and seems to have heard everything. Good grief, now I have to tell Harold everything.

I look up at Harold, who I still in the tree.

“We can see you, you know, so how about just joining us?” I offered in a loud voice. Harold just stared at us glaring daggers at me, but I could still see the surprise in his eyes, so I know he heard everything.

Looks like Harold ducked behind a branch. What are you: a cat? That is not going to hide you either.


Harold seems to be in denial that he was discovered. Since he already knows my talent secret, might as well get him down myself. I used my wood talent to use the branch of the tree to whack Harold out of the tree.


Harold darted toward the ground, but then I used my wind talent to catch him and dragged him to Roland and I. Harold seems to be in shock…Roland looks shocked too.

Harold seemed to snap out of his shock as he stated, “You really do have more than one talent.” I nodded and then stated, “Since you know that, then you should know that you are in danger.” Harold frowned.

“That’s hard to believe and the assassin might not even come,” stated Harold, clearly doubting his danger.

On the other hand, Roland clicked his tongue and stated, “Looks like Harold doesn’t want your protection.” Harold glanced at Roland saying, “I don’t mind and try calling me big brother. You obviously care, so call me big brother.”

“Drop dead,” stated Roland bluntly. Harold looks depressed again. Harold glared daggers at me saying, “I hate you.”

“I already know that,” I stated bluntly. I really like Harold better in the dream world.

I cleared my throat and stated, “I know you have your doubts about you being in danger, but you are and so we need to find the assassin.”

Harold, seeming to have gotten over his initial shock of Roland’s rejection of brotherly love, asked, “How do you propose we do that?”

“Well the assassin is supposed to be a maid that is close to you.”

“A maid…close to me…do you mean Gloria?”


“Is she close to you?”

Harold nodded and stated, “She’s a really nice girl, but I don’t see her as an assassin type, so it might not be her.”

“Are you close to any other servants?”


“Then it’s her.”

Harold frowned, but I also noticed his hand slightly shaking. It must be a shock to learn that someone close to you wants you dead.

“Why would she…?”

“She works for a member of a faction supporting Roland.”

“So it is faction related?”

I nodded and then looked at Roland adding, “Just to let you know, Roland had no idea of this assassination attempt, so another goal is to make sure that the blame doesn’t fall on him.”

Roland’s eyes widened as he exclaimed, “So I am in danger too?”

“Pretty much.”

Now Roland looks depressed. I have to admit that the two brothers’ depressed forms look oddly alike. Truly brothers indeed.

“Anyway, we have to find a way to expose Gloria as the assassin, while making sure Roland remains innocent.”

Harold sighed and stated, “I still find this hard to believe, but how do you propose we expose her?”

“Using you as bait.”


“She won’t strike if Roland and I are with you.”

“What about your sister? She is practically glued to me.”

Forgot about Abigail.

“I guess Roland and I can try to keep her away from you or as a last resort, get her into the plan, which I want to avoid.”

Roland tilted his head and asked, “Does your sister know about your talents?” I shook my head and stated, “I want to keep it that way.” Abigail learning about my secrets would be problematic.

“Harold, where are you?”

Speak of the devil. Here comes my sister now. Looks like Harold is scared at the sound of my sister’s voice. He must find her annoying.

“So what’s the plan?” asked Roland in a low tone in case Abigail is in hearing distance. I rubbed my chin in thought, but the moment Abigail emerged from the distance calling to Harold, Harold grabbed my arm and Roland’s and called out, “I have plans to play with these two!” Harold then lifted us up with his wind and rushed through the woods away from Abigail with Abigail calling his name repeatedly.

This is pretty fast, but…

“Harold, is this your plan to avoid Abigail?”

Harold nodded and then muttered, “It will also let us plan without her present and…”

He glanced at me and then at Roland, who was pouting, adding, “I can prevent you two from dating.” Looks like Roland snapped at those words, since he began to hit Harold repeatedly making us stop in the middle of the woods.

“Maybe I should just let you die, so Laveda and I can be together.”



Harold and Roland are now fighting with their fists with Roland having the upper hand, which is to be expected since Roland has the earth talent. Now that I think about it, in the game, they never fought like this. Roland just avoided Harold until the heroine intervenes. I actually like this since a fight that is not too violent shows how close brothers can be at times. I good fight is good once in a while.

Hold on, now that I think about it, where are we? Harold just ran in a random direction.

While those two fight out their differences, I will ask the trees for directions. You heard me right? My wood talent has evolved enough that I can talk to some plants with trees being one of them. I say talk to plants, but I speak with the spirits that hover around the plant. I walk to a tree and knock on the trunk asking, “Excuse me, do you know which way is the castle.”

Just head north and you shall find the castle.

I say my thanks, but when I headed back to the brothers the tree suddenly added something.

The assassin you spoke of before is heading in this direction to meet the one who yearns for the death of the first prince.

Are you serious? I run to Harold and Roland and pry them apart and use my wind talent to fly us into the tree I spoke with.

“Why did you bring us up here?” asked Harold in an annoyed tone, but I hushed him. I made sure to hush Roland as well before pointing to the ground below.

At that moment, the maid, Gloria emerged from a line of trees and looked around with cautious eyes. Using my wood talent, I covered our bodies with the branches. Gloria didn’t see us from the looks of her reaction.

“Why is she here?” whispered Harold.

“To meet someone.”

“Who?” asked Roland in a soft tone.

“Her boss.”

After those words were spoken, Gloria between two of her fingers creating a loud whistle sound and the next thing I knew, the ground began to shake. Looks like she has the earth talent. A golem rose from the ground and gave out a yell and then I heard footsteps approaching. Out from the distance emerged a man on a brown horse with a smirk on his lips.

“Didn’t I tell you to send a golem bird to call for me?”

“I thought a full golem would be most appropriate to display my power and you were already close by considering how fast you got here.”

“Well I did make plans to meet you at this time,” stated the man as he got off his horse.

I looked toward Roland and Harold and asked, “Do you two know that man?” Harold shook his head, but Roland frowned saying, “He is an acquaintance of my mother. His name is Duke Emery Cornwall.”

Roland lowered his head and asked, “Is my mother involved in this?” I thought back at the game and remembered that it was mentioned that the mother knew nothing of this and was even proven, since she made other plans to get the throne that didn’t involve Harold getting killed.

“Your mother is not involved,” I stated and added, “I believe this Duke is doing this on his own accord.” Roland nodded, but I also saw belief. I wouldn’t want his mother involved either, especially when she finally accepted Roland.

Harold hushed us this time, so we placed out focus back on the secret meeting.

“So was the assassination a success?”

“I’m afraid not. He was not present in his room.”

“Not present? Then do you know where he went to?”

“I thought he would go spend the night in his fiancé’s room, but he wasn’t there either. I don’t know where he was last night.”

“Do you think he suspected that you came to kill him?”

Gloria smirked and stated, “The fool suspects nothing and I plan to speak with him later to figure out where he sleeps now.” The duke nodded in approval and stated, “With the first prince gone, then Roland can take the throne as it should be.” Gloria nodded and added, “I should make sure to kill the first prince instantly, so it can please Roland.”

These people are despicable. I really want to through wind blades at them. Oh dear, it looks like Harold is ready to cry and Roland just looks plan angry. I patted the two boys’ backs to comfort them and it seemed to work, since their expressions softened.

Gloria accepted a paper from the Duke and then stated, “I’ll get the job done tonight.” The duke nodded and seemed ready to get on his horse, but Gloria suddenly added, “I almost forgot to mention, Roland has been engaged.”

“Engaged, to who?”

“I believe she is the youngest daughter of Duke Burnell Lorenzino.”

“I wasn’t even aware he had a second daughter.”

He does. I’m just not well liked.

“What should I do concerning her?”

Concerning me? Am I a problem for their plans?

“The fact that she was not mentioned, I suspect that she has no talents. She is not worthy as queen, so make sure to get rid of her as well.”

“As you wish.”

OH CRUD! I’m a target too? This duke and assassin pair are horrible. OH SHOOT!

The next thing I knew, Roland had jumped out of the tree and did a flying kick toward the Duke’s face screaming, “DIE JERK!” Roland, you idiot. Now they know you heard everything. OH SHOOT, now Harold jumped down too and is using his wind against the maid sending her flying into a tree. These brothers have no patience.

I thought about joining them, but it is best to remain hidden unless it is really necessary to reveal myself.

The duke stood up looking at Roland with wide eyes.

“Your majesty?”

“Don’t majesty me!” yelled Roland with his hands on his hips and stated, “How dare you plot an assassination on my brother and on my fiancé.”

Temporary fiancé. I really need to remind Roland later.

“But it is for your own good.”

“My own good? I refuse to gain the throne like that. If father decides to give me the throne, then I want it to be because of my effort and not because my big brother is dead.”

Roland called Harold brother. How nice. Even Harold looks touched, but the duke looks pretty mad.

“I didn’t want to resort to this, but you leave me no choice,” stated the duke and the next thing I knew, the duke placed a silver handcuff on Roland’s left wrist. Roland tried to remove the hand cuff, but it remained fastened.

“What is this?”

“A seal bracelet to lock your Earth talent temporarily.”

Looks like Roland is trying to use his talent, but nothing is happening. I should really intervene. Oh no, the maid also managed to place a seal bracelet on Harold too. I am definitely intervening.

I jump out of the tree yelling, “Let them go!” The moment I landed on the ground I was about to use my wind talent, but I suddenly felt a pressure that made me fall still. The next thing I knew, I was beginning to lose my consciousness. What is going on?

“I won’t let you interfere.”

This voice is inside my head. I can hear Harold and Roland calling my name, but then as I forced my eyes open I caught a glimpse of glowing red eyes from the Duke, before I passed out. Was this in the game?

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