Chapter 43: Seriously, was this event even supposed to happen?

Ugh, my head. I have no idea what happened. I tried to save Roland and Harold and I end up passing out, but seriously, what was with that voice. It sounded very scary and the Duke’s eyes were glowing red. Really creepy. I thought I would dream during my unconscious state and meet Harold, but that didn’t happen. Quite a bummer, since I hoped he could tell me what happened to me. Oh good, I can open my eyes now.

I opened my eyes and saw that I was lying on a stone floor. This floor is really uncomfortable. I sit up and realize that I am not tied, but I am wearing a seal bracelet as well. I guess they placed it on me just to be safe, but with this on, I really can’t summon my talents.

I look at my surroundings and it seems that I am in a dungeon of some sort. I am obviously in a cage and in front of the cage is a wooden table with some kind of bottle of blue ink and a wooden chair…with straps. Is this a torture chamber? If it is, then I would very much like to leave now.

Oh, Roland and Harold are lying right behind me…and Abigail is here too? Why is she here? How was she captured too? Was she captured after I passed out? Roland, Harold, please wake up and tell me exactly what happened.

They are not waking up. I feel like crying. I want to cuddle Bibi now…WHERE IS BIBI? Now that I think about it, he was left behind near the lake where Roland and I had breakfast. I’m sorry, Bibi, for leaving you behind. My poor Bibi. I seriously want to cry.

Oh, looks like Harold is waking up.

“Ugh, my head.”

“Harold, are you OK?”


I nodded and then repeated my question from before. Harold gave me a nod and then looked around asking, “Where are we?”

“I don’t know. I hoped that you would know.”

Looks like Harold is just as clueless as me, but he should be able to answer my questions.

“Can you tell me what happened after I passed out?”

Harold is frowning. It makes me worried.

“Roland panicked when he saw you passed out and then Gloria knocked him out with a hit on the neck. I tried to fight back, but my talent was sealed and then…”

Harold glanced at Abigail’s unconscious form.

“…your sister appeared throwing ice attacks at Gloria and the Duke. I guess she was able to follow us when we ran and acted when she saw we were in danger, but then something strange happened. The duke looked at her and then she just passed out. Afterwards, I was knocked out and now I am awake here with you.”

“So Abigail tried to help, but what exactly did the Duke do without lifting a finger?”

“I don’t know, but he may have the darkness talent.”

“Darkness talent?”

Harold nodded and added, “The darkness talent can knock a person out with just a glance with practice, but I heard that this Duke had the Earth Talent, so for him to suddenly have darkness talent is unheard of.”

“I agree, but maybe he is possessed.”


I nodded.

“I read in one of my books that ancient demons were sealed and that the only way for them to get out is to find a host. Maybe the Duke found a demon and was possessed, but possession takes a lot of power, so either the demon is very strong or the Duke agreed to be possessed.”

“Why would anyone agree to be possessed?”

“A deal. Maybe the demon promised the Duke power and that included you dying and Roland taking the throne.”

“That’s really messed up.”

I definitely agree, but this is very strange. Demon possession of a duke wasn’t mentioned in the game as far as I know and if that was the case then why didn’t the demon take action when originally in the game the plan failed. It really is puzzling.

I shake my head and stated, “For now, we need to find a way out.”

“Find a way out? We don’t even know where we are?”

“I know, but I don’t want to be here when they get back. I don’t want to know what they plan to use that chair with straps for.”

“…Good point, so do you have a plan.”

A plan…a plan…I have nothing. I would have a plan if this bracelet wasn’t sealing my talents. What are we going to do?

“Dear Little sister, why do you look so panicked?”

I know this voice. Ah, Abigail finally woke up too.

“Hello sister,” I greeted in a blunt tone. I was hoping I could get out before Abigail woke up, so I wouldn’t be troubled.

“Dear little sister, can you please answer my previous question?”

“I am trying to find a way out.”

Abigail sighed and then stated, “Then shouldn’t you remove the bracelets, so we can use our talents?”

“That’s true, but how?”

Abigail is silent. I guess she has no idea either, but she does make a good point. We should focus on how to remove these bracelets…hang on. I glance toward Roland, who is finally waking up.


Roland perked up at the sound of my voice and ran to me saying my name. I stopped him with my foot before he could hug me and asked, “Can I ask you something?”

“Yes, but where are we?”

“Don’t know, but I want to ask you: how strong are you?”

“Pretty strong?”

I nodded and then looked toward Harold asking, “Do you see anything hard?”

“The floor, I guess.”

I nodded and then looked back at Roland.

“Roland, I need you to slam my wrist on the ground.”


“Just trust me.”

Roland seemed uneasy, but he took my hand (I made sure he grabbed the one with the bracelet) and slammed it onto the ground. As I expected the bracelet shattered and it hurt like Hell, but I can’t show pain on my face or Roland will cry.

“How did that happen?” asked Harold in shock. Abigail looks shocked too.

“Roland has the earth talent, so he is pretty strong even with his talent sealed.”

Harold nodded in understanding, but Abigail is frowning.

“You’re pretty smart,” stated Abigail with a frown on her face. I guess Abigail expected me to be stupid after all these years.

“All right, now to remove…”

I suddenly heard clapping and glanced at the bars of the cage. SHOOT! The Duke and Gloria have arrived. The duke was clapping with amusement on his face.

“Roland is indeed a strong fellow, but you should have broken the bracelet of someone with talent.”

I glared at the duke, who was obviously mocking us. I want to use my talent, but Abigail is here and I don’t want her to know about my talents.

“What do you plan to do with us?” I demanded. The duke frowned saying, “For you specifically, I planned to make you disappear.”

Roland stood before me glaring at the Duke.

“I won’t let you hurt, Laveda!” yelled Roland. The duke smirked saying, “I will take care of her last, but for you Roland, I have a plan to make you obedient.”

“I won’t go along with your plan.”

“Is that so? I expected this, so my plan involves making you a puppet.”

“A puppet?”

Oh my gosh, could that ink be…

The duke picked up the ink and stated, “This ink is made from Orion Demon Fruit, an ink that can make anyone a slave.”

It is Orion Demon Fruit ink. I read this in a demon related book before. This Orion Demon Fruit as the duke mentioned is a fruit that can make a person a slave. You draw a slave symbol on the person’s flesh and then they will do whatever you want. It is a forbidden art.

“I won’t let you get that stuff on me,” stated Roland in a brave voice, but I can see him shaking.

The duke smirked saying, “You don’t have a choice and I also plan to put this on Abigail Lorenzino.”

“Why me?” exclaimed Abigail.

“I plan for you to be queen, so be glad.”

Abigail shook her head saying, “I will be queen, but as Harold’s queen, not Roland’s.”

“You have no choice.”

Abigail was shaking. This is the first time I have seen her so scared. Even I feel bad for her.

The duke then faced me and Harold.

“You two will have to die. I’ll make sure Gloria disposes of you in a dignified manner.”


The duke then looked at Gloria ordering her to take us out of the cage. Gloria was about to open the cage, but I suddenly grabbed Harold’s hand with the bracelet and smashed it on the ground shattering the bracelet and then yelled, “Use your talent now!” Harold didn’t think twice before summoning his wind and shooting it at Gloria sending her flying against the wall. I cheered, but then I noticed the duke’s eyes glowing red. That won’t work a second time.

I summoned my darkness talent in a small quantity, so Abigail wouldn’t notice and used it as a shield from the demon’s stare. The duke cured under his breath and suddenly a shadow rose from his back taking the form of a demon with horns and shining red eyes.


Without a second thought, I smashed the bracelet on Roland’s wrist and told him to use his talent to defend us. Roland nodded and used his talent to raise the ground around the duke. The demon shadow gave out a roar and smashed the earth wall. The debris flew toward us, but Harold used his wind to catch the debris and sent it flying back.

Good job boys.

The demon shattered the earth flying back at him and then sent a wave of darkness toward us. Roland protected us with a wall of earth, but the impact of the darkness was so strong that it shattered the wall, but the moment the wall was shattered, Harold summoned his wind threw it at the shadow. The shadow blocked and summoned thorns make of darkness. They came flying at us, but Roland and Harold used their talents to protect us.

I thought about joining the fight as well, but I suddenly heard Abigail scream and look in her direction. Gloria had managed to get to us and was holding a dagger at Abigail’s throat.

“Stop attacking my master or this girl dies,” ordered Gloria. I could see tears falling from Abigail’s eyes as tried to pull the dagger from her throat. I don’t like Abigail, but…

I ran at Gloria with my fists clenched and yelled, “Get away from my sister!” I punched Gloria away and then pulled Abigail to me.


“I won’t let you hurt my sister!”

Gloria glared daggers at me and I could tell that she was about to use her talent on me and Abigail, but suddenly…one of Roland’s doll landed on Gloria’s face. Gloria screamed and then more dolls began to run into the cage.

Where did Roland’s Golem dolls come from?

I suddenly noticed Bibi in his bear form standing at the opened door of the cage with a stick in his hand like he was a commanding officer. Bibi came to the rescue.

The dolls swarmed on Gloria like a colony of ants, but Bibi suddenly went limp when Abigail looked his way.

“Isn’t that your bear?”

“The golem dolls must have dragged it along,” I stated in an uneasy tone. Best not to reveal Bibi’s moving status. I picked up Bibi, but I suddenly heard Roland and Harold calling my name. The next thing I knew, I was lifted off the ground and was staring face to face with the shadow demon that was floating above the Duke’s body.

“How dare you interfere. You are a lowly human.”


“Let go of Laveda!” yelled Roland and threw a huge rock at the demon, but the demon smashed it with a single strike.


The demon then threw a dark wave toward Roland, but Harold blocked it with his wind and then glared at the demon.

“I won’t let you hurt my brother!” yelled Harold. I heard Roland say Harold’s name in shock.

I noticed the demon sneer and then suddenly his hand went into my chest like my body was water. It hurts. I can feel something squeezing my heart. This demon seriously wants to kill me. I don’t want to die like this.

“Laveda, calm down.”

I can hear the dragon’s voice echoing in my mind.

“This demon is attacking you spirit, where I dwell. I need you to calm down and focus where the demon is attacking.”


“Focus…let the wind talent echo within you. Focus where the wind doesn’t flow right.”

I have to focus. I must focus. I use my wind talent creating a gust of wind around the area. I must focus within myself as I use this talent. I see it. I can see the darkness. It is aiming at my heart.

“Destroy it from within.”

I clenched my fists dropping Bibi to the ground and the wind practically exploded from my body. I open my eyes and I could see the red eyes of the demon widening in shock.


“Those are your last words.”

I pushed my hands outward as the wind expanded around me. The demon yelled out in pain and then the shadow dispersed into nothing. The duke passed out under me as I used my wind to guide me to the ground. When my feet touched the ground, I picked up Bibi and then looked at the others.

The dolls were sitting on an unconscious Gloria. Roland was looking at me with wide eyes, but Abigail looked like she had passed out…why is one of the dolls holding a sticking over her head? I’ll ignore that for now, since Abigail is alive. Harold is also staring at me, but the wind was circulating around his body and that’s when I noticed that the wind was still circling my body as well.

“Why hasn’t the wind dispersed?” I muttered.

“It is a sign that you have reached the highest peak of the wind talent.”

Is the dragon serious?

“I used a lot of my power to increase your talent to fight that demon, but I seem to have made it that you and Harold have reached the peak at an early age.”

“Is that possible?”

“When it comes to you, I expect it to be possible.”

“What happens now?”

“I will let you know when you two sleep tonight.”

The dragon’s voice grew silent and then the wind around Harold and I dispersed.

“What just happened?” asked Roland looking at Harold and me. Harold looked at his hand and stated, “I’m not sure. I felt my power skyrocket when the demon vanished.” Harold then looked at me asking, “What did you do?”

“I used my wind talent to destroy it.”

“You could do that?”

“I just learned today,” I admitted.

I then looked around and stated, “We should get out of here and then report to your father about what happened.” Harold and Roland nodded, but then asked, almost at the same time, “So how do we get out of here?”

I looked down at Bibi and stated, “Bibi will lead the way.” Bibi nodded making Harold gasp and ask, “So that bear can move?” I nodded reminding him that I had all talents.

I then walked forward telling the Golem dolls to carry Abigail out of this place. They did as told and then I began to lead the way out with Bibi giving me directions.

As we walked, Harold approached me and leaned toward my ear and asked, “When the wind burst, did you hear a voice?” Looks like Harold heard Mr. Dragon’s voice a bit.

I nodded and stated, “Maybe that was a sign that our power in wind grew.”


I nodded and I noticed that smile on Harold’s face. He must be really happy about his power increasing.

Bibi, suddenly kicked Harold’s chin, making Harold nearly fall over. Bibi, don’t be violent with him.

“Kick him harder!”

“Roland!” I scolded. Roland was actually encouraging Bibi to attack Harold. BIBI, DON’T KICK HAROLD AGAIN!

We better get out of this place before Harold gets attacked again.

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter! Trololol, its nice that they got away safely but looks like Laveda has a new admirer~
    (her cousin is probably going to be super upset about all these suitors popping up haha)

    Hey, will you ever write her cousin’s reaction (from his point of view) about how he found out about her engagement?

    Should be pretty funny.

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